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Very true.Pierre is a wonderful craftsman. Over the last couple of years I have used him and am very pleased. Great attention to detail and loves his work.He hardly knows how to use the internet so he couldn't really be posting here. An old world craftsman. Not a fancy shop and a bit messy there but he has done right by me every time. You can learn a lot by chatting with him and asking questions.Honestly the Paul Stuart suit altered by him looks better than both $1500...
Hi Gents, Carson Street Clothiers in NYC is having a 20% off this weekend on Eidos MTM. I think Eidos is good quality but wonder how good their MTM will be at a 3rd party store? Any thoughts? Do they know how to get the measurements and changes done well? Stuff like rotating a jacket shoulder? Thanks
Carson Street Clothiers in NYC in offering 20% off this weekend for MTM Eidos.     Anyone have experience/thought on trying this?
Great quote.A couple questions.What is a good first tweed jacket color/pattern?What the hell is a penny farthing?
Thanks for the Luxire tip!
I am starting to think few SF members get MTM shirts there which maybe  isnt a good sign.
No one has gotten MTM Brooks shirts?
Hi Gents,   Brooks Brothers has their 20% off for the next week or so.   I am thinking of trying out their MTM shirts and/or trousers.  Anyone care to share their experience with the program?   Many thanks
I like PPanther's English pattern #20 (3-fold construction) but its sold out.   Are these others close?   Thanks
Hi Gents,   I am looking at 2 similar ties and interested in folks views on buying one or the other.  #31 is supposed to be stiff - but I bought the plaid POW last fall with the same warning - and I like it.   Pictures are below.   NAVY BLUE & POWDER BLUE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #31 BLACK & WHITE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #32           Navy Blue & Powder Blue Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #31           Black & White Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #32      
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