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Hi folks,   Has anyone worked with MG recently?  How was the experience?   I am looking to get a couple of jackets and trousers make.   Thanks.
Can one get MTO Rota trousers with heavier flannel/tweed cloth?  Say 16 ounce+?   If not any other suggestions where to get such trousers?     Thanks
I have gotten two Inis Meain linen sweaters and they are good so far.  Just need to find them on sale.....but I would recommend them.
I wear a EEE on the Modified Last so there are only calfskin options for me.   Not sure if they are doing anything else in Longwings....
still waiting for Moulded Shoe to get the order of long wings....
Thanks for the suggestions on the rust/orange ties.  Even if some are out of stock!  Those wool ones are very nice.   I assume the lighter/silk ones are good for spring/summer?
any suggestions on good Hober rust/burnt orange ties?
On a side note who pays $5K for an OTR PL suit?   At that price range there are so many serious bespoke options which should dominate the excellent quality OTR PL.    I just dont get it.  Is it mostly brand whoring?
thanks for the good comments.   I like my IM linen sweater so far.  Up to the 2nd wearing!   Any suggestion where one finds silk sweaters?  I hadnt even thought of that.   My office can be cold in the summer so a sweater is very helpful (we are business casual).  
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