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Do you have a link?Edit: I should be less lazy.http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/25020#post_8549671
Haha! I'm in the same boat. Any excuse for something more fall catches my attention immediately. This summer has been killer here in the Boston suburbs
I think 41 would be too big for Justin. I am more of a TTS L and I can wear 41 or 42.
Read above
Love that - simple and coordinated excellently
Well, it looks great! I'm glad you found something you like.
Yeah, definitely has that local mall/Banana Republic feel to it.
Shawn, how high is the back collar height of your collar? I once ordered a BD collar with a very nice roll, but the collar height seemed a bit too big for me. I was smacking my chin against the collar too when worn without a tie haha  
 That shirt fits you very, very well. Look how little fabric overlap you have in the arms!
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