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Just heard back from EG yesterday that US MSRP prices will be slightly going up as well. (5-6% increase, same pricing as Mr Porter EG Pricing)   Let me know if you would like to pick any of our stock before the increase (although it's not that much) before 9/1   and since summer is nearing end, here is a one week only flash sale!   EG Tobacco Suede unlined Ventnor is on sale with code...
Final call for the following three GMTOs (#2 - #4)! Will close tomorrow Wednesday 8/26! Thank you as always gentlemen!   GMTO #2. Jumper Boots / Oscar Last / Natural Kudu Leather / Victory Sole - Last Call GMTO   GMTO #3.  Chelsea Boots / Rain Last / Museum Brown / Tomir Sole - Last Call GMTO Boots pictured below on the left in Museum Brown color on the right   GMTO #4.  Split Toe Loafers / Forest Last / Tobacco Suede / Tomir Sole - Last Call GMTO Same loafer...
 Standard Vegano Brown aka vagano marron calf :)(indoors under a studio light so it came out bit brighter than it actually is)
Here are some GMTO updates & GMTO last call before closing! :)   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/pages/made-to-order-pre-orders   New Three Eyelet Tobacco Suede / Rain / Victory Sole - 5 interests! we just need one more!   GMTO #1.  3 Eyelet Chukka / Rain Last / Tobacco Suede / Victory Sole - 5 interests Chukka boots design on the bottom left with Tobacco Suede color on the right     Last Call for the following...
Many thanks gents!Correct indeed, there are no known US MSRP increase planned at this time :) Even the EU price increase was a quite surprising news for me to be honest Thank you as always! Enjoy them in great health my man! For some reason, our store in San Diego doesn't do too well on anything above UK10 :(We can always order UK10 plus sizes for our EG stock and certain Carmina styles we carry in stock for our next restock orders :) 
 The classic indeed!!
Very nice!!
 I am a big fan of (darker) green shoes myself!I love rocking my green/olive pairs with khaki colors and grey suits :)Enjoy!
 Yes! Do share some pics when they come in ;) Cheers!
 Im a bit fan of EG Harrogate but wow! longwing adelaide??? 
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