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Add me to the list. For me: - just on my mobile phone - on WiFi or the cellular network - tried 5+ different mobile browsers - tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. - tried waiting multiple hours - tried restarting the software and the hardware
Mike, is this an error?
I'm also interested for the exact same reasons.
I agree those boots look great. It hurts a bit because I'm 99% sure those were my MTOs that I didn't follow through on due to the kind of one-dimensional orangish color. Oh well. Edit: FWIW, after initially seeing the color of the first batch I asked Mike if there was anyway for Carmina to burnish them darker. Perhaps this accounts for the change? Edit #2: After reviewing another thread, I'm glad I said "99%" - it appears that isn't my declined pair after all. (Mine...
In my opinion those sleeves are a good length but are hanging too low due to a cuff circumference that is too big.
I'm interested, but the timing is kind of "wrong" for most of the world considering the upcoming month off at Carmina. I imagine we'd be better off getting movement on this next March?
Rick, for me it's everything about the collar - shape and construction. The softness of their oxford fabrics are second to none as well.Don't copy their odd sizing strategy, but you couldn't go wrong borrowing much else.
I think the obvious suggestion here is to look at the Kamakura OCBDs for inspiration. Of everything I've tried in the BD domain, it both looks and feels the best. It maintains well over time also. I assume there are perhaps hundreds here who would agree with the above.
I guess I just hate seeing wasted opportunity... Jamison, I trust you're at least aware that folks are trying to get a hold of you? I may regret this, but: "WILL ANSWER EMAILS AND SF POSTS FOR TROU"
This seems like an obvious business opportunity... Anyone want to partner up with me on my online trouser shop? (I'm joking of course, mostly. Being in Canada would make such a proposition inefficient I'm sure, not to mention those "day jobs".) But really, you young Americans out there - take this business model, make one small change, and maybe increase prices by 5-10%. I have to think you'd be successful, or at least, respected within the industry. Until then, I...
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