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It doesn't say on the tag? (Check the garment tag if not the sales tag.)
My guess would be a small. My recommendation would be to PM the poster directly above you to discuss sourcing a Therme. (I am considering the same.)
I'd love a dry looking (i.e. not at all shiny) navy and dark green block stripe. 3.5" width would be a nice happy medium for most I'm sure.
Rick, we're you ever able to capture (and post) better photographs of the Fresco II book? I'll be in Toronto come September but that's a bit too far away for my liking; perhaps some good photos will do so I can get an order going in the meantime. Is 0520 available for you to source? I didn't see it in those initial low quality snaps.
To clarify, is that Indigo Blue Texture suit from the new (Zegna JV) factory? I assume not.
I agree 100% and I think I've made that recommendation in this thread before.Something to hold the pocket divider to the outer wall would be very useful for me. My keys always go in that little shallow pocket, and when combined with top-heavy weight in the pen and card/phone slots, that shallow pocket really does take over access to the main slot.
I literally walked by your studio just last week while on vacation (on the way to Mama's Bakery). Best wishes for the new location in such a great city!
That looks perfect. I'm in. Email coming soon.
I'll admit I've been a bit of a Luxire snob in recent years, BUT I really want S&M to thrive and I'm happy to help that happen. To this point I hadn't tried S&M shirts; I have well-fitting trousers and sport coats from S&M. A suit is planned for the near future. Today I received an assortment of shirts to try. Here are my thoughts for whatever they are worth. Styling, etc: Light Blue Linen - absolutely beautiful Indigo Linen - quite saturated indeed but very useful in a...
I would be extremely interested in something in air force blue in a fresco-type weave. (Think Minnis 0520.)
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