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Excellent, I had the same question.I just put through for my 25 hugs in a separate transaction as directed. If I may, I'll ask for at least 24 of them to come from my fellow Canadian.
I'm also interested in the burgundy museum U boot. I'd prefer Dainite.
Gentlemen, if I may ask, I'd love for some first hand experience with finding the perfect shade of blue. I can never remember the details of colour theory, and even if I could, I'm sure it's all changed by now. I don't know if I'm talking about hue, value, lightness, brightness, tone, saturation, or whatever here but I do know that I love the colour of my "Sky Blue Oxford". (I know, I know, whichever iteration or dye lot that may be.) For what it's worth, I also...
Slob? It was due to a rogue fry from my butter chicken poutine - so, yes.I love the bright green in this print. I hope the pros can rescue it to the point that it is wearable.
I grabbed the blue windowpane Sammy in 42. I'm traditionally a 40 (even been in some Samuelsohn 38s before) but I am a touch barrel chested and tend to get lapel bowing when standing very upright. Furthermore, I am trying to move towards a bit more drape, especially with quality fabrics and canvassed construction like this jacket. I like the 40 Napoli that I have but went for a 41 in my recent FF jacket due to slight chest bowing. For this 42, I'll need to snip the waist...
My new favourite lasted about 5 hours on its first outing. Tiecrafters will end up costing me approximately the cost of the tie. But, considering I got the last one (I think), I'll likely do it if the prognosis is even 70%. Thoughts from those that have been in a similar situation? (It's a somewhat greasy sauce stain and I've currently got baking powder on it, if that helps.)
Add me to the list. For me: - just on my mobile phone - on WiFi or the cellular network - tried 5+ different mobile browsers - tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. - tried waiting multiple hours - tried restarting the software and the hardware
Mike, is this an error?
I'm also interested for the exact same reasons.
I agree those boots look great. It hurts a bit because I'm 99% sure those were my MTOs that I didn't follow through on due to the kind of one-dimensional orangish color. Oh well. Edit: FWIW, after initially seeing the color of the first batch I asked Mike if there was anyway for Carmina to burnish them darker. Perhaps this accounts for the change? Edit #2: After reviewing another thread, I'm glad I said "99%" - it appears that isn't my declined pair after all. (Mine...
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