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The sport coats look awesome! I should be ordering one in the next few days!
Are these going to be stocked regularly (cashmere sweaters, tweed sport coat) or are they a one time thing? One of the things I like most about on KW is the fact that I know that the things you sell will always be available.
Can anyone advise me in regards to sizing on the Dalton? I have an Elgin in 10.5 D which fits me well with thicker socks, but I reckon I could wear one in 10 D with no problems and that it would fit me a little better. Since the rough collection supposedly runs a little large due to the leather, my normal size in a 5 last shoe (the ones made of calfskin) would indeed be a 10.5 D. How does the Dalton compare in size to the 5 last shoes? I'm sorry for the confusion, but I...
I'm thinking of getting one of AE's monk straps. Can someone with either the Neumora or the Norwich post some comments on the fit and the shoe in general? Which would be better for dressing down with nice jeans?
Bought a pair of Elgins. Beautiful shoe. Great guy to talk to, and very open about payment options. They arrived in about three weeks, but considering that I live in another country, that's damn fast.
I would wear one, but have no idea where to purchase a quality cape.  
Just sent you a PM.
Hi fellows!   I'm from Brazil, and have recently started to be attracted to high quality shoes, and this site is a treasure trove of information. Great to be here!
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