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Damn those sneakers are sick Bert
The worst part is I scrolled up to look at his crotch
Get the bomber because I want the bomber.
Yeah there was some people around. It's irrational, but the thought of people I know going through my profile, posts and pics horrifies me.
Nope, I got immediately uncomfortable and changed the topic
I really like that Clark and Mello.
That could be it. I was really hoping that no one in the real world would ever catch on to my internet shenanigans
At a flat warming yesterday, a good friend of mine told me she saw one of my fit pics while she was shopping online for a dress.... I don't know what to make of this.
Gloomy weather everyday and just came down with the flu. Luckily my new knit arrived which helped mitigate the pain. It's quickly becoming my favourite piece I own, tried to get pics on angles that captured the scarf/shawl thing.   [[SPOILER]]  LUC // OV // NDG // A1923
I think it depends on the shoe. I have a pair of backzips in 43 that fits 1-1.5 sizes larger
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