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Yeah, they almost have to charge more for the special batches. If the specials were cheaper, or even the same price, anyone getting the regular batch would feel stuck with them and there would probably be a large pull-out. $18 added to $81 is a big enough percentage hike (22%) that the Standard/Regular pairs still look good. They still have something special about them: a deeper discount. I think they were very smart with their pricing. Gustin gets a few extra dollars and...
They sent out a message via Kickstarter and Twitter this morning that they would be adding the new fabric at 10am and 10PM PST today. I set an alarm and just hit F5 a few times until they listed. I got lucky considering how short the window was.
I was able to switch over to the 14oz "Black" today in the 40-second window they were available. Since these will be only my second pair of real denim, I think it makes sense to have them even more distinct from the LVC. It will give me a better idea of what I want for fit and fabric for any purchases down the road. I'm really looking forward to trying these out. (Though I do realize that a delay is likely.)
I did a day trip in the summer. I didn't stop in O'Connell's as it would have been just to look and I ran out of energy. I found the thrift stores a disappointment compared to the ones in Rochester. I know one visit can't tell you much about the intake, but most places looked like a hole-in-the-wall compared to the retail-style stores here.I'm not sure from this angle, but that may be a sleeve pitch issue.
So awesome dig. Thanks for sharing. That thrift fit pic is killer!
From what I've seen, they are intended to clamp at the cuff. Just below, really. The ones I have even have a relief cut out for the side-seams. Even if you don't have cuffs, the folded under fabric will create some extra thickness that will give the clamp a place to purchase so that your pants don't slip through and fall on the floor. The felt helps with that too.
Thanks, and congrats!Oops, you're right. Brainfade.
That's the initial thrift-find thread which acosby won. Easy mentioned thrift-runway, which I assumed was a thrift-fit vote. I thought I might have missed the next category. Thanks, though.
Is this another thread? I haven't read much of the rest of the board lately and I can't find it.
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