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 would you actually avoid having/wearing the navy blue blazer?  I know its too common but it seems very versatile. If you had only two fall jackets, what would they be?
 thanks - that is a helpful link. Navy blue works well with a great variety of trouser colors. I guess I am looking for the 2nd most flexible color for my 2nd fall jacket.  I think I am leaning towards a shade of brown.  I like gray but I dont have as many trousers that work with it.
Any guesses on what the Paul Stuart Sample Sale will be like?   Odds and ends that havent sold in their usual sales?  I hope for more than this.
Hi Gents,   In the last couple of years I have acquired the basic suit requirements.  SF has been very helpful in guiding me along the way.   Spring/Summer:  one mid grey suit  and one navy blue.  Both solids. Fall/Winter:  one charcoal suit and one navy blue suit.  Both solids.    I only wear a suit a couple times a month so this lineup has worked well.  I am about to take a new job where I may wear jackets more often than I do now which is rarely.  Either open...
Thanks for update. Any thoughts on potential replacements? I like getting decent trousers for around $550-$600. MTM don't tend to fit as well. Is Gilberto a solid option?
A couple questions. Is it still possible to get good work there, if I stay on top if them? I want to get some fall trousers. Any ideas on say about a12 ounce mid grey flannel for when it gets cold? And another pair with at least 16 ounce wool - tweed? - when it gets really cold? Thanks
Hi folks,   Has anyone worked with MG recently?  How was the experience?   I am looking to get a couple of jackets and trousers make.   Thanks.
Can one get MTO Rota trousers with heavier flannel/tweed cloth?  Say 16 ounce+?   If not any other suggestions where to get such trousers?     Thanks
I have gotten two Inis Meain linen sweaters and they are good so far.  Just need to find them on sale.....but I would recommend them.
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