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I am still amazed that we put up with a company with ZERO customer service. Yet, I bought another pair of HY trousers just yesterday.
Thanks for the reply David! May I suggest that you try to find a dark grey grenadine fabric to complement your other grey shades? I think it would sell well.
Thanks PP, you are completely fair in all of your statements. I do order swatches regularly now. In my experience, the relationship between the shade on my screen and the shade in real life is quite consistent. I have also read statements from others indicating the same. Unfortunately, it is just a reality of online shopping.I guess I'm just somewhat surprised by the unavailability of a dark grey shade - in David's inventory as well as elsewhere. I thought, at first, I was...
I would appreciate a bit of help. I'm looking for a dark grey grenadine tie to add to my collection of 10 or so Hober ties. Every time I order a grey or charcoal swatch I seem to get something that I would call silver, light grey, or maybe mid grey at darkest. For example, I purchased a "Charcoal Grey/Silver Grenadine Fina" tie (before I was smart enough to get swatches first) and find it difficult to wear with anything but quite formal wear. For example, it is too light...
Dawww, I feel so foreign and out-of-touch with my old stomping grounds - I've never heard of Vivo or XIX. I'll admit they both sound pretentious but even if the food were as terrible as the names it would still likely be better than almost everything one province to the "right".
And I'll third/fourth/whatever.
Alden has a history of sending out complementary laces to previous customers that have inquired kindly.
I have complained many times about Carmina's weak laces and sharp speed hooks. I love everything about the footwear except for the fact that I have to swap out laces every month or two. Sadly, I know that it's not an either/or issue with the laces and speed hooks as I've had breakage problems with shoes as well. That said, there is a synergistic effect on boots with speed hooks that make things even worse. For what it's worth, I've asked Mike (Epaulet) and Steve (GF)...
I must say, during the Fall and Winter months, for various reasons, I've found myself sort of moving past Epaulet. For awhile it felt almost boring, or stagnant, to me. I worried that with store growth, "the move", and baby Kuhle, Epaulet may have reached its peak and the goodness may have been spread too thin. My once-a-month packages were becoming less regular, less dependable, and were often arriving with handwritten notes from strangers or vaguely familiar folks with a...
Great news! Please put a jar aside for me to be included with an inevitable upcoming order.
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