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Yeah, definitely has that local mall/Banana Republic feel to it.
Shawn, how high is the back collar height of your collar? I once ordered a BD collar with a very nice roll, but the collar height seemed a bit too big for me. I was smacking my chin against the collar too when worn without a tie haha  
 That shirt fits you very, very well. Look how little fabric overlap you have in the arms!
Fair enough - thanks for your input! I appreciate it.
But in a 9, so should I go 43?
I'd be a 9 Simpson tho. I'm 9 uetam. Still say 42.5?
That BD is fantastic
I have one I can sell you 
From research, I understand my stereotypical size (extrapolating from Rain) would be from 8.5UK Rain to 42.5 F last (correct?). Do any of you with a slightly high to high instep go another half size up (so in my case, to 43)?   TIA!
wrong thread!
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