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Now we have our 4! Let's get it done! :))
 Now we have our 4 confirmed!2 more intersts pending :)
 Will be an awesome boots for fall! Let get 3 more and get the done! :))
   Looking good gents! Thank you as always & wear them in great health!
Not only the lighting, they tend to get a little lighter after a year or two :)My favorite pair of Carmina is very similar chocolate captoe oxford on Alcudia last. I wore it pretty hard for 3 years went through a recent re-sole and still looks great (and bit lighter than newer stock) Kindly let me know (or drop me a quick line via PM, email, phone or text) if you are planning on visiting this weekend ;)Store maybe closed few hours due to family visiting from out of...
 You can still order!Pre-Orders are something we've ordered for store stock so chances are we may still have a pair left for you to reserve!I will send you a PM for details :)
Happy Friday gents!   Thank you for the interest in the safari linen jackets! Only detail I have so far is that the fabrics are sourced from Dugdale Linen 100 and will be hand made at the B&Tailor atelier  I will update you more in regards to pricing and sizing details next week.   Here are some Carmina Shoemaker GMTO / Pre-order updates!   GMTO #1. 80189 Split Toe / Navy Suede / Simpson / Leather sole - 4 interests and need two more!       GMTO #2. Brick...
 Yes they are linen!Working out some final details with good folks at B&Tailor :)Trying to keep pricing very reasonable as well. I'll post more details as soon as I have them! Thank you gents!
  Sorry about the confusion. They can certainly do a suit in 10 days (but only with one fiiting)They normally recommend two fittings and will probably required 2 weeks or more :)
They recently had some amazing RTW safari jackets avail for sale for their Philippines Monogram shop trunk show...The jackets are now sold out but I am working out final details to get some for our San Diego / USA showroom in the near futureLet me know if you gents would like to pre-order!Cheers!    
New Posts  All Forums: