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Beautiful boots! Thanks for sharing.
Leather, imo.
It's pretty rigid, tough. More forgiving than CXL as far as scuffs, etc. , but that's a given.... took a while to break in. Once it did, it's great. I was new to the MTO game when I ordered; I wish I had ordered the boot with 7 or 8 eyelets, I don't like the "buckling" I get around the third-fourth eyelet when I'm wearing.It appears to dyed all the way though: I found this doing some googling (excuse my ignorance): "Latigo isn't meant to be dyed by the consumer/producer....
what's annoying?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!
   I love mine- bought from Viberg about two years ago, when they still did MTOs
Linafelt, you're killing me. I'm still waiting on my natty shells from 14oz Berlin, and now this.....
...and they have size 12s. God help me.
KISS boots
That's a great combo. Awesome boots!
That's Louie.Letting everyone else know that they're idiots and he got a better deal. Always. Note that this makes up the bulk of his posts. 
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