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Thanks for suggestion. I want a slimmer cut. I may have to use tailor but that would cost about $300, bit I need the brown moleskin pants!
I heard a vicious rumor that you won't reorder the moleskin cloth. I hope thus isn't true as I really really want rivet chinos in brown moleskin to go with grey and navy I already have. If this is truer, any suggestion where to get brown moleskin casual trousers?? , Many thanks
Moulded Shoe in NYC carries a good collection of Alden Modified Lasts in EEE.  I have bought four Alden ML in 9.5 EEE to date and tried on each one in the store before buying.   Given my challenges getting shoes to fit, I would be very very reticent about paying for a non-returnable MTO shoe without trying it on first.....
A couple favorites - take a look. Frank Clegg Saddleback.
 Wow - you know the fittings well on the Alden lasts. I wear a 9.5EEE in the Modified Last.  I havent put much effort into other Alden lasts - they Moulded Shoe folks told me the other lasts wont fit well and I tend to trust their judgment.  Any guidance on looking at other Lasts?
Anyone have experience with the double breasted version?  I am thinking of getting one - hopefully in navy or tan.   I got the Moscow last winter in black herringbone and it is both stylish and warm.  The collar lining is so warm you dont really need a scarf, except for style of course!   I suggest sizing upp!
I wound up buying a Valstar navy blue rain jacket:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/valstar/navy-dermit-cotton-linen-bonded-trench-coat.html   This is supposed to breathe a bit but havent had the chance to really see.  But it looks very nice as the cotton/linen blend give a great texture.
Ventile coat makers I know of include   Private Wite VC - my favorite.  Cinnamon trench in particular.   AmericanTrench   SEH Kelly   Luxire - someone already mentioned them   Mactinish - has done Ventile versions in the past
Thanks for a very interesting discussion.   I have been looking into Ventile cloth as some folks have highlighted.  Private White VC makes some beautiful stuff.   Its a shame Event hasnt been used (yet) in good mens' stuff.
I have been told that 90%+ of Leder's stuff is sold in Japan so its probably sized according to Japanese standards.   I am usually a L but XL Leder stuff is too small for me.
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