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Couple questions on Howard's trousers, too.   Any idea on their rise?  I am around a 36" waist and need about a 9.5" rise.  The 11"+ rises just dont work.   Also, any sense of how slim the cut is?  I have broad thighs which can be a challenge.  Paul Stuart works but Black Fleece doesnt.   Lastly, how does their quality compare with say Paul Stuart, Black Fleece....?   Thanks
Thanks.  ^^^
Hi Gents,   Could I trouble some with a couple of questions about Howard's sweater?   I am looking at his lambswool sweaters which look nice in the pictures.   What is their quality say versus Brooks Brothers?     How does their sizing run?  For reference a Brooks Brothers Large is way too long in the sleeves for me while a J. Lindeberg large works about right.   Thanks
thanks Gents.   I actually wore it yesterday with a navy blue flannel suit, light blue shirt and grey merino sweater.     I think it worked well.   Pinkpanther, I think your picture better captures its color than the one on the Hober site.   For the love of all that is sacred, How do you get that dimple??!
Archibaldleach (and others),   You mentioned that a grey/silver grenadine tie is very useful.  I recently ordered this one from Sam Hober.  It arrive and I like it but it seems a bit too light.   Is this what you have in mind by grey/silver grenadine?   Thanks  
The Drake ones look very nice.  Their grenadines have such rich texture.  
interesting thoughts Gents.  Thanks.   I am seeing the value of a bit more color/patterns as my overcoats and suits are mostly solid.  So I could use some spice.   I like the two colored herringbone ones very much - grey/white, navy/white....     Are cashmere warmer?  last better?  than lambswool.
Hi Gents, I am interested in hearing views on a core collection of scarfs for colder weather. Sorry Miami folks - this wont really apply to you. Let say one wants to have 3-5 core scarfs that will works for most occasions. I guess we will also need some basic assumptions about overcoat and suit colors? Dont want to over think this but lets assume the basic key parts of a watdrobe and see what scarfs will complement this. Shall we say basic solid suits in navy blue,...
Look pimpin' Not sure if that is a good thing
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