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I've worn mine once so far - with a black t-shirt and jeans anticipating some dye loss and indeed I shed indigo all night long. It got everywhere. I washed my hands at the end of the night and couldn't believe how much dye was on my fingertips.I am scared to wear it again. I was a bit afraid to wash it too - for the health of the garment itself but also for the next few loads. Now it seems that even washing wouldn't help.Literally, I am afraid to hang it in my closet...
I, too, am on the fence. A great shoe but our dollar is just so terrible lately. I assume I can have about a week to make a decision?
...and now it's my turn. Anyone with experience with this fabric? Photos? Havana Brown Plain http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-brown-plain/C772I.html?vpid=C772I05
I do. Excellent fabric, superb OTR fit for me, but a slightly challenging colour to pair.Honestly, I think I get more compliments (which usually I'm not sure is a good thing) on this coat than any other I own. It works wonders with white trousers (perhaps the real origin of the aforementioned compliments) but fails with almost all greys. Blues, even denim, are okay too in my experience.Overall, I like it a lot but it's surely not a "staple 5" or even a "staple 10"...
Well, it's official now, I've made the 2 year mark.
Of all of the Carminas I own, my museum calf boots are really the only ones in which I was less than thrilled with the finishing. I guess I just won't order museum again. Surprisingly, it doesn't really hide (or "work with") mild damage and/or defects very well. Oh well, it's a bit too formal for my style anyway.
Gentlemen, as a subscriber to this thread, I figured that I would share that the following key solution has really impressed me after about 6 months of use now.http://www.orbitkey.com/I like the idea of a custom, more traditionally-styled, key wallet from a creative perspective but I really can't imagine how this design and execution could be beat.For what it's worth, I'd be interested in an Ettinger styled breast wallet in a unique colour.
In for the grey knit tie.
I will endeavour to help tonight; I just received my polo suede boots today and will be unpacking them in a few hours.
After (perhaps) thousands of dollars in my own orders, I just ordered a shirt for my mother-in-law. Wish me luck!
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