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LOL!! I don't even wear it as much anymore but we can always do bespoke shorts with 2 inch cuffs ;))
 I will be there myself as well! ;))
Very excited to see these gents here on SF! There is a gentleman in New York currently working with B&T team to bring them in NYC soon!   (and who knows, maybe San Diego California as well haha)
Looks like lama calf is getting some traction here!   #1. GMTO   Brick lama calf (pictured on the right) 905 Chukka / Rain / Dainite sole   @justinkapur @MGD83 @laufer @techaview @sacafotos @rydenfan   What do you say gents? Any other interests?        #2, Pre-Order - will arrive in limited sizes. Kindly PM to reserve a pair in your size   Dark brown lama calf (I think the picture came out bit too dark but they are dark brown) 80372 full strap loafers /...
You guys are far too kind! Cheers!
Thank you so much!I fell in love with the hand sewn upper shoe at the factory, so I convinced them to do the same on the popular soller last Tanker boots.I needed a loden tanker in my life ;)These should arrive in fall, after Carmina summer break. Cant wait!! I was thinking chukka or a loafer ;)It looks like 905 chukka in Rain last / Brick lama is getting some traction! Chestnut calf Soller split toe was delayed due to pattern / last issues at first but it is almost...
Happy weekend gents!   Here are the Pre-Order / GMTO closing this weekend! They are all good to go with more than 6 participants so let me know if you would like to jump in!   #1. Five Eyelet Chukka 905 / Rain / Snuff Suede / Leather Sole (picture shown in tobacco suede but this GMTO will feature snuff suede)       #3. Split Toe Penny Loafer 923 (pictured left) / Tobacco Suede (picture on the right) / Forests last        #4. U wing Bal Boots 80387 / Rain...
Finally got some better pictures of the lama calf! @techaview @watchidiot @laufer     Cuero (Natural) on top / Teja (Brick) in the middle / Dark brown at the bottom    
Just wanted to share some of our new arrivals / restocks & gmto arrivals...
 Thank you as always gents! Wear them in great health!
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