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So Here is our current update to our pre-orders for fall! Please send me a PM if you would like to reserve one in your size!   #1. Double Monkstrap / Simpson / Danite Sole   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/products/carmina-shoemaker-double-monkstrap-in-dark-brown-suede     #2. Semi Brogue / Forest / Dainite Sole   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/products/carmina-shoemaker-semi-brogue-in-snuff-suede     #3. three eyelet chukka / soller / dark brown suede /...
I've saw that too! I asked about metal toe taps back in May (or April) and was told they are not avail. I guess they are now! Just sent an inquiry to Betty yesterday so hopefully I will hear back from her by Monday :)  Carmina factory is now officialy cloed for next 3 weeks (starting today) so I am not sure if we can get this change communicated to the factory, but I will try my best :) @badsha  Looking good S28! Lovely dog as well :)) Cheers!
Currently they are offering Burgundy (aka Plum) Museum calf only. Brown Museum Calf and Cognac (lighter brown) may be a possibility in the near future! :) Thanks for the great input gent! Fine shoe companies indeed!  Love this 3 eyelet derby style! Burgundy Museum Calf (aka Plum) is indeed available now to order!I would get in on this MTO myself :))
I see two great boots MTO ideas brewing here! (#1. brown museum calf bal boots & #2.brown CXL jumper boots)   Let me double chk on the availability of Brown Museum calf first with Carmina!
 Not anytime soon but eventually Yes! Just had a great meeting with Edward Green (and Alden)Again it may not be until next year :) We will however bring in Herring Shoes UK (made by few different manufacturers including Loake UK, Barker UK, Alfred Sargent, and more) towards end of this year.
Sorry nothing in 9.5 :( Yes! We have all six for the grey Suede chelsea!! I will send you the details tomorrow :)@cattitude @Michael Haines @sacafotos Currently no ridgeway options but Victory is definitely avail.Oscar Jumper derby boots in brown CXL sounds amazing! Robert is slim so it wont work for you. However if we go with Forest, then we can do wide option for you! Yes! Burgundy calf split toe derby is arriving tomorrow! Here are few extra pairs restock avail to order...
they were indeed MTO. I will def run it again in the future as soon as we get some shell cordovan back :) However, there were one or two interested in a MTO with scotchgrain brown calf.... That particular picture was from our old archive and i believe it was done with dainite sole...The new one that is arriving next week is exact same style with commando sole!
 I think we may have our 6th on the grey suede Chelsea boots (Soller Last / Natural Sole Edge w Stormwelt)!!I will let you all know soon :)
 5.5 UK - 9.5UK avail (however size 7 & 7.5 & 8.5 has been reserved and sold out)Let me know if you would like to reserve a pair in your size!
 tobacco chukka 905 & grey plain toe loafers!!!!!Looks amazing!!! (I am still waiting for my shipment to arrive here in US) Thank you for putting up those pics Keen!Enjoy & wear them in great health sir :)Those grey plain toe loafers looks $$$$ I have few extra pairs coming btw if anyones interested!(avail sizes 5.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9)
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