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Roman, as I've suggested before, aside from the ultra luxury brands, the Ettinger breast pocket wallets seem to be the gold standard. Personally, I'm in the market for one sometime soon and I'd rather buy from you but I'll guess that the market is quite small for this type of wallet.
That is certainly okay with me. Someday I'll capture some images with something better than my phone.Here's another perspective while we're at it.(See, I really do need that mini power adapter you recommended!)
Thanks Roman. I am very glad I went with the more casual cognac colour for my brief; I really am in love with the navy though, so I'm happy to be waiting on a passport wallet in that tone to satisfy my love for all things blue. Edit: So far, she's been Lexol'd a few times for conditioning; beyond that, I give her a wipe with my shoe polish rag every once in a while to impart just a bit of depth to the colouration (which admittedly got a bit washed out in the stark...
My earlier-promised review is still pending but needless to say I'm a fan. The nice photo above caused me to look over at my bag after accompanying me through yet another busy week. It happened to be sitting in some nice Spring sunlight. Here it is, in its natural form.
I'm in if the other 5 of you each pay $15 towards my order.Just kidding, I'm in regardless. Steve, invoice me!
I too am waiting on a July 2013 order. I too have sent emails that remain unanswered.
I received my (wife's) leather bag today. It's safe to say you can add bags along with both shirts and trousers on my version of the "no reason to ever buy anything other than Luxire" list. Really, it's a bit scary that anything one can imagine can be ordered an made so easily (and so perfectly). Well done Luxire! I'll try to post some deserving photos in the next week to show it off.
Gentlemen, I got my brown lamb A2 today. It's beautiful and fits like a glove. Dare I say it just might be worth the wait. Only one jacket remains pending now from my July 31, 2013 order.
I'd potentially be up for the above proposed boot but I'll admit I'm not in a rush. For me, it'd only become useful come November. I'll probably sit back and hope for a second run assuming this catches fire.
For what it's worth, I got tracking today for my July 31, 2013 brown lamb A2.
New Posts  All Forums: