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Anyone who is thoroughly disgusted with their size 12s PM me asap. I'll take those off your hands. No fuss, no muss.
Outstanding. Sluts not included.Kudos to you, sir.
@ diabolical: Correct.
I thought Viberg no longer does MTOs? I love the boot currently on their site, just not a big fan of the leather sole...
My vote: 18. Model: Service boot Last: 2030 Leather: brown french calf Leather (tongue): brown french calf Eyelets: 10 antique brass Sole: dainite Comments: partially structured toe
Great blog. Great choice on footwear for one year!
If you click on the "brand new" link on that website, he states that it's brown harness leather. 
They look pretty good to me, jmo.
Brian the Bootmaker uses those, I have a pair he did for me. Those soles are fantastic. 
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