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I'm in! Sounds great! This is a Grail boot for me...
I have enough CXL. Latigo or I'll have to pass...
I'd be in for 8 eyelets, partial structure.
There NEEDS to be another MTO with this leather!
Anyone get shipping notice on the Khaki Selvedge Chinos? 
I'd be in for #23 with 8 eyelets and partiall structure.
Ok, how about nine then?
With 10 eyelets, you'd have to go with dress laces.
So can we sort of finalize on the Navy service boot? Looks like there was some good interest on it. Im excited! How many ppl do we need to make this happen? Service Boot in Navy Latigo Last: 2030 Toe: Brogue Cap Toe Structure: Unstructured or Partial Heel Tab: No Tongue: Black Sole: Dainite Mid Sole: Natural Eyelet Type: Gunmetal Eyelet #: 7 or 8 Upper Stitch: Tonal Sole Stitch: White Laces: 1 set – 2 tone leather, 1 set – Waxed Lace Similar to this in Latigo I'm...
Navy Latigo, 2030, 10 eyelet- I'm in!
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