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The newer made in USA and Italy models are perfectly serviceable, especially if you are buying for yourself and they fit well. I tend to consider them filler shoes until something better comes along. That's easy to do, as we tend to see similar prices for all the shoes we come across. If we were paying commiserate with quality at the retail level, I wouldn't be spending the extra required to upgrade.--Edit: Doh, AE's... yeah, I'd go to that level. Not a big retail price...
I've done it on different sized thread/yarn, including a fine weave. I haven't tried a tie just yet. It should work the same, but just require more attention.
Do not cut! That will lead to unraveling. Use the needle and thread trick I posted a couple pages back to pull it back through. If you have a lining to deal with, rather than sticking the needle all the way through, treat it like a basting stitch and bring the needle back out the front far enough away from the entry that the pull doesn't come back out the exit.
That's a hell of a brag tag.
I don't remember the link, but there's these from further back in this thread.
It's Hickey-Freeman and I haven't seen them do the whole fashion-forward thing, so orphan would be my guess.
Croc would have a pore in each scale. Crocs have these whiskers that grow out of the pores so they can easily feel things around them, like a cat's whiskers. I'm thinking some kind of lizard or snake, maybe.Wow, that's in amazing shape!
Maybe we should call that moment the "Lobb shit": the almost-bowel-movement brought on by the introduction of so much awesomeness into your personal space.But seriously, congrats! Even with the less-than-stellar condition, that's a find to gloat over.The liner and soles look in good shape. I'll bet some TLC would do the uppers a world of good. Some of the crazing may be from old polish.
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