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650 > 550 > 480 Shipping From NZ, happy to split costs.  I have a box that's slightly water damaged that I can ship at extra cost. I should have some spare Rick shoe bags and maybe a tote that I could include.  Worn 5-6 times by previous owner and once by me Pricing is firm, please add 4% or gift.
Need some funds urgently so will put this up for sale, very much on the fence about letting this go and will keep this if it's still here in a week. Shipping from NZ, happy to split costs.   Received this in a trade, I've actually never worn it so the condition is excellent. The buttons were broken when I received them and I've replaced them with black horn buttons I got from another user here.  The fit pic is Synth, hope he doesn't mind. Also his description on...
Some insane fits recently.The weather here is poos.  TVA // Kowtow // Ann // Rick  [[SPOILER]]
FUCK. Got too drunk and lost my mmm cardholder and ID bracelet. Cardholder turned up, now I'm just trying to convince myself that I never liked the bracelet and that this is actually a good thing...FUCK
I think he sells jewellery to rappers or something...
Agreed, would've kopped myself if it wasn't shortened
Much better pic, I'm feelin that sweater
I've been really enjoying my black geos. I did get em 50% off though
One is never too old for streetwear. 
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