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 The "burbs" is where it's at .  
Trade or Purchase   46R , peak lapels , Super 100             40R Burberrys         Orphan 44 R , Dual vents , Surgeon Cuff       Large - sold   X-Large   M - sold   L - sold     34  slim fit     Levis Vintage 38-34         Ties             John Varvatos  Chukka 10.5 Italy - SOLD     XL - Fits L   16.5 16 15.5               RLP seersucker...
Cap there is a store here you would love . Displays full of your type of ties .
I thought the Bills died long ago ...
Any size 16 34-35? Name your price or check my items for trade . ( link in sig)
 Most 40's are 18.5 -18.75 .
With the kids now days we will need a 2 nd place trophy .
 I would say about 50% of the stores around here have mens JC shirts in the womens section. I'm just too afraid to buy them .
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