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a 9.5US in a pair of westbourne (348 last) bought from Barneys would be the same size at 8.5uk on northcotes (also 348 last), correct? It seems like barneys sizes up by one, but it seems like I save a ton of money buying from christopher forbes instead of direct from the US store and returns are much harder if the size isn't right. I know the westbournes fit well, so I just need to figure out what size they're equivalent to.  
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I want to start getting mtm shirts, and my understanding is it's best to use measurements from existing shirts rather than body measurements. That given, how would you adjust this shirt to get a good fit, it's currently my best fit.
Any idea when steinbeck chromexcel in UK8.5 / US9.5 will be back in stock?
I just got a pair of C&J westbournes. They seem to fit well, but unlike my Allen Edmonds they've been tearing up my heels. It seems like this is just because they're new and still a bit stiff, but is there anything I should do to mitigate the blistering while I break them in?
I'm looking to buy a pair of westbournes from the Barneys sale, but given that they're final sale and there doesn't appear to be anyone that stocks them in seattle, I was hoping for some sizing help. I wear 9.5D in the AE 5 last and barneys has them in 9.5 medium US, would those sizes be about the same?
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