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My understanding is that tuxedos should be unvented, at least if you are being traditional. This probably isn't the place to discuss it, but I don't follow the current aversion to pleats, especially if wearing a jacket. If you wear flat-fronts, you get star-crotch, which can be pretty ugly. I think that's a trade-off, and either should be covered by the jacket at any rate. If you are sitting down, often a table will be covering your crotch. If I were just wearing pants...
Does anyone know if Marshalls/TJ Maxx has any kind of central distribution? I'm guessing not. As far as I know, the top mass-retail chain in our area is Macy's, which explains why the discounters don't carry things like RLPL: there's no one to get it from. I have to admit I haven't been stopping in all that much, but all of the suits have been garbage and the best items I've seen is some of the mediocre RL Polo.
If you are going to include a free gift, you might want to include a little note mentioning that fact and saying that you included it as a thank-you for their business. It might help them realize what it is.
I like HF for myself, but there doesn't seem to be much of a markup for flipping—there's just so many of them. The G&H name might get it more attention if it didn't have the damage.
That's probably a Hickey-Freeman (check the tag inside the pocket). With damage and the lowish gorge/fish-mouth lapel, I'd pass on it myself.
Go shirts!Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Churchs was founded in 1873.
Awesome work, Wes! And I love the fit, Orgetorix.Glad it worked out. It's so simple and yet surprisingly non-obvious.
I think part of it might be the button stance being so high. The jacket is short for a traditional fit. I know that's more streetwear, but I think you then have to lower the stance a little, otherwise it can make it look like you have a push-up brazier on. (And the arms look too tight to me a well.)
Just FYI, it's either Hickey-Freeman or H. Freeman and Sons. The two companies are not related.
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