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 Yes, this end of May / early June shipment is Burgundy Delapre & Burgundy Utah Galway (along with brown utah Camden & Mink Suede Harrow loafers) Shell Galways were originally slated for November but EG is saying it might be bit early actually in October!I will keep you all updated once I hear it is completed at the factory!
 Yes! They are almost ready and EG will be sending them to us next week hopefully!Shipping and US Custom clearance takes about a week but I will certainly keep you gents updated! Very excited about this special Galway indeed :))  EG factory do not keep Hove as their stock item but I can certainly MTO one for you if you'd like :)I'll send you a PM shortly. Cheers!
 Very cool! Plain toe Glaways?? (or is my eyes playing tricks on me?)  Very cool monks!!
Looking good! Wear them in good health my man!
We have the following GMTO with 4 or maybe 5 interests!   - Frankenstitch Jumper Boots - Oscar Last - Sole: Dainite or Victoria (ridgeway type) - Natural Kudu (pictured below)       @member2000r @pine tree @dfgiop @laufer @ptr1988   I will send you gents separate PM to take votes (weather you want normal jumper boot style or Frankenstitch Style....also Dainite sole vs. Victoria ridgeway soles)   Please let me know if anyone else is interested in this...
 GMTOs take approximately 3-4 months :)Please contact me for pricing :)
 I am certainly interested but I want to know more about it and try them on myself first :)I will probably visit them first and see them in person before orderingThank you!     3 interests already! Many thanks gents! - Frankenstitch Jumper Boots- Oscar Last- Sole: TBA (Dainite? Commando?)- Natural Kudu (pictured below)  
Oh I also want to point out that me and spruce has been on the phone and text to resolbe this situation few times in the past few months... (the previous post above was also communicated to spruce for him to review as well)   I did explain to spruce that since he purchase it from me, it would be best if he deals with me rather than trying to contact EG email (which is their London Shop email...not the EG factory email...which I communicated with him as well)   VERY...
Hello gents   First and foremost, my sincere apologies to spruce.   I wanted to post and state few facts however ;)   I want to say spruce is a very nice customer who came and visited my store after driving for a very long time. I appreciated that and we had good time/conversation at the store.... spruce tried on UK9 pair and purchased them in store.   This pair is Dark Oak Chelsea in 82 last an was not an MTO. Maybe we had a miscommunication about this part but...
 Sorry I have not heard of anything at this time.....availability on these type of leathers change so frequently ;)
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