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Um holy shit...... Edit: Will try to take some pics in better light but wow.
Enjoy dinner, your company, and the beautiful shoes
 That makes me happy.... because mine arrive tomorrow!  Question for those of you that size up .5 in Barrie for the boot (I'm looking at the J. Crew PCT), but stay D width (I am 9.5D and questioning whether I can take a 10D). Do you find your regular Barrie size (in this case my 9.5D) tight, loose, etc?
isn't that the Epaulet curse..? Since the answer is always yes haha
   Thank you both! And thanks, Mike, too! :)
 Would love to see what you bought if you don't mind!
Which LWBs are those/where did you get them?PS your skills are awesome. I loved the photos. Keep them coming!
Maiden voyage of LWB #8 antique edge
I just wore my olive one today for the first time and I loved it. The indigo one is lighter and fits a bit bigger but I love it
 Beautiful (so no spoiler!). What pants are these?
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