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I'm so glad to hear others raving about Steve as a vendor - a genuine nice guy that offers a really appreciated personalized buying experience. He deserves the positive reviews! My burgundy U-wings arrived today in Canada; they came free of duty and taxes which is nice and (certainly at least a bit) lucky. I love the boots but I'll be honest and suggest that I think Carmina may have rushed these a bit. They're not quite as perfect as I have come to expect from...
Drew, please provide an status update on my orders from July 31, 2013. You should be able to search for the email thread titled "Two Items of Interest". For what it's worth, the orders are to be shipped to Canada.
@luxire I would love to see more trouser fabrics (especially summer ones - 'tis the season after all) in the lighter-coloured end of the spectrum. There isn't a lot of choice, outside of cotton, in the space between light grey and bleached white (in the cold-tones family) or khaki and bleached white (in the warm-tones family). I'm looking for something that could be described as "cream", "oatmeal", "eggshell", or "stone" - perhaps even "clay" or "pearl". Anyone with...
Roman, have you ever considered doing a simple breast pocket coat wallet like these from Ettinger? Might something like this be planned for the women's release maybe? It would be for me of course, but still, I could see it being part of the women's line. http://www.ettinger.co.uk/wallets-purses/for-gentlemen/coat-wallets/bridle-hide-coat-wallet-with-8-c-c/bridle-hide-nut-coat-wallet-with-8-c-c ...cue the obligatory "I can't speak of that at this time" (or whatever it...
I plan to do a short review in due time. I think one needs to live with an item (in my case, the cognac briefcase) for a month or two before commenting with much value. Rest assured though - so far, so good. The leather is amazing. I agree with another poster above though in saying that, if anything, it feels just a bit small at times. (Or shall I just blame my laptop's power bar for being so bulky?)
I, too, would be interested in this chromexcel boot being discussed. It would nicely fill the "darker brown casual winter boot" hole in my closet. Accordingly, I'd be interested in only dainite or (even better) commando soles.
I received my first Simpson shoe today and confirmed that, for me, I can take it in my standard Carmina size. Thank goodnes because the Canadian duties were $120! I am an 8UK in Rain, Simpson, Forest, Oscar, and Alcudia. For me the same size in Soller is a bit sloppy in all dimensions, so in the future I will move down a half size in that last if absolutely necessary. For what it's worth, I'm closest to a 9D (US) on a Brannock device, but likely a "8.9C+" in reality....
Okay, I'm also in for burgundy shell adelaides.
Indeed. It'll be an uphill battle but I'd love a burgundy shell loafer.
Looking good gents. Keep it up! Someday I'll play too.
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