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In for the grey knit tie.
I will endeavour to help tonight; I just received my polo suede boots today and will be unpacking them in a few hours.
After (perhaps) thousands of dollars in my own orders, I just ordered a shirt for my mother-in-law. Wish me luck!
Indeed. I'd grab some for golf assuming the colours are not too dark for those warmer days.
I'm #39 on the list. I'm not sure what my $ amount would be, but I'm still waiting on: Women's Black Lamb DR - silver zips - no quilting - bemberg lining
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Indeed, we've been through this many times; there's really nothing we can do other than use words - as a community - on this forum to inspire action.I guess you could say that's what I'm trying to do.But really, it's all about hope. I've still got some. However, come September I'll tell my wife she isn't getting her jacket.
For what it's worth, here's another data point as I continue to investigate all potential options. I'm simply relaying facts and doing so as honestly and accurately as possible. I called Visa - they are unable to do anything to help me due to the time since the expected date of receiving the goods. They directed me to the BBB, and I sort of had to laugh at that suggestion. The representative genuinely seemed to feel terrible for me though, which was kind of nice. I...
Thanks! Today was a bit tighter for personal time but I did a quick jeans-style hem (does it have a name?) on a pair of 5-pocket twill pants. A good press and pins weren't even necessary. It was a 20 minute job at most, including measurements.Next up is probably a cuffed hem, then maybe a split waist take-in, then maybe some shirt darts. After that I really want to jump to my main end-goal of jacket sleeves.Do we have a DIY alterations thread here, or is this it?
While we're making recommendations, Rick, may I suggest that you get your garments (particularly the textured jackets) out in the sunlight and capture some photos in action while being worn by real humans? This is something that I think Epaulet does particularly well albeit at a higher price point. Interestingly, it is something that SuitSupply doesn't really do that well at all. In other words, I think there may be an opportunity in there somewhere. One good photo...
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