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Gents,   Thanks for the feedback on the ties I posted.     I like the English Pattern Silk Tie #6 but its probably a bit too advanced for my wardrobe yet!   I will probably flip a coin between the (1) and (3) chocolate ties.  I am attracted to the warmer version.
Hi Gents,   I am going to order a couple more ties which will put me up to 6 total.    My apologies for not posting pictures wearing my ties yet.  I mostly wear tie recently when I am traveling so I am usually short time.   First the navy blue and powder blue houndstooth that ppanther has shown recently.  Just want to confirm that this is a pretty flexible all season tie and will work with my solid navy grey, charcoal and navy blue suits.             I am...
Does anyone who wears a EEE in the Modified Last find a Vass last that works for them?   Roguls - what width do you wear the the Modified?
Thanks for the info.  I am following up on their website now.  I agree functionality and durability are key.
I  need a new garment bag - any suggestions?   And probably should replace my main business luggage - the old black Tumi roll suitcase that fits in the overhead bin.  Suggestions?   Thanks
The Myron Glazer stuff looks very nice.   How long is the wait?  I assume they never go on sale?
  I got my prometeo burgundy about a month ago and really like it.  seems like a nice dark burgundy. Havent seen the grossa one.
Thanks archibald.   Midnight blue with pindots it will be!
Hi Gents,   I have a lavender tie that I want to pair with one of my 4 hobers, if possible.  I will wear this with either a grey or navy suit.   Here are my 4 options:   Grenadine Burgundy Grenadine Charcoal/Silver Grenadine midnight blue with pindots Prince of Wales   Midnight blue with pindots or maybe burgundy?  Now I wish I had the navy grenadine....  This is what I get for getting off the fairway shirt colors I guess.   In an ideal world what Hober ties...
Hi Gents,   Thanks for the info on Mismo.  Seems attractive at the right prices!
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