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I wound up buying a Valstar navy blue rain jacket:   http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/valstar/navy-dermit-cotton-linen-bonded-trench-coat.html   This is supposed to breathe a bit but havent had the chance to really see.  But it looks very nice as the cotton/linen blend give a great texture.
Ventile coat makers I know of include   Private Wite VC - my favorite.  Cinnamon trench in particular.   AmericanTrench   SEH Kelly   Luxire - someone already mentioned them   Mactinish - has done Ventile versions in the past
Thanks for a very interesting discussion.   I have been looking into Ventile cloth as some folks have highlighted.  Private White VC makes some beautiful stuff.   Its a shame Event hasnt been used (yet) in good mens' stuff.
I have been told that 90%+ of Leder's stuff is sold in Japan so its probably sized according to Japanese standards.   I am usually a L but XL Leder stuff is too small for me.
Hi,   What do you gents wear in the rain for East Coast Summers (I am in NYC)?  I also tend to sweat heavily so am quite interest in breathable rainwear.   Is nylon any less a walking sauna in the warm weather than bonded cotton?
thanks for the guidance.  I will look into these labels.   I would like a nice knit linen jacket for summer - indigo and/or tan!
thanks for solid advice
Hi Gents,   Any thoughts on getting the bonded cotton vs nylon Macktintosh rain coat?  likely the Dunoon.   I am most interest in which is less of a sweatbox and style.  My guess is the bonded cotton is a better less wrinkled fabric.   Thanks
Hi Gents, No suggestions on this?
Hi,   I am looking for knit blazers - either spring/summer or fall winter.  Less structured jackets - say a knit linen jacket for summer.   Any suggestion which shops/brands carry such items?  Any stores in NYC are extra helpful.   Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: