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Agreed. Looks like a great GMTO......
Love the top ones...
"The wife was commenting on being able to tell which side my member was." Thanks for sharing.
My thoughts exactly; maybe with chinos or khakis?
Those look fantastic. Enjoy.
They look great, but this has me concerned: "While wear samples were tested through the extremely wet and cold Chicago winter with little to no ‘bleed’ experienced when in contact with water, it is recommended that the boots be worn in dry conditions, and with clothing that can accept indigo bleed transfer."
Wondered what everyone thought of these, now being offered as a pre-order: http://independence-chicago.com/oak-street-bootmakers-indigo-rough-out-dainite-trench-boot/
I have a Natty CXL simple wallet, It was $32. Slightly overpriced, IMO. You can do far better for a wallet thru other sellers.. (PM me for suggestions, I don't want to name-drop.) personally, I'd save the credit for another purchase, denim or shirting.
I'd be very interested in this.
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