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Quote: Originally Posted by Omert4: As far as my own issues with Viberg, I will have to call american express and have them force a chargeback since Viberg isn't interested in admitting their own mistakes. Aaaannnddd, there it is. Thank you, goodnight! Don't forget to tip the waitstaff!
And you will. Ad nauseam.
Just a complete derailment, no big deal. How was dinner? And the family? All good?
Now he's just trying to bait everyone else into getting banned before he is. Sigh. Blocked!
For one: I haven't attacked you personally. I have disagreed with everything you've posted so far, which is all conjecture and second hand stories or posts from other people. You've spent the last two hours railing a company's good name. And two: there's a big difference between that and questioning someone's sexuality, which is absolutely none of your business. And offensive.
Just report the post as offensive.
"Maybe. That's just conjecture on my part." "Some leather workers that work with Horween shell could probably give you a better answer." I finally agree with something you've said.
Thread- derailed
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