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Help!   I posted some pictures of this MTM suit earlier and didn't get any responses. Well, here are a couple pictures that more clearly show the issue I'm having.   There's a bump in the fabric on the top of each shoulder. I think this is because my shoulders are pushing into the front of the jacket. I've taken it to about 6 different tailors, and they've all given me different answers on what needs to be done. Some have said it's unfixable, others have said the...
I'd like to get some feedback on the fit of this suit. It's my first attempt at MTM. My main issue is with the collar/shoulder area -- I have a feeling the balance is off for my posture, and that's what's causing some of the bunching. What do you think?  
Thanks, everyone. I think this is a lost cause - I don't see any extra cloth under the collar.
I just got this suit back from being pressed. It's my first attempt at MTM. Any suggestions on alterations? My main complaint is that the shoulders of the jacket are too far "back" -- it feels like my shoulders are shoved into the front of the arms, if that makes any sense. The sideways shots show this the most.   Oh, and please ignore the fact that I need a shave, a haircut, and that I need to finish wiring my thermostat :)  
Hi everyone! I've been a long time lurker; this is my first post.   I just bought this suit last year and managed to damage it within a couple months. I was standing near a bonfire, and a burning ember landed right on the collar (see attached picture). I've gone to a couple different tailors, and they all say it's impossible to re-weave. At this point, I'm wondering if I have any other options. The burn is on the collar, above the lapel, so I'm hesitant to stick a...
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