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Maboulding ​That is some serious texture to your tie!  nice.  
Conradwu,   Where do you like to get ties in NYC?
My apologies as I expect this has been discussed before but I havent found it.   Are the Filson bags included in the usual sales?  Even the all leather one?   THanks 
Thanks Gents for the feedback.   Looks like the plaid and gingham are polling well.  Both seem pretty versatile and would add some nice action to my mainly solid suits.   I must confess I like the bigger polka dot ties, as there is something playful/whimsical about them that appeals to me.  But I do see they arent staples.   Can I assume Drake ties are high quality?   Has anyone been to Seigo's in NYC?  Handmade Japanese silk ties that are only ~$80.  I just got...
I would think he would do very very well in NYC with prices like that.  A beautiful bespoke suit (cloth included?) for <$3,500 made by a true Neopolitan master.  His quality looks way above what we get now in that price range.   But it would certainly take some marketing.  It could take several visits to get his name/reputation out.     I think NYC would be a better market than DC if he would only pick one.  More people, more money and more fashion oriented, IMO.  But...
Hi Gents,   Thanks for the advice on posting pictures.  Looks like it worked - see above.   I was wrong about houndstooth but still like it.  Apparently its Pure Cashmere Gingham Check, by Drakes of London.  Also comes in black/white and blue/white.   Can this make the top 8 list?  Seems like it would work well with solid navy blue or charcoal or dark grey suits.  But more seasonal - fall/winter?   I posted more of the Drake ties below as they look very nice and...
Wow these suits,and tailor are magnifiicent. His work transcends craftsmenship and becomes artistry. Ditto on pricing. Guessing 6-8 thousand US?
Gents, Thanks for the nice pics and guidance. I think i get it now. How can I post pics? I want to show a grey and white cashmere houndstooth tie by Drake's. and get folks views if it belongs in the top 6-8 tie list. It is visually stunning in the picture!
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