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I don't remember how I phrased my original post, but that's the official policy here as well, though I have had a couple of the stores just do an actual return.
I wrote my post before I saw yours, aw. I agree with unbelragazzo: it can be tricky, as there is a lot to learn. The suit I picked up was a solid navy, and it was the first I found anywhere close to my size since I've started thrifting. You'd think a staple like that would be more common, but that hasn't been my experience. I'd read through the thrifting thread, as you can learn a lot from what others pick up and their experiences. The tradeoff you make for the cheaper...
I just started this journey at the end of May and took off down the "too much" road that you guys mention, but I think I've arrested myself before making too big of an investment. My first step was to go out and buy a Baroni suit and then a linen "suit" from Macy's for the summer. I now realize that the linen one has much too narrow lapels and the jacket isn't something I'm likely to wear, but it was on deep sale. Plus I was able to get my money back on the Baroni once I...
I've seen the term "let-out", which is what I've started using. It's descriptive, at least.
Crom's balls, I'm dying here, Klobber! As long as we're on the subject... I deal with MS, which, among others things, messes with sphincter control. I am keenly aware of bathroom locations around any area I travel. Hobbling around with a cane can come in handy though, as people seem to be a bit more likely to let me use "employee only" restrooms than they might otherwise. Except that one f***er at that gas station in CT. Pox on him. I can make do by stopping in a...
Most of the Goodwills have nice interiors with public bathrooms as well. I took a thrift excursion to Buffalo several weeks back to see what was available there, and it really made me appreciate the ones here.
Can I hate you? Yeah, I hate you.Nice score.
Heh. Nice, and very probable.Oh jeesh. Way to up the creepy factor.
Thanks for the info. I grabbed it because it was well made and cheap. If I have redonate it, at least the purchase price went to AmVets. That's why I like shopping at the charity thrift stores. Though happily the local Goodwills will take returns for up to 2 weeks.
My guess is: guy dies; family puts obituary in pocket so people know where the suit came from; family donates suit.
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