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Nice! I figured it would be popular. I believe it's been covered pretty well, but to sum up... That's one I might use Registered Mail for, as long as everything is under 4lbs. It's so secure that you can mail gov docs up to and including the level "Secret". It doesn't stop the buyer from being a prick, but it's the safest as far as shipping goes. It's more of a hassle though, as you need to use the brown paper tape to seal the package. I believe you can use brown paper...
A shout out to barrelntrigger for hooking me up with the LVC's. These are definitely not the jeans I grew up with. When I opened the package and saw just how short the rise and skinny the legs were, I was wondering what I got myself into. Putting them on made me think a little of putting on a wetsuit. But then once I got them buttoned up, it was all good: snug, and I definitely don't need a belt, but no binding and actually pretty comfortable. I wasn't expecting that...
Sharp, HansderHund!
Lots of them—mostly involving fire.
It's hard to know if a restoration is going to pay off I guess, whether it's houses, cars, or shoes.
I had to keep my hand away from the mouse to prevent a twitch from getting me into real trouble. Congrats guys!
Perhaps removing the "Buy / Sell" from "Buy / Sell / Trade / Want" would fix that. I haven't been active in this thread yet, but in my mind, it's for items that you'd be willing to take a trade for, not ones you want to make a profit from. If money ends up exchanging hands as part of the deal, no worries, but I don't think it should be the goal of the listing.
Yeah, just putting shoes on a big white board in front a window takes you 95% of the way there. You don't really need anything past that. As long as its not right in the direct sun, you get nice diffuse light and a plain, uncluttered background. Having equipment is more about control and consistency than quality for what we are doing.
I had the same reaction, and with the eBay photos with one shoe propped up on top of another.*shudder* Stop stepping on my shoes!Heck, laying a shoe on its side to take a photo of the sole makes me cringe a little inside, even if I do have it resting on foamboard.Yes, I have issues.
It's really a Kiton, the bastards.
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