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The marketplace here is your best bet. There's grailed.com, and Craigslist. Or should I say psycholist. Pickings are slim.
Best of luck with eBay. That site has officially shit the bed. Online garage sale. Nothing out there but tire-kickers and cheap Charlie shitbirds.
Ted Knight is sorely missed."Moose, Rocco- help the judge find his checkbook.."
I'm with you. Maybe he got a floor model? One boot that was out on display? Hopefully BCC makes good.
"Seems a bit large, also the Adidas + leather jacket is epic Russian immigrant status ;-p"   This comment is epic. 
To be fair, when I enquired, it was for the navy Latigos in stock...but they said then that 11 were the largest size they would carry.
I emailed them about this a long time ago. Size 11 is s big as they go.
What paste wax do you recommend?
+1. There's so many things I would have backed if there were larger sizes offered. I've mentioned it here before and it had largely fallen on deaf ears....
New Posts  All Forums: