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Hi,   anyone have experience with sabbleback backpacks?   I am choosing between the square one and the large version of the simple backpack.   they are about the same size but the square weights 3lbs+ more than the large simple.  any idea why?       http://www.saddlebackleather.com/simple-leather-backpack   http://www.saddlebackleather.com/squared-leather-backpack
Hi,   Is there a tradeoff for rain jackets - between the degree of rain resistance and the jacket's breath-ability?   I sweat heavily so this matters is the spring/summer.   I have been looking at some Macintosh jackets - both bonded cotton and nylon.  For the warm weather I expect they are sweatboxes?   Also the Stutterheim look decent but same issue with overheating.   any thoughts/guidance appreciated.
Where did you get trousers, vest and jacket? Which materials?I like very much!
thanks Tuma.   R-collection reminds my a bit of Dunderdon.   Its a shame the Dunderdon store closed in NYC.
  just saw this article and agree with Shirtmaven. I got a great pair of trousers and jacket from him last fall and now have him making two fresco trousers and one blazer.
 thanks Tuma. I am looking into those.  Which sweaters do you own from Acne? I am also looking for a spring rain coat and Norse Projects has some nice options.  Now I just need to find a NYC retailer that carries them.
Hey Greg,   (1)  The blue Norwegian Rain jacket you have, which make is it?  Nutter Petrichor?   (2)  Also have you considered carrying Coherence overcoats?  I saw some writeups on them and they look very nice.....   (3)  Any interest in carrying Ring products?  They look very good too.
I have become a big fan of Scandinavian designers over the last several years. Sleek efficient styles that are well made.   I hope folks will share some others  (and products) that they like too!  That is really the point of this thread - to get some new ideas.     Below is my list of designers by country.  I also included the stuff I like/own for each designers.   Denmark   (1)  Mismo:   I love my soft navy work bag:...
Hi Greg,   What is the breathability of the Norwegian Rain jean colored rain coat vs the Valstar trench coats?  If its 80, humid and raining, which will be more comfortable?   Thanks
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