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  My guess is AS 87 last.
If you don't want to think too much, you can just go with glen plaid.   Cheap (or search their other glen plaid options)   Good (also check out kw's shepherd check)
A pre-emptive thanks to the tailors. Here's a recent HF suit that I got that is going to the tailors soon. Pants are unfinished and I just roughly rolled up the right pant leg and left the left pant leg dangling. Aside from hemming the pants (I am thinking 2" cuff) I am considering tapering them a bit: They have roughly a 9.25 opening and I am thinking perhaps 8.5. From the pictures I think the pants also need to be let out in the seat a bit. Looking for feedback on what...
Mike Konos and Mercanti Fiorentini are just DSW house brands. Not good leather, and usually just glued on leather soles. As far as cheap shoes go though they are styled well and look good. At 45 dollars who cares and just wear them til they fall apart and chuck em.
Lots of interest in that Loro Piana linen SC like I figured there would be. I will go see if it's still there first thing in the morning. Like I said it's been there since last week, but knowing how these things work out, it's probably gone now that I plan on picking it up . :). Will reply to PMs after that if it's still there! Cheers.
Hey guys, noobie here, and just got into thrifting as it fits in well with my post-doc salary and flexible post-doc hours (and now that I have a Ph.D I'll need to stack up on tweeds and elbow patches for this fall). I've pretty much read this thread all the way through over the course of a couple weeks, and was just wondering what you guys look for in terms of pricing. I've only been looking for things that fit, but I bumped into this Loro Piana partially lined linen SC...
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