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Here is our vegano brown (medium brown) doublemonk and our dark brown quarter brogue Sadly No brown museum calf avail at this point..only dark burgundy museum calf (very very dark)(they did mention they will be purchasing the leather soon in the future)
I dont think so. They keep sending us reminder emails that they are not taking anymore shell orders until further notice,Those green single monks are for a shop in Germany and Im guessing they had ordered it before the shortage :)
 Just Rain and Simpson that I am aware of :)
 Last time I spoke to Betty, she told me that those two green single monks are the new pattern avail for Rain last.The third picture style pattern is not for Rain. Also, Carmina does not offer JR soles for non-shell cordovan shoes :)
Looking good! They really look great with jeans! sorry Jas0nt, I was just waiting for Carmina factory to respond back. Reply just sent to ya :)Nice europre! Those 'true' tobacco colors are really hard to capture right? 
Through Paypal!Let me know what you email address (via PM) and I can send you the invoice for you to pay 50% deposit :)Cheers!
Alright gents! So it looks like we may have enough people for both Dainite & Leather sole! We have 6 interests with Dainite (so this sole option MTO is good to go!)and we have 5 interests with the Leather Sole option! (Just need one more!) 
 No stormwelt on this brown scotchgrain adelaide MTO so no worries :)
 For those who of you who showed interest in MTO #2 Captoe Adelaide in Brown Scotchgrain, thank you for your interests!We have good 8 or 9 people interested at this point and few people has already confirmed on participating! As far as the sole choice goes I know few are interested in leather sole option....I know who you are gents and I will keep you all updated :) For those who showed interested in Single (slim profile) Dainite sole option, how do you all feel about the...
 It is indeed very unfortunate but it has been asked and the answer was No :(Just like golfinz & budapest12 have mentioned above, they will consider a different sole choice a brand new MTO series
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