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They were part of the KS campaign. If I remember right, they sold out almost immediately. I refreshed at just the right time.
Correct, or at least that's what Stephen at Gustin confirmed for me. I had suspected as such, but even if it was true overdye, I wanted to know what the base color of the warp and weft was. He said that they realized it probably wasn't actual overdye because the selvedge still showed and wasn't dyed over, which is what got me wondering to begin with. This is what I would expect for an overdye:Oddly enough, I'm seeing a number of jeans labeled as "overdyed" that have real...
Super Heavy & Overdye Each has been worn a few times. Excuse any cat hair. Closer look at the texture
I just saw that. The Super Light is one they introduced in April, so that is an extended run. The earlier batches sold quick, but I expect them to slow down a little now that people have had a chance to order them. I have an order in for a pair in slim from the first batch. Those should ship relatively soon. Some website orders are overlapping the Kickstarter orders. Some people were getting their Greenbacks before my Overdye were shipped. This is from...
The Solid Indigo Twill and Solid Black Twill were posted on May 30th. The next fabric up may still be July or may flip over to early August. Hard to know. I think the most fabric I've seen up at once has been six (this last week), and at times it's gotten down to just one or two. They are really busy getting the last of the May shipments out, so it might be a few days yet before a new fabric posts. I'll bet they wait until the current ones close first, so they don't...
I never used to cuff either, but I think it's fine if the rest of the ensemble isn't too formal.
None of the slim fits have shipped yet. All of the Kickstarter pairs are straight fit, and those won't finish going out until next week or so. The pairs from the Gustin site won't go out until after that. The Green Weft won't be for a bit yet.
Don't forget to account for the rise difference. As I mentioned, a slightly bigger waist fits me better when the rise is taller. I don't know what kind of cuts the other jeans you mentioned are or if it's the same for you. I think you probably could go either way. If you always use a belt, that should help limit how much the waist stretches. That's worked well for me so far.
Thanks, man! Yeah, I'm 5'11" (and maybe some fraction) & 160 lbs.
Just went out to the mailbox to grab my Super Heavy. Wow! These things are amazing! This is some serious denim. They fit perfect standing up, but I find the higher rise of the straight cut a bit uncomfortable while sitting, unless my posture is perfect (it rarely is). Popping just the top button feels about right, so I'm thinking that a 1" ease will be close to perfect. My LVC '66 501's now fit like a glove after a bit of wear and a single wash, so I'll just give the new...
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