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 Spoke to Betty last week and still not taking orders....Not only they are getting so little, they are way too backed up on their past shell orders and still fulfilling orders from last year... Will post here first as soon as situation changes for the better :)
 Will take some high res pics when they arrive end of July :)Here are few pics I took...sorry they are not the best of quality 1. Chelsea / 82 last / dark oak  2. Dover / 606 last / dark oak  3. Newbury / 890 last / Cloud antique 4. laughton / 890 last / olive antique 5. vetnor unlined suede penny / tobacco suede I will be also ordering few new styles in July (for Jan 2016 arrival)I am considering Hove single monk, Fulham doublemonk, new 915last Oundle as well :)I will...
 This has been added to our GMTO page on our website! http://gentlemensfootwear.com/pages/made-to-order-pre-orders The GMTO / Pre-order page above will be updated every Friday ;)Looks like GMTO #1 is getting some traction (4 interests @nickpapagiorgio @mikeharo ) and GMTO #4 is now good to go!  GMTO #1. 80274 Tanker Boots / Brown Scotchgrain / Soller Last / Dainite Sole - 4 InterestsPicture of 80274 below (left) in brown scotchgrain (right)    GMTO #4. 757 Split Toe Derby...
Happy Friday gents! I'm sure some of you gents has already seen our new arrivals but here they are!   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-shoemaker-nst-in-chocolate-suede   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-shoemaker-longwing-blucher-in-brown-scotchgrain   http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage/products/carmina-shoemaker-captoe-boots-in-museum-dark-navy-calf
Yes! The our westore GMTO/Pre-Order page is displaying only the current ones we are funding (or recruiting?) at this time. Bot Robert bal boots & snuff chukkas should be finished soon ;)I have already emailed Betty about the status and waiting for her answer! I will keep you posted!  They should be ready very soon! :)I have emailed Betty about the status and waiting for her answer! I will keep you posted!
  Not getting much traction on this beautiful brick lama calf for some reason :(
I remember some of you gents were interested in B&Tailor Safari Jackets (100% Linen by Dugsdale Brother) few weeks back. They now have them in stock and they are shipping to US & Worldwide!   http://engbnt.bntailorstore.com/shop/list.php?ca_id=10 (You can find USA country code under 'America' at the check out btw)         @Steel28 @andrel42 @bamgrinus @justinkapur  @patliean1 
 Many thanks! Love what you guys have going on btw!! Guarded Goods - Handcrafted Leather Wallets & Accessories
 Our Longwing bluchers (and the proposed GMTO) are indeed hand stained brown scotchgrain just like the picture above.It's simply different lighting / setting makes it look different (quite lighter) like above. Also the flexing points will indeed get lighter like the picture above as they age :)   As bamgrinus mentioned above they are exactly the same :)Carmina calls it simply ante marron (suede brown).I used to call it dark brown suede but some customers referred it as...
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