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Hey everyone,   I'm planning on remaking this Indochino jacket, and would like to know everyones opinions on this fit.  Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, I'll see if I can get some better ones.   The shirt came free with the suit, so I can remake that (as well as the pants).  I'm debating on the shirt as I got button down and I'm considering switching it to spread collar if they'll let me.   Any thoughts?          
Thanks for the post Nan.  How about some 1/4zip sweaters?  May not be the most popular thing around here, but I love em :D   EDIT:  Actually, heres a question:   How uniform are your sizes across differnet products?  I like the small t's (they fit a little snug on me, which I like, at 5'10, 170lbs), but I'm trying to figure out what size I would like on the sweatshirts, cashmere, and oxfords...
While this already has been discussed here, I emailed everlane about some other things and just mentioned the >$100 for the cashmere sweaters very briefly.  Just got a response from them and (though they didnt talk about what I was actually emailing them about) they gave this as a reasoning for the higher price:   Thanks for your note, and I'm happy to explain more about what our team considered when deciding to break $100. Everlane started with a commitment to the...
Gap tshirts have never done me wrong.  I'm a big fan of their Charcoal color, and they've lasted forever (I bought a bunch back in...2006?  for about 8 bucks each.  They're just finally starting to wear out).  Plus, no logos.   BR seems to have some solid ones too, but I don't own any.  Also:  Everlane.  Their stocks seems low right now, but at 15 bucks a shirt its not too shabby at all..  And the woman of the household loves my EL shirts more than any others...   EDIT: ...
I'm quite a bit smaller than you (5'11, 165lbs, Normally wear 15.5 33" shirts and 38-40R jackets), but I've had great luck with the H&M jackets.  I'm not sure how big they go, but that may work for you and would be in your price point.   How about scouring Ebay for something?  I've had decent luck there too.
You said design is a huge factor for you:  Can you elaborate on that a little bit?  There are laptops out there that give similar or better performance for less coin, but the design of a laptop is much more subjective...
Come on out to Chicago, its great here ;)
Seriously, with the Victor comment.  First time really looking in this thread, and that Grey suit on the top of this page is ridiculously clean.  Got any closet pron for us?
This is exactly what I came in to post here as well.  I found a decent dark charcoal H&M blazer that fits pretty well, looking for more ideas.
That honestly sounds about right.  If it was UPS I would guess 20-25, and USPS is typically just a tad cheaper.  Things get a little more tricky since you're going out of country, but Canada is usually pretty reasonable.
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