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In my experience, knit ties stretch about 5% (i.e. 2-3") in length after a few wears.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your point and/or underestimating your knowledge, but I imagine they are comparing to this Marlow: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1812817
Any support out there for some brown/white and grey/white dress shirt fabrics? My searches never seem to reveal much that I find desirable in these colours. Some not-too-dark university, bengal, or dress stripes would be ideal for me but I might have interest in some faint graph checks as well.
Oh wow, your photos always are the best, but that last series is simply amazing!
Not my area of expertise - you might search for input from my fellow Canadian @RogerP on high arches and/or tall feet. I'll guess though and say one of Simpson, Rain, or Soller depending where you reside on the narrow-medium-wide spectrum respectively.Based on my research Rain seems to work for most all except those needing extremes in width or those with very flat feet. If anything Rain is slightly wide at the ball, a bit loose at the heel, but aggressively shaped through...
Guys, you're very welcome! Indeed, all are 9D US equivalent* except for the Barrie which is, of course, an 8.5D. *8 UK standard width as per Carmina They all fit adequately. Forest and Oscar are quite standard in fit. The Rain feels slightly loose in the heel but both Rain pairs that I own (for now, as I have a boot on the way soon) are monks so take that with a grain of salt. The Soller on me is wide, and thus long feeling; it also feels voluminous in the instep. I...
...may as well post the ugly 10,000ft view with harsh phone camera LED flash. (Which inconveniently exposes a toe scuff that I'll have to polish out on the austerity boot.) Soller, Rain, Soller, Oscar, Forest, Barrie, Plaza
Okay, one more one of the line to add a few more data points. (Someday in the summer I'll do this outside with the DSLR, a long lens to overcome distortion, some more precise alignment, and most importantly, more shoes!) ...Soller, Oscar, Forest, Barrie (-.5), Plaza Edit: The Alden Plaza looks really blobby here. I do find it blobby some days - especially this boot considering its 360 welt - but this picture makes it look especially Ken Cole-ish.
This is quick and dirty with my phone camera but it should be a start. (Note that the heels are all eyeball-aligned on a straight line despite what it may appear due to shaft height.)All are 9D US (8 UK).Soller, Rain, Soller, Oscar, Forest...
I have numerous pairs of Carmina in many different lasts (Forest, Oscar, Rain, Simpson, Soller, etc.). For me, Soller is the biggest of anything I've tried by a substantial margin in all dimensions - width, length, and volume. I have a very average foot shape and almost never deviate from my "true" Brannock size. The exceptions for me are Alden's Barrie (of course) and Carmina's Soller, both of which I enjoy on occasion for their casual shape. Edit: To clarify, I own...
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