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Thanks Archibald and PPanther.   I think the dark chocolate probably makes more sense than the chocolate, though I like it, too.   Light blue on charcoal or navy suits sounds very good, too.  Pink?  Any specific ties in mind?
Gents,    One more question regarding brown ties.  I want a grenadine Hober and am trying to figure a good shade.  Thoughts between these three shades? (1)  Chocolate (2)  Dark Chocolate (3)  Bitter Chocolate   Sounds like we are ordering deserts!    My instincts are the bitter chocolate is too dark, especially given my three solid suits - navy, charcoal and mid grey.  Number (1) looks best to me as it has a nice warm feel, but I also realize Hober ties tend to be...
Thanks for the insight, Gents.   I put on my charcoal suit today and considered my new Hober tie - Midnight Blue with pindots - pic below.  Very nice tie but as my wife said, you are dressed for a funeral.   Alas, can I ask two questions:   (1)  What suit colors does this tie work with?  mid or light grey?  Navy glue should give the funeral look, too.  I like this tie but am not sure what to wear it with.     (2)  What 'basic' ties goes well with the charcoal solid...
Seems like grey, blue, charcoal, burgundy, brown and tan are core colors?  Have several of these and then some plaid and/or otherwise interesting patters?   I continue to be a big fan of herringbone in the core colors with white to accentuate the herringbone pattern.
Havent seen that yet either but would like to.     And its actually in the Union Square subway station??  I am heading that way now and will look for it.
Thanks Archibald.   A related question - if you were going to add one rep tie to your basic tie collection, you probably want a flexible one.  Say one that works with solid navy, charcoal and gray suits.  Any thoughts on such a rep tie?
 Thanks Gents. Would either of the two best, lets call PPanthers and Archibalds, work with navy blue suit?  My sense is no.
Has anyone stopped by the NYC popup store yet?   Would love to hear how it went.  I cannot quite imagine what a popup store is in the midst of Chelsea.   I am planning to make an appointment to see the MTM program in shirts, pants and suits.
after reviewing these pictures I think it should be either Archibald's or PPanther's tie as my first Hober rep.  Thoughts?       Or in true SF fashion, BOTH!
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