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when does the mens sale at Paul Stuart start?
Folks here have suggested a white shirt/burgundy tie over a light blue shirt/burgundy tie.  Maybe try both in mirror and see what you prefer?
Hey PPanther,   I have noticed that many of your pictures have you in suits with stripes or plaids.  Do you wear solids much?  personal preferences?     I only have ~5 suits so 4 are solids and 1 POW.  I guess this gives me license to wear ties with a bit more action.
David,   I love that suit.  As I said earlier, it looks very aristocratic.  Perfect for landed gentry!
Any chance there will be lambswool sweaters (medium) v neck in camel/tan or navy blue? I like my grey and need these two other colors!
just took out the sweater for its first wear yesterday and I am liking it more and more.   need to order a few more.  I hope they get camel hair/tan back in stock.
PPanther - I think you just helped make a stronger case for the COMPLETE set, at least for Mr. Hober!   I picture a SF member in his clothes closet eyes glazed, stroking the COMPLETE set, mumblinig "my precious, my precious...."
Please do let me know if anyone hears of a good tweed messenger bag/brief case maker.  I like the 'murse' and may get one but it isnt really big enough for what I mainly want.   Snoogz - I will take your comments on the durability of your tweed jackets as a sign that a tweed bag would probably last well, too.
I think one should ask oneself - "Would Donald Trump wear this tie?"   If the answer is YES, you know you have a problem.
IMO bright red dominates the overall appearance too much as it draws one's eyes to the tie and not much else.   I like darker reds/burgundies.  And red reps and/or patterns.      Maybe the point is don't let the tie dominate the overall appearance?  Like a large chested female - you may miss her face?
New Posts  All Forums: