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"Apparently a couple of weeks. The 3 pairs of tan bison are cut, and sewn, but I dunno how far beyond that they are (they could be in the finishing stages, they could still need to be lasted - I just don't know.)" Good to know, thanks!
@ShawnBCWell said.
^This.I need to change my shipping address as well. I emailed :styleforummarket@gmail.comregarding this...
That jacket is outstanding. Great find!
Little Boy Blue... He needed the money. OOOHHH
@RogerP What are the dimensions of that watch? It looks enormous in that pic. Thanks in advance.
Is that Parisian blue in the middle? Outstanding.
Are those navy shell? Sweet.
Im going with Orange. I've seen pics of that color before- it is fantastic.
Those are killer. Damn, j should have gotten in on that.
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