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Indeed, the 905 Five Eyelet chukkas designs are quite nice and I think scotch grain brown will work well!We are definitely thinking about bringing this style as our stock item next fall season :) I've just sent my second email to Betty about navy museum calf availability :)I will report back as soon as I hear back!
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 I was thinking about dark brown but a burnished dark burgundy sounds great too!@justinkapur @IGotId what about you gents?? :) 
 Love it!! Thanks for posting up those pics Bertel! Enjoy them in good health!Yes they were indeed stock vegano brown (aka vegano marron)
It was indeed a MTO we did back in October :)We can certainly bring it back for a re-run with 4 more interests!  I was told by shipping company that they are scheduled to arrive LAX today and truck will arrive on Tuesday.I am still waiting for final confirm at this time (as US custom clearance make take some time)
Yes! I will post an updated list for Pre-orders soon (probably first week of December( I am thinking of...... Longwing Gundboat (detroit last / stormwelt dainite / brown vintage scotchgrain)Austerity Brogue (rain last / dark brown calf? not 100% sure yet) more to follow!
Yes, size 90(cm) is equivalent to belt size 36(inches) I havent heard anything yet but should be some time in January :) Yes, still waiting for news on the navy/blue museum calf from Carmina!
Hey gents! BLACK FRIDAY FLASH SALE!   Take additional 10% off on already reduced sale price by using code 'bf10' http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/black-friday-flash-sale    Also, feel free to use 'accessory20' for ties, pocket squares, belt purchases over $199!   Cheers! Steve
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