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FUCK. Got too drunk and lost my mmm cardholder and ID bracelet. Cardholder turned up, now I'm just trying to convince myself that I never liked the bracelet and that this is actually a good thing...FUCK
I think he sells jewellery to rappers or something...
Agreed, would've kopped myself if it wasn't shortened
Much better pic, I'm feelin that sweater
I've been really enjoying my black geos. I did get em 50% off though
One is never too old for streetwear. 
I wish I had tried a little harder when I thought up this username... Also Cosmic Wonder Light Source has to be the coolest thing ever. I had a parka with the name lightly printed across back which was my favourite thing for a while until I had to sell it from getting too fat. 
I love me some bulbous toes
Thanks Brad. I think I might be a little too big for Rick stuff in general since everything runs so slim in the sleeves. The sweater is XL which fits my relatively narrow frame, but is a little too tight in the arms. I find the gym and clothes don't mesh too well. I end up trying to slim myself down with clothing most of the time 
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