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My experience as a Canadian HY customer has been about 10% due at the door. This has been very consistent aside from that one time I was charged something like $100 for a $350 pair of shoes.
That above boot would be very hard to resist - incredibly unique.
Somewhat serious question here - can I buy like 20 of those super beefy plastic Southwick jacket hangers?! They're amazing. Thanks for including them! But really, I'll take a bunch at a reasonable price. On related note, I'm a perfect 40 in these jackets. Dangerous for me; sad for my tailor.
Indeed, we need more accurate fabric naming and details for improved differentiation. (Not only for us, but apparently for the Luxire staff as well.)
According to his profile, 9.5. (US)
I've had some private back-and-forths with Mike and Adele over the course of the day... I feel bad for Epaulet and gang because I'm not sure there was anything they could do to prevent this somewhat extreme colour variance issue. That said, there are some other prominent retailers on this forum that have been adamant for years that there's only this one (mid-brown, orange-ish) shade of hatch grain. All in all, I guess this is what one gets for being on the bleeding edge...
@fridayfrenzy See above, as discussed a few weeks ago.
bkotsko, that's precisely my size. Definitely get "Large" (I have 3 pairs) - they'll barely fit over your LWBs (and other Barrie 360-welt shoes) but will be perfect for anything sleeker.
Epaulet, as always, has quickly and pleasantly responded to my above concerns. Apparently I'm confused and a hatch grain WWII is still incoming and expected in the next month or so. My mistake. I do hope my hatch grain boot is darker brown however - more like the swatch we were shown.
I pre-ordered the hatch grain. I must admit, it appears like it turned out substantially lighter (and more orange) than I expected. I actually figured it would look like the scotch grain and that the scotch grain would look like it. Am I alone? Oh well. Edit: Also, for what it's worth, there was a point where it was supposed to be a hatch grain WWII, no? I'm so confused. BUT, looking forward to some sweet boots nonetheless!
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