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Folks here have suggested a white shirt/burgundy tie over a light blue shirt/burgundy tie.  Maybe try both in mirror and see what you prefer?
Hey PPanther,   I have noticed that many of your pictures have you in suits with stripes or plaids.  Do you wear solids much?  personal preferences?     I only have ~5 suits so 4 are solids and 1 POW.  I guess this gives me license to wear ties with a bit more action.
David,   I love that suit.  As I said earlier, it looks very aristocratic.  Perfect for landed gentry!
PPanther - I think you just helped make a stronger case for the COMPLETE set, at least for Mr. Hober!   I picture a SF member in his clothes closet eyes glazed, stroking the COMPLETE set, mumblinig "my precious, my precious...."
Please do let me know if anyone hears of a good tweed messenger bag/brief case maker.  I like the 'murse' and may get one but it isnt really big enough for what I mainly want.   Snoogz - I will take your comments on the durability of your tweed jackets as a sign that a tweed bag would probably last well, too.
I think one should ask oneself - "Would Donald Trump wear this tie?"   If the answer is YES, you know you have a problem.
IMO bright red dominates the overall appearance too much as it draws one's eyes to the tie and not much else.   I like darker reds/burgundies.  And red reps and/or patterns.      Maybe the point is don't let the tie dominate the overall appearance?  Like a large chested female - you may miss her face?
I just ordered 4 swatches - grenadine prometeo and grossa, and both grenadine rep swatches.  This should be fun.   Mr Hober - here is a off the wall suggestion.  After one buys a high level of Hober ties, perhaps give them a complete set of the Hober swatches (at least at that time).  This will need to be enough ties (50+?) to justify the comp, but could make things very interesting.  This would create an elite and mysterious club.     And also create a mysterious...
Hi Gents,   I just found this thread.  Very nice indeed.  I am developing a love of tweed.  Especially in this cold weather.     I just ordered a pair of brown herringbone tweed trousers from Kent Wang - I wanted the fabric a bit heavier but the guy told me most folks live in climate controlled environments so they dont need as heavy fabric as back in the day!  That does make sense but I assume the old school Scottish shops still make heavy old school tweeds?!     I...
Ppanther,   That is one sweet tie!   Starts with conservative grey and even adds some orange.     Lets one explore their inner pastel?!
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