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Thank you! I wish I knew it advance haha now I'm out $450.
Just an FYI for those in the US buying from Marcus malmborg. I've bee hit w about 17-20% on customs for suits and sport coats 2 out of 2. You may want to factor that in Edit: this is by no means a smear on him. The service has been outstanding and personal. I suppose it's just maybe a word of caution to use local courier instead of FedEx.
Big fan of the outfit - fit of items is spot on.  And thank you for the shout out! I feel we have similar vibes going on, so it's great to learn from you!
Actually, I didn't find it very slim at all. I let it out a touch in the waist, but considering my body shape, that's not unusual. I probably let it out less than my other jackets of a similar size. The shoulders are on the narrower end of the spectrum of what's expected on a 52. Definitely an acceptable shoulder width, though, and one that I think is necessary considering the lack of structure.
I'm a big fan. Not much structure in it at all - just canvassing (no lining besides for sleeves). It works as a casual jacket that I feel like I can grab, throw over my shoulder, and throw on when I want to.Comfort wise, I like it. Doesn't restrict my movement whatsoever.
Drake's SC and PS today  
  Definitely no seasonal incongruence today. And, yes, I wore the same shirt today and yesterday. #atleastididn'tsweat (a lot)
Hi, I think you'll be best suited to wearing cotton-linen blends or linen pants (even with creases, as they crease themselves) if you're looking for warm weather casual pants.    I personally wouldn't wear Minnis Fresco pants in that context. 
Thanks all for your feedback. To be honest, I agree with almost all that was said. However, I actually like the colors. As I mentioned on IG, tho, the PS and lupo have a very spring/summer vibe to them, and with the flannel, is a little discordant (in addition to it already been discordant (suit and lupo)). Double discordant ahaha Also, Nick, thanks for the feedback about the lupo. Now I know not to make that mistake. I'd never want to button bottom button of my jacket.
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