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 I am going to assume that is a serious question and answer it as such. I have used a variety of other options for lower rise products, including the following: Italian trousers such as RotaDecent tailors can make this fit easilyBonobos works well, too, for casual stuff
 my issue isnt fashion based - its body type based. The rise is simply too long to fit me comfortably, and would also look bad as it would bunch up.
my mistake. I meant to say the rise is 1" too long, not the inseam which is easily fixable as you note
Hi Gents,   A question on the sizing for PortugeseFlannel shirts.   The size 7 Stephan Schneider shirt jacket fits me pretty well.  Would that translate into a XL for Portugese Flannel shirts?  I prefer a bit loser fit as I may use the normal shirts as a shacket of sorts.   Thanks
Thanks Nick, I will take a look.   What items will you do MTM/MTO in the US these days?   I would eventually get one of your overcoats - you had some great ones at NMWA last year.  Please tell me that you do MTM - else you are sending me back to my tailor for just about everything!
Antonio, Thanks for the kind suggestion.  It looks like the L/42 size is already gone on that version. When will you next be in NYC for a trunk show?  I am assuming I can get a MTO/MTM as such event.....
Another guy needs an athletic tapered fit! (1). I just found Gustin and just love the rust duck canvas chinos but the regular cut has an inseam 1 inch too long for me. The skinny version is too tight in the thighs. It's a shame as I would buy frequently at those fabrics and prices! Could I pay an extra fee for shorter rise? (2). The field jackets look nice and I assume wool versions are coming? Could you make it a few inches longer? Seems a bit short as it wouldn't...
Anyway I can do a MTM or MTO order for the field jacket? NMWA has a great donegal navy one but I just own too many navy jackets.....
any ideas on where to find decent moleskin pants?     pretty please?
Hi Gents,   I purchased several pairs of nice moleskin trousers from Epaulet over the last few years.  Unfortunately I didnt grab the dark chocolate ones and they arent restocking the moleskin material.  They were all the Rivet cut.   Can anyone suggest a place that has nice moleskin pants - but more modern?  Not the roomier older version I often see - not that there is anything wrong with those!   Thanks
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