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A couple more limited just popped, several have openings now.
I wish the smaller waists had a 36" inseam as well. I can live with a 34", but it's not my preference.
Nice! I look forward to hearing about it.
Another heads-up: "SUPER HEAVY We’re finally releasing this beast of a fabric today. You can see all the details at our denims page. We’ll toss out 75 pair at 8am, and 75 pair 8pm PST. Don’t worry - there’s more to follow later if those sell out. The price on this pair will be $99. We’ll probably sell this one for a little more after Kickstarter (because the fabric is ridiculously expensive), but we’re keeping it low for now. PRODUCTION UPDATE You’re probably thinking...
The jeans can't not-fit yet then either.
I think that has a lot to do with what LA Guy was saying. By keeping them all the same fit/pattern, it's simply a matter of substituting fabric. The whole process can stay the same with identical cuts, etc. 18oz vs. 12.5oz may require a little bit of adjustment, but I'm guessing that it would be minor and not like having a completely new pattern.
Just a heads-up: "You wanted extra heavy selvage. We finally found it in the form of a great 18oz denim. We asked you for names. You responded, with some pretty amusing ideas, we must admit. Gustin Gonzo? The Champ? The Sledge Hammer? The Massive? Chairman of the Board? The Juuhachi? While we haven't finalized a name, we have decided that Monday is the day to start releasing this beast. As a token of our appreciation for such a big day and all your continued support, this...
Hehe. That's the one I managed to get.
I guess we will just end up repeating ourselves, as we aren't going to change the other's mind. Just so you know, I get where you are coming from; I just have the opposite reaction and see it as a bonus rather than something sneaky.
There is no increase. You can get a pair of raw denim for $81, just as promised. This is no bait-and-switch.If I have a store and advertise a computer for $300, but also carry one for $400, is that somehow false? I still have the one for $300 available, just as advertised. If you would rather have the $400 one, that's up to you.Besides, most of the limited editions are sold out anyway. It's not like they only had 100 pair of the $81 denim and are trying to get everyone...
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