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 No need to MTO for the burgundy Delapre/Utah Galways Justin.Pre-order for our new stock is now available ;)http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/edward-green/products/edward-green-galway-in-burgundy-delapre-burgundy-utah  There is another Pre-Order Available for Galway / 82 Last / Cloud Grey Utah upper & Lavagna Suede shaft as well!http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/edward-green/products/edward-green-galway-in-cloud-grey-utah-lavagna-suede  Last but not least...
 I would consider the Chestnut Utah Galways if we can get enough interests :))   Thank you as always JR! Should arrive for you in two days!!   Thank you for posting these beautiful photos Steven! Enjoy them in great health!   Its getting hot here in San Diego and Im testing out these bad boys today!Awesome summer loafers for sure :)Cheers!
Yes! Sorry about that, I almost forgot!  GMTO of the month #2 - Carmina 3 eyelet Chukka (Mod. 10027)- Rain last- Sole TBA (Dainite?)- Brown Kudu pictured below   I think we have 3 interests at this time? @watchidiot @laufer @Pbayvip 
Many thanks gentlemen for your kind words!   One of the main reason I responded on this post was to clarify few facts and also to clear EG's name as well.   It was very unfortunate/unlucky case with spruce's 2 pairs of stock pull...but EG is stepping up and having the 3rd pair shipped to us. This time around both polishing manager and production manager at the factory will inspect them. I still believe their QC and attention to quality is top notch and they are...
Here is the proposed GMTO of the month!   - Frankenstitch Jumper Boots - Oscar Last - Sole: Victoria Ridgeway Rubber - Natural Kudu (pictured below)       @member2000r @pine tree @dfgiop @ptr1988   Please let me know if anyone else is interested in this GMTO! Cheers! Steve
 Yes, this end of May / early June shipment is Burgundy Delapre & Burgundy Utah Galway (along with brown utah Camden & Mink Suede Harrow loafers) Shell Galways were originally slated for November but EG is saying it might be bit early actually in October!I will keep you all updated once I hear it is completed at the factory!
 Yes! They are almost ready and EG will be sending them to us next week hopefully!Shipping and US Custom clearance takes about a week but I will certainly keep you gents updated! Very excited about this special Galway indeed :))  EG factory do not keep Hove as their stock item but I can certainly MTO one for you if you'd like :)I'll send you a PM shortly. Cheers!
 Very cool! Plain toe Glaways?? (or is my eyes playing tricks on me?)  Very cool monks!!
Looking good! Wear them in good health my man!
We have the following GMTO with 4 or maybe 5 interests!   - Frankenstitch Jumper Boots - Oscar Last - Sole: Dainite or Victoria (ridgeway type) - Natural Kudu (pictured below)       @member2000r @pine tree @dfgiop @laufer @ptr1988   I will send you gents separate PM to take votes (weather you want normal jumper boot style or Frankenstitch Style....also Dainite sole vs. Victoria ridgeway soles)   Please let me know if anyone else is interested in this...
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