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I just noticed that they made more available of the "Organic" and put a limit on the recently added "Standard".
I really love the LVC '66 501's that Barrel proxied for me, but I decided to give these a try as well. I was actually surprised how well the LVC fit, and I think they look great, but I'd like to have a bit looser fit as an option. The LVC are perfect for an evening out, but I think the Gustin might be a little more comfortable to wear for just hanging out. I've been watching the page for a bit. Most of the options seem to have sold out quick, but the Italian "Organic"...
One thing I've noticed is that there seems to be a difference between tailoring and home-sewing, even just in how to use a thimble. Makes me cautious about what technique I'm learning (but I'm a persnickety sort).This video was in a link posted earlier and he mentions Reader's Digest specifically. Don't mean to harsh on your find, but something to think about if you want to get into alterations.
Congrats! Something tells me you need some sleep.
Good ones, I hope.
I'm going to try taking a few in myself.
Ditto and ditto!
Those holes look workable to me. The pattern is simple enough, you might want to try it yourself.
Should point out that they've mixed pieces and see if they will sell you just the coat. Black bows and a cummerbund don't go with tails, only tuxedos. Does it have a single button? It's hard to tell from the photo's exposure, but the cut-away looks look a morning coat, which would go with striped or checked trousers. Evening tailcoats don't close in the front and have a more severe cut-away. you'd probably...
Awesome thread, Spoo! I don't wear it much either, but I love looking at it.
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