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Agreed, would've kopped myself if it wasn't shortened
Much better pic, I'm feelin that sweater
I've been really enjoying my black geos. I did get em 50% off though
One is never too old for streetwear. 
I wish I had tried a little harder when I thought up this username... Also Cosmic Wonder Light Source has to be the coolest thing ever. I had a parka with the name lightly printed across back which was my favourite thing for a while until I had to sell it from getting too fat. 
I love me some bulbous toes
Thanks Brad. I think I might be a little too big for Rick stuff in general since everything runs so slim in the sleeves. The sweater is XL which fits my relatively narrow frame, but is a little too tight in the arms. I find the gym and clothes don't mesh too well. I end up trying to slim myself down with clothing most of the time 
Chilly morning. TVA // RO // Ann // RO // Cote et Ciel  [[SPOILER]]
That hem looks a little too accidental to me, I don't imagine it would be an easy job fixing it though.
This thing is sick. It's substantial due to the weight of the silver rings.  Shipping from NZ, happy to split. Please add 4% or gift. Retail was ridiculous, asking $200, not likely to drop since I'd rather just keep it. Photos are from the original owner Faye@SZ Added crappy iphone pic to see how it falls, the length is rope tied at the back so is adjustable.
New Posts  All Forums: