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I would love to do that to mine. Any hints/tips?
Can we complete the Frankenstitch rainbow and include a black shell version? (If not, put me down at "mildly interested" in saddle.)
Those boots definitely look great but due to an abundance of burgundy boots in my closet may I suggest a black (Soller, maybe) shell version as well?
Indeed. I hope there is always a black watch fabric available for these FF MTOs; someday I'll grab that one as well.
I also would put my name on any list for future jackets in the that green (with orange) fabric.
You will definitely have them for March. I'd guess February 10th-15th for delivery based on my experience. I've never been hit with customs for my orders either and some have been decently large.
I miss Edmonton a lot. It's good to hear from you guys again!
These are some 7ish year old black AE Taunton Chelsea's that I use when the weather is terrible and overshoes cannot be stashed at the door of my planned destination. For as long as I can remember I've been fighting these subtle, irregular ridges in the areas pictured. I assume this area got wet with salty slush at some point. Is the best approach simply to mask this damage with many layers of black polish? I assume this is the case as even a few layers does seem to help....
Steve, I feel bad because I was one of those formerly interested in the above Rain shell derby. Mrs. Notreknip cut up my credit cards; hopefully I'll be able to piece them back together by Summer. Accordingly, feel free to order an additional 8UK to hit the minimum and I'll do everything I can to meld the plastic back together ASAP. Kidding aside, I can't justify the expense right now, but they're beautiful and I wish I could join in.
FWIW, I understand the combined shipping strategy from a small business perspective, but in my experience as a Canadian customer, shipments with high value - say, over $100 (read: one Luxire garment) - dramatically increase the likelihood of ~20% duties/taxes being applied on import and thus due on delivery. Put me in the camp of willing to pay a bit more for a guaranteed quality product (better website/communication) at a guaranteed cost (more consistent shipping...
New Posts  All Forums: