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Anyone have one of the giro inglese (Ferla) jackets? How has it held up over time? I'm worried about loss of shape and, of course, pulls in the weave.
This policy seems to change quite regularly, but for whatever it's worth, I haven't been billed by FedEx for my multiple orders over the last 6ish months.
The VBC Off-White Flannel is great and quite unique but perhaps a little heavy for Spring depending on location and intended use. In the more brownish (but still light in color) spectrum I'd recommend the VBC Wheat Brown Flannel very highly. Furthermore, the much-loved Natural Ecru Hopsack drapes incredibly well for linen. Lastly, the Minnis Fresco fabrics - for me, I can't imagine anything better for the warmer months. Pricey, but worth it if you have your for dialed in.
Haha, no but I was, at one point, part of the Ravello Cap-Toe on Leydon (or something of the like) that never came to fruition due to Alden's stubbornness - I assume.
If it's a special order, in-demand shoe I personally don't see any reason not to expect to pay 100% up front. 50% is more than fair - probably even generous. Now, if they don't come as promised (rarely, I hope) - well, then depending where/how the error was made, that needs to be worked out between the manufacturer and the vendor and the appropriate party needs to stand up for the oversight. I love my Cigar Brixtons enough to not be too sad about the Rydens. Cheers Mike.
I'm warming up my Dremel rotary tool as I write this. There's nothing some power tools and a steady hand can't (partially) fix!
...but I'm on my phone and the edge trim looks pretty dark. Hmmmm.
The Ryden Boots cometh!
Congratulations Steve and family! (That Instagram photo is adorable!)
Looks like the Therme - basically a longer, hooded Camosun. I own this jacket in dark olive green and wear it exactly as the OP described. It's awesome.
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