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Hi Gents,   Thanks for the info on Mismo.  Seems attractive at the right prices!
thanks PP.   Think I will get both the houndstooth and the rep ties next.  I will have a pretty good core Hober 6 then.   Grenadine Burgundy Grenadine Charcoal/Silver Grenadine midnight blue with pindots Prince of Wales +2 above.
rodaman,   Despos is Chris Despos - a high end bespoke tailor in Chicago.  He probably knows more about clothes and fitting than 99% of the folks here.  If he says it, I would believe it.
what are folks thoughts on Mismo?  in terms of quality and styling?   The aviator could be a nice travel bag.
Quick note - David showed me his double brested Dormieul herringbone overcoat last week.  It is very nice.  Bespoke around $2500 I believe.     I have a similar Ovadia one which we compared (retails for ~1,500).  My is about 1 season old while David's is 3-4 seasons old.     What did I learn:   (1)  His wool has aged much better though he has worn his 3-4x more than I have.  Top notch fabrics last/wear better.  Much less piling. (2)  His looks newer because it has...
PP-   I love that English #20.  I tried to order it on the Hober website but looks like its long gone.  Its  navy blue and white?   What is your thoughts on this one?  Maybe a bit too much?   http://www.samhober.com/new-plaid-silk-ties/navy-blue-and-powder-blue-hounds-tooth-silk-tie-31.html   Which is your favorite grenadine stripe tie?  I looked back many pages but couldnt find the one folks here were raving about.   Finally,  in terms of chocolate grenadine, I...
PPanther - nice burgundy.     I feel obligated to notice that you have only 3 folds - I guess you are slumming with us common folk today.   I actually wore my burgundy promoteo grenadine (3 fold) for the first time today.  I got some complements.  Nice tie.   I will be at a conference in two weeks in Vegas for 4 days where I can wear all 4 of my Hobers.  Taking the dogs out, so to speak.    I have a 
nice jacket^^.   nice drop.   Where did you get the modern English cut in tweed?
Interesting posts on the rise.   I have the opposite problem - I need about a 9.5 inch rise so the current HY pants just dont work for me.     Maybe eventually HY can offer short, medium and high rise options?  Just what he wants to do - have to carry 3x the current pants inventory!   But I love his sweaters so I hope he does this as I would likely be a regular customer.
Ghurka appears to be having a 25%-40% sale on some stuff, but NOT all.  Some nice twill bags but not the core leather stuff...
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