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This is a small crop of my medium whiskey 2010 DR that arrived last week. It really isn't worth posting, but since we were called out... The resolution is terrible, of course, but at least the lighting was good; accordingly, the colour is very true in my opinion.
I'm happy to take some good quality photos, but it's was literally -35 Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit) this morning and my typical day is in SC/tie, so it'll take time.Suffice to say it looks like this in terms of colour: http://www.styleforum.net/t/376270/brand-new-toj-temple-of-jawnz-mdr-medium-whiskey-calf-jacket-size-50/0_100
More good news gentlemen... Today I received my first of three orders made on the same day - August 31st, 2013. (On the spreadsheet as September 1st.) Medium Whisky Calf 2010DR It's awesome, and on a quick inspection, the specs seem accurate. No tracking or any email of the sort; a genuine surprise. Photos will come eventually when I get out of my work clothes and into some denim - so likely not until the weekend. (FWIW, I'm still waiting on a Girlfriend Black Lamb...
Indeed, I'd buy.
Luxire just blew me away again with today's delivery, some trousers in "Minnis Fresco - Light Grey Plain". I actually feel bad for some other SF vendors because I really don't have any reason to ever shop elsewhere now that I've perfected my patterns at Luxire.
But why isn't Charly getting paid? That still seems ridiculous to me. Is he not doing a job that needs to be done?! (No snark, honest question.)
The problem with suggesting or collaborating on these (excellent) Epaulet Alden makeups is that it's not "first come, first served" like most not-quite-so-popular GMTOs around here. The passive lurkers/bystanders with computer skills or multiple executive assistants get all the glory. In the absence of some sort of robust "first come, first served" model, I kind of agree with the poster last week that was suggesting some sort of lottery system. I guess that's Alden...
Add me to the #8/antique Alden LHS insta-buy list.
I like the way this is sounding. I'll be watching this develop.
I'd be in for #1.
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