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Ask att to unlock your phone.  Get a visitor sim from any 7-11 or PCCW-HKT for around 11 bucks USD.
 Wait I thought edomae places typically cure\vinegar especially since most hikarimono goes bad pretty quickly.
So I got a bit of clarification. LA places for the most part dont do the whole dry aging and curing of fish except for Q Sushi, or heavily vinegared.
I havent been to LA in over 15 years, but I keep hearing that LA sushi is its own style, and that it shouldnt be compared to edomae sushi that you would find in Tokyo, or NY.  What makes it different?
Finally went to Mizutani, it was pretty flawless, rice was bit softer than I expected.   But I had more enjoyable meal at Daisan Harumi.  
I did see a old beaver.  My wife flashed hers as well.
 Speaking fo weird ideas, ate at Atera, around the same week as a few other folks here and we absolutely hated it.
didnt BF get their 3 stars last year?
Three Stars:  Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Daniel Eleven Madison Park Jean Georges Le Bernardin Masa Per Se Two Stars: Atera Jungsik Marea Momofuku Ko Soto One Star:  Ai Fiori Aldea annisa Aquavit Aska Aureole A Voce Columbus A Voce Madison Babbo Blanca Blue Hill Bouley Breslin (The) Brushstroke Café Boulud Café China Carbone Casa Mono Caviar Russe Danji Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen Del Posto Dovetail 15 East Gotham Bar and Grill Gramercy...
I went the end of June.  Off the top of my head I was served some shiokara, engawa with the liver,  some abalone with liver too.     I hear some of the high end places got hit with C ratings because the chefs want to keep the fish at a much warmer temp than the DOH wants.  My favorite yakitori place Tori Shin no longer serves raw egg and liver because of the DOH, really annoyed.  The city should send these DOH inspectors to a culinary school to take some courses on food...
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