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As a Canadian, I look forward to some more fabric options in the coming months for both shirts and trousers. Rick, I think you know what the SF community craves for shirting fabrics. For trousers, I would like to see some brown and green tones once the staple colours have proven themselves. Multiple off-white shades would be particularly great in the short term considering the season. I'd love to grab some trousers right now but I've got my standard colours already.
Only with the palest of blues, in my opinion. Personally, I find PoW hard to wear outside of formal occasions.
I'm also interested in the snuff suede string loafer re-stock. Any good news for us on that front?
I think you're referring to my comment here, which I since have felt somewhat bad for making on the affiliate thread. However it was genuine, carefully considered, and complementary in the end. That is to say, it was intended to be the opposite of adversarial; I'm quite glad you were confident enough to acknowledge it (above).I applaud the new business strategy - doing more of what Epaulet does so well: listening to demand, developing no-compromise product, and treating...
For what it's worth, I crave a darker grey grenadine when I'm wearing a brown odd/casual jacket and (gasp!) navy trousers, or the inverse. For these instances I think the ground shirt color is unimportant as long as it is lighter than its neighbors. Given the above, I find black much too formal (unless it is a knit) and browns and blues are inevitably out. This leaves green which I often try to avoid with blue, and burgundy which I often find difficult to pair with...
Is HY even still an official SF affiliate? I remember the days when Jamison would give us the inside scoop on everything. He was never a "regular" per se but he seemed very gentlemanly when he was here. I even recall quite a few photos he would post of himself in his own garments. Is Jamison perhaps busy with school or something?
Fair enough....unless you are shopping from outside the US. (As a Canadian, shipping is somewhat slow and returns are not possible, unlike Epaulet for example.)
Indeed. And it makes me wonder if SOME customer service might somehow be more frustrating than NONE. At least veteran SF members know that any emails sent are wasted finger strokes.That said, it is somewhat sad to me that outfits like HY and ToJ flourish here on SF.The classic "price, service/efficiency, quality" Venn dilemma triangle seems to skew towards good ol' cheapskate more and more in recent SF years.
I am still amazed that we put up with a company with ZERO customer service. Yet, I bought another pair of HY trousers just yesterday.
Thanks for the reply David! May I suggest that you try to find a dark grey grenadine fabric to complement your other grey shades? I think it would sell well.
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