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I am sooo tempted, but it's going to take me a bit just to break in what I already have.
They do seem pricey, but I ordered one anyway. They look pretty darn nice.
I'm undecided if stacks are out of place on an old fart, but I definitely like the fit.(I need to get a wide belt for these mammoth belt loops.)
I went with 32 for both the Kickstarter straights and the slims. I find the slim Super Light more comfortable in the waist than the straight Overdye. Some of that is probably the stiffer Overdye fabric, but the lower rise on the SL helps too. The SL only needs a little bit of give in the waist, but the Overdye will probably take a while to get there.
I just grabbed my slim Super Light from the mailbox. I was a little worried how the slim would fit compared to the straight, but it's about perfect for my scrawny ass. I'll probably go with the slim for most future orders. Now I'm jonesing for them to release their OCBD's.
Hehe, hopefully not Mr. Incredible. And yeah, I like the idea of variety. They look like a nice addition.
Barrel, I like the fit of the second pair a little better, but that may be because they are broken in and the Gustin are new. If I had a muscular frame, I personally wouldn't want to go any skinnier than the Gustin pair, but I think they will look even better once they ease a bit. Definitely nice stacks. Your pose in the Civilianire looks more comfortable, which can have a big impact on how the fit looks, and the older denim shows up better in the light. Thanks for the...
Post what you think of them once you get them. I'm regretting not picking those up, but I wanted to make sure of the fit before ordering much more. And post a pic. I want to see what those suckers look like (which I'm sure will make me kick myself).johnnyt & DuckOB, I've worn a 32 waist since the early 80's, up until they started mucking with the sizes. A 32 in the Gustin straight cut is snug for me, but I'm confident it will stretch fine. I don't know how the slim will...
Looks great, drift3r. I'm looking forward to trying the slims.
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