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thanks.   Basically agreed.  But at the year end sale I could get it about 1/2 off and then maybe I care to have a nice 'fashion piece'!
Hi Gents,   No fans of the tweed messenger bag or briefcase here?
Hi Gents,   I rather like the Brooks Brothers harris tweed messenger bag - especially the herringbone look..  They make this in two colors shown below.  I think I prefer the brown.  They are ~$350 so may wait for the big sale at year end.   Does anyone have experience with this or similar products?  I am trying to get a sense of the quality.  Would these be more seasonal - say fall/winter?   Also any suggestions on who else makes similar stuff?  I have googled and...
I like the light grey color contrast with the tie.  And a nice tie.
Gents,   Another question if I may:   I saw some Tom Ford ties for sale on Ebay.  What do you think of this pattern/colors?  Here are a couple.  And the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-TomFord-100-Silk-Geometric-Design-Silver-color-Tie-/151163923231?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item2332126b1f          
I want the Prince of Wales/plaid tie.     I am interested in folks' views on these two.   The first is the Sam Hober worn by PPanther.   The second and third are by Drake's and navy blue/white which is a bit different.  I like them both but lean towards Hober as it will be my size and is a bit more traditional in color, i think.     But would one conclude both are beautiful and deserve to be in a core set of ties, but probably not both unless you have many...
Also views on EA quality versus Filson?
Anyone have experience the leather briefcase, Hugo, or the leather messenger, Mercer? I want something that works for business casual usually but also OK with suit on occassion. I have the Walker which I like but want to move up to leather - a bit dressier. Any sense of how durable this is? My other 2 EAs are twill cloth which start to wear on the bottom corners after several humdred wears. Annoying. Corners should be reinforced leather?
Mr. Yount,   I sent an email to your firm through the contact option on your website about a week ago and have not heard back.  I asked about sizing on both trousers and sweaters.     Is there a better contact address to send my questions to?   Thanks
Thanks Archibald and PPanther.   I think the dark chocolate probably makes more sense than the chocolate, though I like it, too.   Light blue on charcoal or navy suits sounds very good, too.  Pink?  Any specific ties in mind?
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