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are you actively going for the high button stance, higher arm sockets, shorter jacket, skinny labels, tight fit look?  ie the Thom Browne look?   I actually like the look  (unlike most here) but consider it a fun whimsical look that will pass out of fashion in the not too distant future.  It is fine for folks in the arts/fashion industry, but not in more conservative industries.
For 5K you should be able to get a very nice suit.   If you can, IMO find a good local tailor and get either a MTM or bespoke.  Just make sure you like the general styles the tailor does.   If you are in NYC often, David Reeves would make you a very very nice suit for under $5K.  Check out his site and see if you like his styles.   Good luck.
just picked up a nice black/silver solid silk tie from Seigo.  This will be my somber tie - for serious occasions and funerals.   They have some really interesting stuff - basics and way beyond.  Some really fun whimsical stuff, too.  any fans here?  They are all silk made in Japan.  Only carried in their NYC stores from what I can see.   They have a great chocolate brown solid with herringbone texture that I want, too.   Once I get a few more I will post my top 6 and...
Hi Gents,   Anyone have experience with Seigo neckwear in NYC?  Sounds like interesting Japanese silk ties make in small batches (10 total?!).  Not sure if they have basics though, as I am not really looking for more exotic stuff.   http://seigoneckwear.blogspot.co.uk/         Any idea where one can check out the good Naples ties in NYC?  I dont like ordering online without seeing the product in person.   I like me first two Hober ties!
I just ordered the 3rd one on your list from Hober. Your first one is navy or midnight blue? Second one is brown? Use search function and look for silver. They have a good number of choices and some good silver blends, too. I ordered a charcoal silver grenadine that looks sweet: http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-fina-solid-ties/charcoal-gray-silver-grenadine-fina-silk-tie-21.html
What do folks think of the red and yellow power ties? I see many in finance. I adtually have one of each myself and wear the yellow on occassion
I have been paying more attention to ties folks are wearing these days. Interestingly, not that many wear the classic 6-8 ties we have been discussing. Many have the standard red or yellow power ties and there are some other ties that just seem strange. Other folks notice this? Stuff that doesnt quite work together?
Hi Gents,   I would like to get a heavy warm coat for the office.  The Chesterfield seems like a more formal coat while the Greatcoat is a bit more casual/playful?  And then then are simpler double breasted military type coats, too.  I have pasted some examples from O'Connells below.   I would like to hear folks' views on the function of these different types of overcoats.  If one would only have one for work, which makes the most sense?  I live in NYC which gets cold,...
The Kamakura ties look very nice online - good burgundy herringbone.  Will have to visit soon.  Thanks.   The Hober folks are asking me what length and width I want on the ties I ordered and also what type of knot I use.   The only knot I know is the 4 in hand.  Check.   Width - 3'-3.5'?  Guess I need to measure my suit lapels.   Length???  Any suggestions.  I am 6'1" but with long torso so maybe a bit longer than the usual 57"?
Thanks for the solid advice.   Tweed brown or tweed with some pattern sounds good.   I would wear it at work with or without tie (as we are business casual) when I want to be a bit dressier.   And maybe when out on the town.
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