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Hi Gents, Carson Street Clothiers in NYC is having a 20% off this weekend on Eidos MTM. I think Eidos is good quality but wonder how good their MTM will be at a 3rd party store? Any thoughts? Do they know how to get the measurements and changes done well? Stuff like rotating a jacket shoulder? Thanks
Carson Street Clothiers in NYC in offering 20% off this weekend for MTM Eidos.     Anyone have experience/thought on trying this?
Great quote.A couple questions.What is a good first tweed jacket color/pattern?What the hell is a penny farthing?
Thanks for the Luxire tip!
I am starting to think few SF members get MTM shirts there which maybe  isnt a good sign.
No one has gotten MTM Brooks shirts?
Hi Gents,   Brooks Brothers has their 20% off for the next week or so.   I am thinking of trying out their MTM shirts and/or trousers.  Anyone care to share their experience with the program?   Many thanks
I like PPanther's English pattern #20 (3-fold construction) but its sold out.   Are these others close?   Thanks
Hi Gents,   I am looking at 2 similar ties and interested in folks views on buying one or the other.  #31 is supposed to be stiff - but I bought the plaid POW last fall with the same warning - and I like it.   Pictures are below.   NAVY BLUE & POWDER BLUE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #31 BLACK & WHITE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #32           Navy Blue & Powder Blue Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #31           Black & White Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #32      
thanks Ac.   I will get them dry cleaned at the end of the season and put into plastic bags.
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