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Thanks for the update, PSG. I'm waiting anxiously for mine. The Super Heavy will probably be a bit much for the summer and so will have to wait until fall for regular wear, but the Overdye should follow along not too far afterward. I also ordered a pair of the Super Light in slim from the site. I'm 5'11" and 150-155 lbs, so I think they should be ok. I'm 45, but don't really look it, so hopefully I can get away with the skinny look. I'll have a nice range of weights and...
Nice! They weren't for sale. Did your order from the batch of Green Weft that was up before the current one? Gustin said they were including a card holder to encourage it to get funded.
I just washed my LVC '66 501s for the first time (the odor snuck up on me). I used a bathtub of room-temp water, some Woolite Black, and a splash of vinegar. I used just enough water to cover the jeans laid out flat, and let them soak inside-out for about an hour. I drained the tub and refilled with cool water. I moved them about to get any soap residue out, then hung to dry with an open-ended hanger run through the back belt loops. There wasn't a lick of indigo in the...
The first pair of the Early Bird came off the line and will be shipped out today. Looks like they are on schedule. My pairs are later offerings, so it will probably still be a while before I get them. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weargustin/gustin-redefining-premium-menswear-starting-with-d/posts/439213
Nothing worth mentioning. It sounds like it's still on track, but will be a while yet.
No returns for the Kickstarter jeans as Kickstarter doesn't have a method for them, but once they open the website Gustin will accept them.The "sizing up" recommendation is if you are only going by the typical size number you normally buy, as Gustin isn't using vanity sizing. (If you normally by a 31, buy a 32). The more accurate way, if you have a pair that fits well, is to measure them and compare the actual waist measurement to the waist measurement of the Gustin,...
It was in the comments.http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weargustin/gustin-redefining-premium-menswear-starting-with-d/comments?cursor=2190489#comment-2190489That's common, isn't it? That seems to be the typical expectation, from what I've read.
Way too many of them looked good to me. Deciding was a real chore.
If you want the Standard, there's only one left, so grab it *RIGHT NOW* and then change your order if you change your mind.They said to expect the waist to stretch around 1".http://www.weargustin.com/assets/img/GUSTINSizes.jpg
It sounds like all fabric options have been released with no more new ones coming. Let the last-minute shuffling begin. I ended up switching out the Black for the Overdye when a single one became available in a shuffle. I realized I was getting a black pair just for variety, not because I really liked black. The dyed weft threads would probably make the Overdye overall darker than the Black anyway, or at least close, but it also would be a little unusual to boot. So my...
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