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I wear a EEE on the Modified Last so there are only calfskin options for me.   Not sure if they are doing anything else in Longwings....
still waiting for Moulded Shoe to get the order of long wings....
Thanks for the suggestions on the rust/orange ties.  Even if some are out of stock!  Those wool ones are very nice.   I assume the lighter/silk ones are good for spring/summer?
any suggestions on good Hober rust/burnt orange ties?
On a side note who pays $5K for an OTR PL suit?   At that price range there are so many serious bespoke options which should dominate the excellent quality OTR PL.    I just dont get it.  Is it mostly brand whoring?
thanks for the good comments.   I like my IM linen sweater so far.  Up to the 2nd wearing!   Any suggestion where one finds silk sweaters?  I hadnt even thought of that.   My office can be cold in the summer so a sweater is very helpful (we are business casual).  
Hi Gents,   I am looking a get some summer sweaters and want to learn a bit more about what are good materials.  Cotton, linen....?  Summer sweaters generally seem more stretchy and fragile than fall/winter wool ones.  But not much cheaper.    I just got a 100% linen from Inis Meain (big sale) and want to see how it looks/wears after using it a bit.     Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
Hi Gents,   Thanks for the insights.  I do prefer flannel or tweed in the winder as they seem warmer than worsted.   I think I want at least 20 ounce weight.  I actually read about the old school 'gamekeeper' trousers that apparently were 24 ounce weight.  It makes me think of folks walking on the Scottish moors in the winter.     I am certainly willing to consider MTM for good stuff.  I hope it wouldnt cost over say $400-500.
Hi Gents,   I have a couple 14 ounce trousers which are warm enough to and back from work when its cold.   But I want to find some heavier ones - say 18 ounce+ - to wear when I am out in the cold for a while.  For example I will be in London next week and will take a 3 hour outdoor walking tour.  Heavy trousers seem might appropriate in this case.   Any suggestions where I can get heavier wool trousers - preferably in a modern cut?  I dont want to look like I should...
Hi Gents, A couple of my Hober grenadines have small threads popping up. Any guidance on how to put th thread back in? I am willing to pay someone as my dexterity isn't that good. I live in NYC is there are tailors who can do this. Thanks
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