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Fok himself recently posted here warning Louie to cut it out.   He has been temporarily banned for approximately one month before. He's been asked repeatedly (and politely) by NUMEROUS people to stop.    For this very reason: clogging up threads with his know-it-all attitude, sarcastic and insulting remarks. Hence, IMHO he's a troll   It's obvious that he's not going to change his behavior.    I don't consider flagging his posts as clogging up a mod's inbox. The...
 My humble opinion, though not asked for: report or flag his posts. Don't reply to him.  LOUIE:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDwlUZLTRbs
"Yes, your Honor, these are Vibergs.."Seriously though: Fok, thanks for putting these all together. Very much appreciated.
So.. pulled the trigger on the Natty CXL and the Cabourn Inspired. Either will look outstanding in divorce court.
Posted above: http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-white-roughout
Wow, those are breaking in beautifully.
^^^^^ THIS. 
Just tried it. Yes, you do. 
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