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  Damn't. I should've bought.   Anyways, CONGRATS!! I think you picked up a beautiful pair of AEs. More beautiful than most other make-ups
Hey all,   On my pair of raw jeans, when I stand straight the knee bunches forward and touches my leg BUT right beneath my knee. It's really annoying. Is this common with raw denim or ....?   This is when I am standing straight. You can see the denim come to a peak toward the front of just beneath my knee             What would help with this? Time? Soaking?
    Thank you both! Very kind words.   I really like the caramels. The other one that heavily caught my eye was the taupe twill.  I thought that would be nice considering i'm in MA and the shoes I have.
+1But if I had to choose I'd take the cigar
  WOW those are gorgeous
I believe they were a Leather Soul make-up. I bought them from somebody on here about 2 weeks ago
  Now that's a shine, Uncle!   Great looking shoes
Today on campus:    
  Part of the beauty of raw denim is that it is a "canvas for art". Meaning that they will fade. Washing them repeatedly will take away from the fades.   The reason for sizing down is because APC stretches a lot! You don't want to buy expensive jeans and have them not fit you around the waist. I did this and had to sell them. 
I want to make my first purchase from Epaulet seeing how wonderful their clothes are and how nice Mike (?) is.   I am a college student and I have a small collection of shoes:       Indy, Ravello boot, Cigar LWB   I was thinking the 10oz caramel canvas rivets. Would this be a good option? Other suggestions are welcome! I do love the color of the caramel, though.
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