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Thank you! Love brown suede and monks - have been wanting to add a pair of single monks to my rotation. 
^ lovely. Mind sharing which shows those are?
 That's what I like to call "opposite action to shame" :)  While I agree on the tightness (I see snagging), I would personally be happy with the length.
@cyclohexane Maybe a try a four-in-hand with that get-up. I'd be interested to see how that shifts the vibe.   Edit: Also thinking a pocket square that accents the orange, too.
I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but how long does a MTO Formosa take?
Please PM me if you have any SC (size 50) you'd part with.
There's also plenty to love 
 Oh wow, that's confusing. I see that - let us know what you find out. 
^ I think those look very well executed. Id be on that if I didn't already have something very similar.
Wonderful haul Kali. How long did the grandi and rubenelli take to make?
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