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I really wish there were more light colored winter weight flannels available - preferably all-wool flannels. There's literally maybe one option for flannel in anything lighter than mid-grey or mid-brown. (Fox Cricket White and it's expensive!) An oatmeal, cream, eggshell, stone, or even a pearl shade would be wonderful. Anyone agree?
I received the much talked about navy pinstripe Soho suit today. I'll try it on tomorrow but I don't think I'm really diggin' it - the stripes are much too fine/tight IMO. It makes me a bit dizzy just looking at it. I'm quite sure it'll be going back; unless somebody here wants it? (40R)
I have been charged 5% on my last few orders - so just GST.
I'm perhaps 2kg lighter and 1cm shorter with the same chest/waist measurements; I got my Therme in size Small. I tried a Medium and - although it may have been potentially warmer - it just was not flattering, nor was it comfortable to function in. (It felt like being in a sleeping bag.)I chose the Therme over the Camosun strictly due to its increased length.I can't recall the technical specifics at the moment but I do recall these two jackets being only very minimally...
Thoughts on this one as a grey "casual suit"? http://ca.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/havana-grey-pied-de-poule/P3976I.html?cgid=Suits&prefn1=color&prefv1=Grey I ordered it and I feel it looks borderline too bold. I actually think it looks better on the website than in real life; the pattern reads a bit larger in scale in person.
I think a great set of sportcoats would've been the flannel fabrics from the recent trouser run - especially the green and the mid-blue. In my opinion, your current/past sportcoats have been a bit "stiff", "shiny", and "suity" for the relative softness of the styling. Oh and, I agree, I'm herringboned out. When I was recently at the warehouse location, I came across a pair of black/white houndstooth trousers that was made from a beautifully soft and textured fabric. I...
Honestly, neither. What's the need? With decent quality shirts and nice long collar points I've personally never desired more rigidity.Are we, by chance, talking about open collar without a tie? If so, just go with a button-down. (Quite literally, a collar stay.)
I didn't get to meet Rick today but I did have the privilege of chatting with Michael for about an hour as I killed some time before a flight - what a fantastic guy. He was really open to my feedback, interested in my questions, and genuinely excited for the growth of S&M. I must say, there was substantially more to the warehouse store than I ever thought there would be. I think I got my business partner addicted. Cheers gents!
Thanks for the opinions so far guys. I'd definitely like to hear more thoughts. To be honest neither really "spark joy" but they do fit a (small) niche. Relative to my collection these are the two lightest (in colour) pair and, as DWW mentioned, they really only are worn with light/summery pants or standard light grey trousers and a tie of similar tone/vibrancy as per, if I recall correctly, the theory proposed by @Sander. Edit: Depending how this goes, you all might...
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