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In my opinion those sleeves are a good length but are hanging too low due to a cuff circumference that is too big.
I'm interested, but the timing is kind of "wrong" for most of the world considering the upcoming month off at Carmina. I imagine we'd be better off getting movement on this next March?
Rick, for me it's everything about the collar - shape and construction. The softness of their oxford fabrics are second to none as well.Don't copy their odd sizing strategy, but you couldn't go wrong borrowing much else.
I think the obvious suggestion here is to look at the Kamakura OCBDs for inspiration. Of everything I've tried in the BD domain, it both looks and feels the best. It maintains well over time also. I assume there are perhaps hundreds here who would agree with the above.
I'm expecting a batch in the coming days - likely to be my last in a long while as I will then have the final few pieces of my tie arsenal. (I know, I know...) I feel like I owe this thread a good quality photo of the whole group of Hobers when they arrive as a thank you to David and the regular posters. More than anything else, I hope the photo will prove helpful for colour comparisons. It should include a pretty good green spectrum, the 3 chocolate grossa variants, a...
Great job on the presentation of that last batch of trouser fabrics - fit and photography are both consistent, not to mention, excellent. I can only imagine the look on the faces of the passers-by during that particular photoshoot. FWIW, I am 99% sure I have that "rust" fabric in a past Walt make-up and it is fantastic in color and hand.
I imagine that the above-pictured flaring would fall out with time under the force of gravity. Personally, I would never press it with any sort of heat/humidity. My guess is that this is caused by long-term rolling of a relatively dry and crisp fabric coupled with a somewhat narrow blade width.
Yes to grey/white stripe and brown/white stripe dress shirt fabrics.
I tried an at-home dye job on a discounted cotton LBM from Epaulet a few months ago. I wish it went a fraction as well as those ones look above. I put a few hours into the process and I'm not sure the purple colour I ended up with was worth the effort. FWIW, I was going for a dark Burgundy. I can't decide whether to invest more time into the project to darken things further. I really think the overdye process needs a few critical things most DIYers don't have: patience,...
GDogg,Odd sizing for the MTO chambray Doyle as per Mike, from a few posts above.
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