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Just got my Meermin shoes.   Great service and delivery was faster than expected.   Love the shoes and the colour. Quality is great and comparable to stuff that costs twice the price.  
Just received my Meermin shoes.   Delivery was faster than expected and the shoes are lovely.   Uppers are great especially with the price I paid for this pair of shoes. Definitely comparable to shoes twice the price or more.   Great value for money and great service from them!    
Try Pinky in BKK ( One of the better tailors that can get your stuff out within 48 hrs and decent quality.
Check out Value for money with good quality.
Go for it!!! Got my first EG recently and yes, it is a green derby. No regrets and completely love them. Worth every cent you pay.
Forgot to add, only for members in Singapore since I am in Singapore
Anyone interested in a group buy for AE Woodlore Shoe Trees? Recently ordered 10 pieces from ebay which helped lower the shipping costs but thinking of getting more. Probbaly the cheapest anyone can get in Singapore. This is the URL: As you know, the main bulk of the cost is shipping but for this seller, shipping gets lower if we order more. Pls pm me if interested...
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