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Final call for the following GMTOs! Have a great rest of the week gentlemen! GMTO #2.757 Split toe  / Forest / dark brown scotchgrain / double dainite GMTO #3.Jumper Boots / Oscar / kudu antelope leather / double dainite soleGMTO #4. 80133 / Simpson / burnished chestnut calf / leather soleThank you as always & feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our GMTOs!Steve
We are so close with reaching 6 participants for the following GMTOs!!I will try to keep them open until we can get 6 :)) GMTO #2.757 Split toe  / Forest / dark brown scotchgrain / dainite - 5 interests@NWTeal @eljlakers @dfgiop @malwear @florschubert GMTO #3.Jumper Boots / Oscar / kudu antelope leather / double dainite sole - 5 interests@anderz @sacafotos @Steel28 @tricky @MutomboGMTO #4. 80133 / Simpson / burnished chestnut calf / leather sole - 4 interestsThank you as...
Many thanks PP! Enjoy :) Amazing picture!! Your photo skillz....  Looking good there! wear them in great health!
Sounds great NY! We just need 4 more!! :)
Awesome! Lets get this done! :) I'll send you a PM shortly.#1 803 split toes is confirmed vegano chestnut and will have some burnishing (not a heavy one but still will have some)#4 is confirmed on simpson. No this is just clearing some old stocks :)
My apologies, I just fixed it but both burgundy and med brown is smooth calf (unlike the sample picture)They are on Herring 6823 Last which fits a little slim (similar to Forest)
They have Robert shoes as well :)http://carminashoemaker.com/man/collection/robert.html Btw, just saw this new Rain lasted full brogue bal boot design on a Carmina facebook page :)) 
All except for the casual loafers are GY welted.All priced over $250 are made in UK by either Loake UK or Barker UK :)
Here are Herring Shoes Clearance news! (Please note few of the pairs were store display models and may have been tried on. All shoes are still brand new with box. All sales final) - Please PM me if you would like to purchase.   All products below are 25% off from the written retail pricing (plus $20 shipping) (all sizes are in UK sizing, please add 1 for US sizing)   #1. Brown calf ( 8 / 9 / 9.5) - $385 (minus 25% plus $20 for shipping)  #2. **In Brown grain calf**...
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