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Just to add to my earlier comments re Trevira, the labels on my suits say, Trevira and states the Polyester, wool and mohair contents in %
Very nice mate
I've seen the pic of those shoes on fb Colin, very nice shoes, our mate is very lucky
Agreed, Trevira is a reasonable material, decent weight, decent weave and stays pressed nicely, it's got a nice sheen to itunlike some modern day offerings, which look like a Quality street wrapper, yuk!I've got a couple of suits made from the material, i wore one on my wedding day a couple of years back, Mrs Basset said " i do " good enough for me
Nice quality looking shoe Roy, you dont see them worn much , i bought a pair recently, lots of different toe shapes out there, and the size of the aprondoes vary a lot, dont know if it's me but the size of the apron seems to fool the eye into the shape of the toe, heres the ones i got, more pointed, very cheap, and not in the same class as yours
Cheers mate, see you saturday, i'll bring some plasters
I had a pair of Loakes royals and a pair of there loafers, i wouldn't say they were terrible shoes, just not comfy for me ( no give ), Church's, Alden, Royals etc are in a different class, but that comes at a price, unless you go down the 2nd hand route.   The Loakes smooths look ok to me, but i've not owned a pair so cant comment on what there like to live with. I managed to get hold of a pair of Royals, fantastic shoes which sadly i had to let go ( to narrow...
I own a pair, and im in agreement with you, fantastic shoes!
Cut away shirt collars, the old man used to wear them, i know i've banged these pics up before, so aplogies for that. First pic is around 58/59, the old man appears to be wearing a cut away. Second pic, around 62/63, my uncle far left looks like a striped cut away, cant see the collar on the old mans, his mate second from right, again appears to be a cut away  
Bob in the middle, nice bloke
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