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You sold me Steve! Please put aside a pair for me and send a PM and/or invoice my way. I'm probably a true 8.75 as you likely have come to know...
Oh, wow, thanks!Edit - Personally, I'd pick #3 (like it once was a few years ago) if I could but I'd NEVER complain about #1 (like it is as of now) either.
Gentlemen, it's been awhile since I've popped into this thread. I'm looking for a brown shell (non cap toe) boot on commando - I'm willing to wait a year or more if absolutely needed. Does anyone do a cigar tanker? That, I think, would be perfect.
Alden just might make my Ryden boots before Carmina will make my Llubi boots. Steve, I can only assume you're a bit frustrated with the delays as well? It'll all be worth it in the end, right?!
I like that olive shade a lot - at least as shown in that image. Have you found a good deal somewhere that has any size Small in stock? (Preferably in Canadian currency.) I'm usually a Medium/Large (40R/41R). I ordered a black Medium Therme last week and tried it on yesterday; it was huge even with layers underneath. I would definitely want a Small . I'm planning to put the Black Medium back in the mail tomorrow.
I'd likely take that Monitor if it was a Medium. FYI, to me, the above ad reads as though the asking price is $1500.
Mike, what is the lapel width for this MTO event? (For a 40R if that matters.)
Hurry up Carmina! I really could use my Llubi boots now that we're in the depths of winter... Steve, in contrast, I'm craving a dark brown suede penny loafer for summer - most notably for airport travel situations. Anything planned to be stocked? (I'd want them for mid-May so I'm a bit hesitant to GMTO.) This would be perfect:
The postman delivered my first S&M sportcoat today - a version 2.0 mid-brown summer staple that I plan to take on an upcoming late-Spring trip to Italy. The fit is perhaps 90-95% for me, taking into account both "objective" criteria and my personal tastes - pretty solid for RTW. (With tailoring, perhaps slightly higher?) With less/no shoulder padding, a slightly lower button stance, and (most importantly) some better fabrics I can see myself buying more than a few of...
Forget snow falling, I had tears falling after watching McDavid go into the boards.
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