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Excellent post, you've made a point which i tried to make ( badly i expect ) a while back, for those who've been here a while two names, Kevin Keegan and Bill Shankly
Glad to help and thank god, been gnawing away in me brain all day, very annoying when you cant place/name a track
I had a ska tune in me head last night with a similar melody, but the mixer in my brain would not let in come thru clearly as herbsman, was to far up on the slider, is it dis un
The only other version i know is this
Indeed he did, im still never gonna wear a pair thou ;-)
When i see the term Gibson, i just imagine a shoe with an apron, i expect a few on here will have seen the pics of Weller & co in pointy black and white Gibsons, aka 'Jam shoes ' i've never owned a pair, and nor do i intend to !
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, having seen yer pic i understand what you were driving at, and it left me pondering the subject, so tinterweb surfing i went.As has been established Oxford and Derby refers to the lacing system, which leaves us with two other terms used to describe shoes, those being Gibson and Blucher. A Blucher has a Derby style lacing system ( open ) and the vamp is one piece of leather, like a smooth/plain capLooking at the pics which you and i...
I've got a pair of Churches, i'd say the Royals Brogues i had were in the same ball park in regards to quality
Picked them up 2nd hand after a tip off from a mate, never been worn. The quality is not the same as the Brogues, another mate reckons they could be late 70's early 80'swhich is possible, but the heel seems quite trim and stacked/high, compaired to loafers of that period
Re jeans, in particular skin tight jobs, dont recall anything like them in the late 70's, i'd say more 82/83, horrible things worn by allsorts
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