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Is the middle pics the 21oz Naked and Famous? If they they are I'm interested. PM sent.  
I have quite a few 514's and I would say the Hesher is a little bit looser but not by much. If you are looking for something slimmer than the 514's, you might want to try the Matchstick. They fit right in between the 511 and the 514. Hope that helps.  
Just received these jeans from DCPHIL. They were better than described. Thanks DCPHIL for the great product, great service, and fast shipping. Hope to deal with you again and highly recommend to others.  
Pm sent if they are still available.  
Thank you, I've receive the Levi and it was exactly what you described. Looks brand new and fits me perfectly. Great to do business with you and highly recommend to others.  
PM sent if it is still available.  
PM sent.if nobody bought it yet.
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