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From reading at the Gustin site, the Oxford cloth shirts don't shrink much if at all, but several people, including myself, have found that the Chambray shirts can shrink up to a full size (or it was mislabeled). A Small would have been a perfect fit, but my S measures just like an XS. I can just squeeze making it work after realizing I could simply not fasten the second button from the top—otherwise it pulls uncomfortably in the chest. (I normally button all but the top.)...
Anyone interested in a #2 Organic Indigo Slvg. Chambray, labeled S but measures as XS? Only washed, not worn. I love the shirt, but it's too small for me.
I didn't say you couldn't. I said *if* you couldn't.
If it won't let you edit the style, you can always just cancel the order an immediately set up a new one. (As long as the campaign hasn't closed yet.)
Guys, please. I'm all for SparhawkJC putting his code up, but beyond that...
Thanks for the pics and info!
(Read you post wrong)
Stephen Powell : "The sample pictured is 2.75" - Josh changed the pattern to 3" without telling me!"
The chambray is. That in itself should have given me a bit more pause, but I think I wanted to like the shirt too much.
After your previous post, I went back to look at the photos a bit closer and felt the same way. I'm really glad you mentioned this. I measured and all of my shirts have 3" collars except one at 2.75" (same as Gustin's), and I never wear it. I like the fabric, but it's always looked awkward on me and I never could figure out why. Thanks! You saved me from a bad purchase. The hundred clams will can go towards something else.
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