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I am extremely impressed with the Wool Rich trousers I received a few weeks back. The best way to explain them is that they look identical to most of my wool trousers, they feel/drape almost exactly like most wool trousers, they seem to breathe decently, they barely wrinkle, and they're (gasp!) machine washable! Honestly, if they came in 4-5 other staple colours (stone, oatmeal, light grey, white, etc.) I'd likely order one of each.Precisely.I received a soft-shouldered...
I agree with the point above and it segues well into your question, actually.If you wear blues, go stone. If you wear browns, go cream. That is not to say that colour temperatures can't be blended. In the end, both are incredibly versatile - they are just lighter variants of staple mid-grey and mid-brown trousers.My opinion: start with stone.
Stone is generally more grey (i.e. cooler) whereas cream is generally of a slight brown or almost pinkish (i.e. warmer) tone.I have numerous trousers in this colour range (they're my favourite) and when worn individually they all look essentially the same. Only when next to each other in the closet can the warmth or coolness be discerned.... makes me wonder, in a way, why I have so many.
Oops, evidently I did it wrong - I put my friend's email in the first box.Just FYI, you may wish to clarify what to put where...
Thanks Ac, do you have a an order number you would be willing to share with the community?
I've worn mine once so far - with a black t-shirt and jeans anticipating some dye loss and indeed I shed indigo all night long. It got everywhere. I washed my hands at the end of the night and couldn't believe how much dye was on my fingertips.I am scared to wear it again. I was a bit afraid to wash it too - for the health of the garment itself but also for the next few loads. Now it seems that even washing wouldn't help.Literally, I am afraid to hang it in my closet...
I, too, am on the fence. A great shoe but our dollar is just so terrible lately. I assume I can have about a week to make a decision?
...and now it's my turn. Anyone with experience with this fabric? Photos? Havana Brown Plain http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-brown-plain/C772I.html?vpid=C772I05
I do. Excellent fabric, superb OTR fit for me, but a slightly challenging colour to pair.Honestly, I think I get more compliments (which usually I'm not sure is a good thing) on this coat than any other I own. It works wonders with white trousers (perhaps the real origin of the aforementioned compliments) but fails with almost all greys. Blues, even denim, are okay too in my experience.Overall, I like it a lot but it's surely not a "staple 5" or even a "staple 10"...
Well, it's official now, I've made the 2 year mark.
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