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 Wonderfully simple and elegant. 
I think I'm a fan of this idea. That way I can filter shirts, SC, etc in one fell swoop
^ love. simply stated.
 Saw that, and I appreciate you pointing it out. I don't, however, think it negates a poster receiving feedback. 
^ I really like this fit of yours and the colors are fantastic. As I scrolled down and saw sneakers, I was disappointed, though! I wish you had loafers on or something similar
 There was a preorder back in February (I believe) where you could've selected high rise. Always the option for MTO to do both high rise and pleat or just the forward pleat. 
 You're allowed to wear shorts in your office? Damn!
Sky Blue Summer Chambray e'ryday
New ties courtesies of ET
  Love it once again man, and good luck. I'm curious to see this with brown suede shoes/belt, too. Not a critique - just interested to see what it would be like.
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