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 Yes that's the same.. I agree with you. Mine look's darker but must be the lighting because I would say the website looks more accurate. It's pretty muted/light.
 My favorite! And a fellow Bostonian, huh!?
By the way, is the dress shirt Roma cutaway?
Very close! Looks good. Will comment on the dress shirt because that is more my comfort zone ...You nailed a lot of my points so this will be slightly redundant.I would still try to slim bicep area. Maybe a touch will help and wouldn't leave the armhole too tight (I'm in the process of trying to fix the same problem - was too lose, narrowed it (now too tight), and so my next shirt I did a middle-ground adjustment. So will see when it comes in tomorrow.Waist needs slimming...
Just caught that too! Thank you - it's been edited.
A handcrafted masterpiece from Alden, the New England-based icon of old-school American shoemaking that's been around since 1884. Each boot is made in the USA using genuine Horween No. 8 shell cordovan leather (known for its shiny finish, durability and flexibility), which is vegetable tanned for six months at one of the country's oldest tanneries. They feature all of Alden's hallmark details, including its famed Goodyear welt, which means that they can be resoled again...
Waist: 36" Inseam: 27.5 w/ 1.5" to let out Rich and soft chocolate brown Walt trousers by Epaulet.    PayPal only. Free shipping to conUS. 
Founded in Massachusetts by Charles H. Alden in 1884, the Alden Shoe Company is in its fourth generation and is the oldest shoemaker in New England. These leather bluchers are handcrafted and hand stained and shined to a rich lustre. They feature all of Alden's hallmark details, including its famed Goodyear welt, which means you can resole them again and again for a lifetime of wear. To be sure they last, you can send them back to Alden for resoling at any time. Because...
Nice choices and make ups. I like it all except may go 2 button instead on the camel not 3 roll 2
I got a suit I intend to wear as separates. Got the REDA with smoke MOP and patch pockets.
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