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New arrivals! EG Cappelli Napoli Ties   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/e-g-cappelli-napoli-ties         Use code 'cappelli20' for purchases over $199 for a limited time! *Please note that the solid reppe navy (both 3 fold and 7 fold) will arrive late April   Cheers gents! Steve
I know it's the Style # 80187 (probably on Soller last)..but sorry I am not sure if they are stocking it...the room had past models they used to stock / new develops all mixed :( Thanks Steel! Thank you gents! Going out to you today! :) Just like RogerP mentioned they did stock natural and brown CXL in the past and tries to stock those two colors on a regular basis.(Brown CXL was out of stock at the Carmina factory for a while and they just received some from Horween) Not...
 Sorry I forgot to respond to this...The new boot design is on Llubi last  
I know there was this brown penny loafer interests few weeks back as well! We can certainly launch mimo's green lizard penny loafer with 3 more interests!
Yes indeed! Standard brown :) Yes! I remember we had 3 interests in the green lizard penny loafer! If there are any other takers please let me know!!
Here is our Friday GMTO update!   #5. Split Toe Penny Loafer (picture left) / Tobacco Suede (picture on the right) / Forests last - we have 6 and is now good to go!          #5. U wing Bal Boots 80387 / Rain last / museum burugndy - this one is good to go!   (Thank you for the great pics cleav!)   #6. 80092 / Robert / Brown Suede / Dainite 500 - Also good to go!   (Thank you for the great pics RogerP!)   #7. New Tanker boots design (Boots on the right...
 hmm....I haven't gotten any PM from you....I did send you a PM about 5 minutes ago..
 So sorry about the delay in museum U wing boots gents.... It's now going through some logistics nightmare....it was supposed to arrive SFO today but that got pushed back to Wed nxt week.They will hopefully arrive in LAX by Thursday and to me by Friday. (so I can ship everything out by Saturday) This will probably be my last time using this carrier/airline....I do apologize the inconvenience gents and cant thank you all enough for your kind...
As far as the width goes I find Forest slightly wider than Uetam. If 11UK is slightly long for you I think you want to go with 10.5 UK on Forest. If my memory serves me right I think they were on Rain last same as our grey suede loafers http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-shoemaker-loafer-in-grey-suede We can always do a single MTO for your in extra wide Rain as well ;)No availability on white calf unfortunately :( I have high instep myself...
Yes indeed! First visit to Barcelona and it was a lovely city :)
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