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I don't see a username attached, so thanks to my secret Secret Santa for the package.
Speaking of which, want to guess what my Cheapies 2012 entry is?
Here's the post I made back when I cut them up, if anyone wants to see them again. The first is a fused Jos. A. Bank and the second is a fully-canvased Hickey-Freeman.
Not to take away from your find, but I believe traditionally, tie and cummerbund should match. Heck, traditionally they should only be black, but even if so, the textures should match as well. A satin bow shouldn't be paired with a grosgrain cummerbund, for example. People tend to get the two at the same time.I don't know if they are truly vintage or not, but if so, I could see there being a big difference between being in good shape and actually NWT.Immensely. I'm a big...
Yup and yup. He inspired me to take apart a couple jackets so I could verify if I was feeling the canvas correctly.
Nice! Glad you are putting them to good use. I can see why you keep wearing the Nettletons. They are pretty awesome.
You aren't supposed to see them, so that shouldn't be an issue. the vast majority of people probably don't have the eye to see any distortion that might occur (including myself).A friend of mine has shot for Life, Nat Geo, etc., and his favorite cameras are the cheap toys with plastic lenses.Not that I'm going to turn away any "L" lenses passed my way.
How about this one: if it were a pocket square left in the jacket pocket, with no price tag, would it be ok to walk out with it? Or would you see it as store property, even if they didn't realize it was in the jacket? It's easy to see the money as different, but is it? It doesn't really matter what the previous owner "abandoned", as it was donated or sold part-and-parcel to the store. I think the argument is whether or not the PS/money is considered part of the jacket,...
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