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All right last but not least, looks like all 4 GMTOs are getting quite close! Here are the updates so far!   GMTO #1 - Finally good to go with 6 participants! Let me know if you would like to join in! 80216 Chelsea boots / Brown Lizard / Rain / Leather sole   GMTO #2 - 4 interests and need 2 more! 905 five eyelet chukka / vegano brown / rain / leather sole   GMTO #3 - 5 interests and need one more!! New single monk design linked below (without toe mesallion)...
haha I understand many thanks DR! Yes! I will be scouring the factory for any new models, order few boots for fall (Im thinking soller tanker boots in loden or chocolate suede, soller 80414 in loden or chocolate suede)I will also be visiting Edward Green in March as well!!! More news on that in March!Last but not least, thinking about carrying Zonkey Boot (by Michael Rollig whom started Saint Crispins) Exciting stuff happening in 2015!
Yes I just got the word from Betty that these will be ready in Spring sorry about that :)We can certainly revisit this when I visit their Mallorca factory come March!
Thank you gents, just to be clear our retail for shell boots are 875usd scotchgrain derby should be nearly done by now mimo. I wish there was a better way but as you all know, no other manufactures offer this kind of 6 participants gmto like CarminaI will update you all as soon as I have more news and I truly apologize for the delay and inconvenience gents :(
It was originally due to finish in mid Jan...but unfortunately has been delayed :(((I am so sorry about this gents. It was due to limited supply of burgundy museum Carmina had in stock late last year.I have requested latest status to factory and will keep you gents updated as soon as I hear back.
Many thanks!I haven't seen the batch myself but last batch we received was more of a medium :) I was considering the #1 (80414 split toe in soller last) with loden suede to stock! :)) 2 eyelet wingtip in simpson! Should be a sleek dress shoes! Will do filangler! Many thanks! You are on the list! Thanks :) I think everyone is leaning toward antique brass eyelet with no speedhooks at this point. I love it! Let's get this going! :))
We can do without speedhooks! Im not a big fan of them either.What does everyone else think??
Frankenstitch wins the vote and the GMTO is now closed :) Thank you so much for everyone participating and showing interests. I am so sorry we have such limited supply :(   Frankenstitch boots / oscar last / cognac / dainite / speedhooks justinkapur, ironist, newyawker, wklq76a, greasymonkey, steel28, joiji, surefire1017, partagasiv, tguns   I will reach out to you all above over the weekend with details! (or maybe Monday as I am heading out of town in few hours until...
done and done!We are now closed :)
Yes sir! thats the model! Frankenstitch boots / cognac shell / oscar last / dainite sole / speekhooksjustinkapur, ironist, newyawker, wklq76a, greasymonkey, steel28, joiji Looks like we have our 7 and might be able to get 1 or 2 squeezed in!Send me a PM if you want to get in!
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