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I have been wearing some medium weight athletic socks. I may switch to some thinner running socks I have. Its unfortunate because its just that one spot that is bugging me.
Yeah it could be, I know others have talking about a "blister phase" due to the shallow toe box. But I am not sure how much give the cordovan has to yield a more comfortable fit. I am really praying that this pair works out though... Hopefully others with cordovan make ups can chime in.
No, I still have some room in the front. It's just that one area in the right boot. After about an hour of wear it becomes a little annoying.
Recently got some cordovan service boots on the 2030 last and I'm experience some pressure/irritation near the joint in my big toe. I was wondering this is anything to worry about or if the boots will stretch with wear. I have been wearing them with medium thickness socks, may switch over to thin socks.
Iron Heart 301s
Alden for Anatomica
I was wondering if anyone could give any advice in choosing between the Alden x Context Roy, 403's, and AF53 in terms of comfort and durability. I am looking for something I can wear daily for long hours and put a decent amount of wear on over a few years.
I bought a this new at a store a week ago after I lost my wallet. It turned up, so I no longer need this any more, retail is $95 selling it for $80 (buyer pays paypal fees). It has been used for a few days, no wear at all, still has new leather smell and still very stiff. Here is the link for more information:,default,pd.html Please PM me for more info.
Selling my Never on Sunday Denim shirt in size M (fits true to size). Worn twice for very short periods of time. The shirt itself is still very stiff and has no signs of wear. It's been sold out at Self Edge for a while, so here is your chance to get one in like new condition. Some info about this shirt: Black denim from Cone Denim's White Oak collection, vintage deadstock buttons, hand sewn button holes, and blue/white/blue cuff button hole colors representing the Greek...
Up for sale is a Flat Head Short Sleeve Red Chambray Shirt size 42 (fits a true medium). Worn about 4 times or less, no flaws. Selling it because I need the money, but it's a great lightweight summer/spring shirt. For more information on the shirt here is the self edge link: (mine is in black/grey as seen in the pictures) If paying with paypal, buyer pays fees or sends as gift.
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