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I like PPanther's English pattern #20 (3-fold construction) but its sold out.   Are these others close?   Thanks
Hi Gents,   I am looking at 2 similar ties and interested in folks views on buying one or the other.  #31 is supposed to be stiff - but I bought the plaid POW last fall with the same warning - and I like it.   Pictures are below.   NAVY BLUE & POWDER BLUE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #31 BLACK & WHITE HOUNDS TOOTH SILK TIE #32           Navy Blue & Powder Blue Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #31           Black & White Hounds Tooth Silk Tie #32      
thanks Ac.   I will get them dry cleaned at the end of the season and put into plastic bags.
Hi Gents,   I bought some decent merino and lambs wool sweaters last fall.  I just took them off the shelf yesterday and they look pretty wrinkled.   How do folks care for and store their wool sweaters?     Maybe I should take them to be dry cleaned at the end of the season and boxed up?   Thanks
ThanksWhat would one get for prices above $1,000?How would your 1,000 suit compare with a basic Paul Stuart suit?
Hi,   Could anyone (Mr. Lock?) give some color on the different suit products offered by Mr Lock?  I have seen a variety of price points in this thread for his suits so I am guessing there are differnet products?   I am looking for a fully canvased MTM suit with good fabric.....   Thanks
Thanks for the insight Gents.   Andrew Lock sounds interesting.  Anyone else have positive experience with him?   Is it realistic to get a well fitted, fully canvased MTM with good fabric for ~$1500, or is that asking too much?   Also anyone have a sense of the quality of such a MTM suit versus the basic Paul Stuart suits?  better? comparable?  worse?
Thanks for the insights.   I think I fit better into the Paul Stuart suits than Lauren, so I could get one of those for ~1300 then use a good tailor for ~300.  This could be a be a good option.   I wonder about the quality of the MTM suits, say Mr. Ned, versus Paul Stuart or Lauren?
Looking for a couple new suits.  Pretty standard stuff - solid charcoal, solid grey.  Modern cut but not skinny suit.   I want to find a good product for my price range (~$1500).  Suggestions?   Some names I have heard are Michael Andews, Greenfield, Mr. Ned, LS.....  I think Mr. Reeves now focuses on higher end work.    Apologies for bringing up the topic again but would love to hear about NYC tailors that SF member like.
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