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Honestly, neither. What's the need? With decent quality shirts and nice long collar points I've personally never desired more rigidity.Are we, by chance, talking about open collar without a tie? If so, just go with a button-down. (Quite literally, a collar stay.)
I didn't get to meet Rick today but I did have the privilege of chatting with Michael for about an hour as I killed some time before a flight - what a fantastic guy. He was really open to my feedback, interested in my questions, and genuinely excited for the growth of S&M. I must say, there was substantially more to the warehouse store than I ever thought there would be. I think I got my business partner addicted. Cheers gents!
Thanks for the opinions so far guys. I'd definitely like to hear more thoughts. To be honest neither really "spark joy" but they do fit a (small) niche. Relative to my collection these are the two lightest (in colour) pair and, as DWW mentioned, they really only are worn with light/summery pants or standard light grey trousers and a tie of similar tone/vibrancy as per, if I recall correctly, the theory proposed by @Sander. Edit: Depending how this goes, you all might...
It certainly looks brown, maybe even burgundy, on my monitor but I share your desire for confirmation. I'll plan to purchase this jacket also.
I do find the Strands (the oxfords) a bit of an odd duck due to the formality dissonance when considering style and colour. At the time, I remember buying them because everyone considered them a staple of sorts. Now I can't fathom why that was ever the case.To answer your question, I wear them essentially interchangeably despite the styling differences that only us SF-types seem to (consciously, at least) notice.
Gents, help me purge!Assuming you own both but you only have room for one. Which would you keep? Let's consider fit, comfort, and condition as non-factors.Context: A footwear wardrobe of about 25 pairs of mid-tier, mostly SF-approved (i.e. better than AE), makers. I'm usually in trousers and an odd jacket - with a tie approximately 1/4 of the time. One of either of these might get worn once per month. [[SPOILER]] Should I get rid of both? (They're both 7ish years old...
It doesn't say on the tag? (Check the garment tag if not the sales tag.)
My guess would be a small. My recommendation would be to PM the poster directly above you to discuss sourcing a Therme. (I am considering the same.)
I'd love a dry looking (i.e. not at all shiny) navy and dark green block stripe. 3.5" width would be a nice happy medium for most I'm sure.
Rick, we're you ever able to capture (and post) better photographs of the Fresco II book? I'll be in Toronto come September but that's a bit too far away for my liking; perhaps some good photos will do so I can get an order going in the meantime. Is 0520 available for you to source? I didn't see it in those initial low quality snaps.
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