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Our stock is E width but we can order D (narrow) and F (wide) width for our stock items if you require one.Thank you. Absolutely. We can always order from EG galway stock as well.I ended up going for bit more rugged Kentmere boot in brown utah grain for our 2015 F/W this time around (picture of the Kentmere can be seen here http://gentlemensfootwear.com/pages/made-to-order-pre-orders ) The dark oak this time around did indeed come out lighter than their last batch.They are...
Edward Green you say? They are now avail on our webstore and our showroom in downtown San Diego!   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/edward-green   Laughton / 890 / olive antique / leather sole http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/edward-green/products/copy-of-edward-green-laughton-in-olive-calf   Newbury / 890 / cloud grey antique / leather...
Cross post from our thread. Some new EG arrivals :) Cheers & have an amazing August gents!   Laughton / 890 / olive antique / leather sole   Newbury / 890 / cloud grey antique / leather sole   Dover / 606 / Dark Oak / HAF leather sole   Ventnor Unlined / 184 / Tobacco Suede / Rubber sole   Chelsea / 82 / Dark Oak / Leather sole   Some EG Pre-Orders (if you scroll all the way down) just in case if you are interested...
 EG Cowes in 888?? Awesome!!
Indeed we have our six! I will send you all separate PM shortly :)   Cheers! Steve
@peppercorn78 I have few customers here in San Diego interested in the following...hardly a unique leather but just in case if you are interested! ;) (905 five eyelet chukka / rain last / chocolate suede / leather sole)
  GMTO #2.Jumper Boots / Oscar Last / Natural Kudu Leather / Victory Sole - This MTO is good to go! Email us if you would like to participate, GMTO #3. Chelsea Boots / Rain Last / Museum Brown / Tomir SoleBoots pictured below on the left in Museum Brown color on the right GMTO #4. Split Toe Loafers / Forest Last / Tobacco Suede / Tomir SoleSame loafer in the middle of the picture below.
Many thanks! Wear them in great health 
We can always pull from the stock for Galways ;) Many thanks! Wear them in great health! I was told they are modified 82 last ans should fit similar to 888 / 890. Sorry I am still waiting for my pair and cant tell you my experience just yet ;) I find Forest in between Uetam and Rain width-wise ;) It was tobacco suede! It looks like we already have our 6 on this one! :) I will keep you updated! @jfclarky @tchoy @watchidiot (two other memebers) and myself confirmed so far!
Here are some Edward Green Pre-Order updated with some pictures ;)   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/pages/made-to-order-pre-orders     Edward Green Pre-Orders #1. Dover / 606 / Black Calf / HAF - Due September #2. Dover / 202 / Navy Utah Grain / Dainite - Due December #3. Kentmere Boots / 72 / Brown Utah Grain / Ridgeway - Due December Same boots below but in brown Utah Grain #4. Audley Singe monk (similar to oundle) / 915 / Black Calf / Leather Sole - Due...
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