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PPanther - nice burgundy.     I feel obligated to notice that you have only 3 folds - I guess you are slumming with us common folk today.   I actually wore my burgundy promoteo grenadine (3 fold) for the first time today.  I got some complements.  Nice tie.   I will be at a conference in two weeks in Vegas for 4 days where I can wear all 4 of my Hobers.  Taking the dogs out, so to speak.    I have a 
nice jacket^^.   nice drop.   Where did you get the modern English cut in tweed?
Interesting posts on the rise.   I have the opposite problem - I need about a 9.5 inch rise so the current HY pants just dont work for me.     Maybe eventually HY can offer short, medium and high rise options?  Just what he wants to do - have to carry 3x the current pants inventory!   But I love his sweaters so I hope he does this as I would likely be a regular customer.
Ghurka appears to be having a 25%-40% sale on some stuff, but NOT all.  Some nice twill bags but not the core leather stuff...
Hi folks,   I ran into an interesting tweed messenger bag maker that folks may find interesting.  His brand is Thomas Tweed and he takes used tweed jackets and creates messenger bags and sells them on Etsy. Its a fun whimsical look.   A suit jacket doesnt provide that much material so the bags are basically laptop size.  I have emailed him and will see if he can make me a bit bigger bag - if he finds a decent use tweed overcoat to use.   Now your favorite tweed...
Hi Gents,   I am looking for a tweed overcoat - likely a bit more casual.   Any suggestions where one can get modern version of a nice warm tweed overcoat with some style?  Ovadia and Sons had a sweet one but I tried to wait until it went to a good sale price and now they are all gone.  Alas....   Thanks.
Pdsf, Thanks for the insightful info! Very helpful indeed. You could indeed be a bag consultant. I got the brown twill Filson briefcase for $170 with shipping from Brooks as a carryover for now. Then I will have time to carefully look for a decent deal on a leather on for the long term. I dont want to rush this decison and want to better learn whats available. I guess its time to read more of this thread! Thanks again. What are your views on JW Hulme?
I like my two sweaters from HY very much.  Great quality for the price and quick turnaround.   Perhaps Jamison should get himself an intern from FIT?  There must be many young folks dying to get into the fashion industry in NYC....
Wow - this is a great thread.  I am glad I found it as I am looking for a leather briefcase/messenger bag.     There are excellent names here I have not heard of.  I only knew of JW Hulme, Ernest Alexander and Filson till I saw this thread.   Any thoughts on where to find a decent sale this time of year?  I want a leather one with a good shoulder strap and prefer around 5 inches+ wide that is durable.  Hope to stay under $600 if possible.    I have noticed that my...
OlSarge:   Your statement is indeed funny!   "I would, however, restrict such countryside dandyism to a group of my closest friends, ones that already know what a hopeless clothing nutcase I am.  They would just nod sadly and humor me in my dotage "     I would suggest that the hunter demographic in the US is a bit different than the UK.  Hunting probably tends to be more blue collar and rural folks here in the US. 
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