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Hi there, Normally they're shipped by FedEx ground. If you need something sooner, two day USPS Priority. We can arrange that for you as well.
Happy Friday gents!   Drake's F/W ties are now on sale   1. use code 'extra10' for additional 10% off 2. use code 'accessory20' for purchases over $300 on Drakes accessories only.   Cheers! Steve      
These two guys just showed up at the shop earlier this week :)  
Here's sneak peak of Alden x GFW Just arrived!  
 No rush on my end I am always here :)Just be sure to give me a call or text at least a day before so I can schedule you in.many thanks
 Yes! We are in Hillcrest neighborhood just north of Downtown & Balboa Park (few blocks away from the Zoo on Park Blvd)Give me a quick email or call 7148655754 as we are open by appointment only due to our small showroom. Cheers!Steve
 They are double breasted polo coat made with Holland & Sherry fabric.Here are some more pictures for you linked below on our webstore. They are going to go on sale soon so I will email you sale pricing details as well :)
 Thank you again for stopping by Murl!I can't wait to see the OL Su Misura final product myself :) Cheers!Steve 
 Pleasure was all mine!Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words :)Cheers! Steve
   Looking good gents! Things are warming up over here in SD so time to put away my winter jackets :(
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