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Well, it's official now, I've made the 2 year mark.
Of all of the Carminas I own, my museum calf boots are really the only ones in which I was less than thrilled with the finishing. I guess I just won't order museum again. Surprisingly, it doesn't really hide (or "work with") mild damage and/or defects very well. Oh well, it's a bit too formal for my style anyway.
Gentlemen, as a subscriber to this thread, I figured that I would share that the following key solution has really impressed me after about 6 months of use now. like the idea of a custom, more traditionally-styled, key wallet from a creative perspective but I really can't imagine how this design and execution could be beat.For what it's worth, I'd be interested in an Ettinger styled breast wallet in a unique colour.
In for the grey knit tie.
I will endeavour to help tonight; I just received my polo suede boots today and will be unpacking them in a few hours.
After (perhaps) thousands of dollars in my own orders, I just ordered a shirt for my mother-in-law. Wish me luck!
Indeed. I'd grab some for golf assuming the colours are not too dark for those warmer days.
I'm #39 on the list. I'm not sure what my $ amount would be, but I'm still waiting on: Women's Black Lamb DR - silver zips - no quilting - bemberg lining
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Indeed, we've been through this many times; there's really nothing we can do other than use words - as a community - on this forum to inspire action.I guess you could say that's what I'm trying to do.But really, it's all about hope. I've still got some. However, come September I'll tell my wife she isn't getting her jacket.
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