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This seems like an obvious business opportunity... Anyone want to partner up with me on my online trouser shop? (I'm joking of course, mostly. Being in Canada would make such a proposition inefficient I'm sure, not to mention those "day jobs".) But really, you young Americans out there - take this business model, make one small change, and maybe increase prices by 5-10%. I have to think you'd be successful, or at least, respected within the industry. Until then, I...
I'm expecting a batch in the coming days - likely to be my last in a long while as I will then have the final few pieces of my tie arsenal. (I know, I know...) I feel like I owe this thread a good quality photo of the whole group of Hobers when they arrive as a thank you to David and the regular posters. More than anything else, I hope the photo will prove helpful for colour comparisons. It should include a pretty good green spectrum, the 3 chocolate grossa variants, a...
Great job on the presentation of that last batch of trouser fabrics - fit and photography are both consistent, not to mention, excellent. I can only imagine the look on the faces of the passers-by during that particular photoshoot. FWIW, I am 99% sure I have that "rust" fabric in a past Walt make-up and it is fantastic in color and hand.
I imagine that the above-pictured flaring would fall out with time under the force of gravity. Personally, I would never press it with any sort of heat/humidity. My guess is that this is caused by long-term rolling of a relatively dry and crisp fabric coupled with a somewhat narrow blade width.
Yes to grey/white stripe and brown/white stripe dress shirt fabrics.
I tried an at-home dye job on a discounted cotton LBM from Epaulet a few months ago. I wish it went a fraction as well as those ones look above. I put a few hours into the process and I'm not sure the purple colour I ended up with was worth the effort. FWIW, I was going for a dark Burgundy. I can't decide whether to invest more time into the project to darken things further. I really think the overdye process needs a few critical things most DIYers don't have: patience,...
GDogg,Odd sizing for the MTO chambray Doyle as per Mike, from a few posts above.
So much good news! Thanks Mike.
I have a lightweight denim sportcoat and it is one of my favorite pieces. I imagine the chambray Doyle being useful in a similar, but obviously more casual, way. I look forward to grabbing one though I'm tempted to actually size down from my olive version and use the chambray as more of a mid-layer. On the topic of jackets, Mike, what is the general schedule for the next Southwick FF MTO? They always seem to take a bit more time than expected, so sadly, I'm already...
As a Canadian, I look forward to some more fabric options in the coming months for both shirts and trousers. Rick, I think you know what the SF community craves for shirting fabrics. For trousers, I would like to see some brown and green tones once the staple colours have proven themselves. Multiple off-white shades would be particularly great in the short term considering the season. I'd love to grab some trousers right now but I've got my standard colours already.
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