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Those are lovely
Thank you; it makes me glad that others with taste like my choice. I've a few pairs of Trickers but these are my only Cordovan, (up to now!) I've my eyes on lolliop red woodstock next, but not for a while. (I'll post pics of my other worn shoes and boots, some of the pics on this thread are fantastic, it's a pity I've only 2 feet!)
Another view, hope you like them amd I hope the weather improves so I can wear them!
Hi; Do you like my new boots? Green and Cotto Cordovan, leather sole with                                                                                                    segs. MTO from The Shoe Healer (of course!)
I agree; that's not a shirt to wear and feel comfortable in It doesn't really frame you n a good way. If you have to move your arms about your shirt will come loose from your trousers, I'm not sure you should have the top button fastened without a tie anyway but that's your business. You've not got a huge chest but you have a boyish frame you need to drink more beer and eat some rubbish take away food, every day if you can; cut down on the excercise, and in no time you'll...
Richard; are those your wedding shoes in the avatar? You have to put a close up of the sole.   You have to be kidding about those trousers; without turn ups they look like Rupert Bear has bought a pair of nice boots.
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