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Good day gents!     #1. EG Galway limited edition - This is now CLOSED.   Thank you all for your interest. I know I still need to get back to you some of you gents and I will do so very soon! Here is the final spec.   202 / Color 8 shell bottom & all dark brown utah shaft (including eyelet lacing part)  / 1.5 thickness B1 leather sole expected arrival next winter (Oct/Nov)       #2. EG Galway - possible Pre-Order idea....This one is still open!   202 or 82...
Thank you for your kind words parkman!! Looking good! Cheers!  Many thanks DL! This splitoe polo suede combo was such a great idea (many thanks to you!)Cheers! Steve
@RogerP @justinkapur @coldinboston   Thank you gents for your interest! I believe Cloud (grey) Utah is recently introduced color and should be available for awhile (I am not 100% sure if cloud smooth non utah delapre is available but I assume so)   As Roger has mentioned cloud utah will be available to order as an MTO in the future with nominal MTO surcharge. However, shell cordovan may not always be available to order as MTO even with the extra surcharge in the...
 I think dark brown Utah would look really nice with the Color#8 cordovan (I think the burgundy utah is bit too light from the pictures at least)   YES! I agree with you on this as well!
 Black shell maybe avail soon too :))
  So this phone pics are not the best but this Grey Utah (EG calls it Cloud Utah) is indeed very nice rich color (especially with that antique burnishing at the toe)We can do a Galway limited run with enough interests (lets not call it a GMTO wink)
 It looks like we are still on schedule for mid-end of Feb!Thank you for your kind patience ;)
 @coldinboston I actually spoke to Hilary about this shell Galway during out meeting in NYC.... They won't do full Galway as mentioned above but we maybe able to do a very limited amount for Oct/Nov delivery :) I am thinking of Burgundy shell bottom with Dark Brown Utah (or burgundy utah).Send me a quick email if you are interested (info@gentlemensfootwear.com) and I will get back to you gents in few days as I work out the details with EG!Thank you as always!Steve
Here are some Carmina GMTO we have going on at this time! Please feel free to email or PM me with any questions or to sign up! Cheers! Steve   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/pages/made-to-order-pre-orders     GMTO #1. 80387 U Wing Balmoral Boots / Dark Brown Espresso Calf  / Rain Last / Sole: TBA - 2 interests GMTO #2. 708 Detroit Chukka / Dark Brown Lama Calf  / Detroit Last / Sole: Dainite with Stormwelt - 2 interests Chukka pictured below left in black &...
Indeed, and Carmina is quite frustrated as well since they were waiting on those brown CXL from Horween for quite sometime.....It will all be worth it! It gonna be a handsome rugged boots!! Thank you so much for your kind undrestanding NotreknipI will keep you and other gents in this Pre-Order as I hear more! @emidyl @golfinz @dfgiop Photographer will be here next Saturday but I will take some snap with my camera phone :)Your split toe loafers & kudu jumper boots are also...
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