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You mean that if I buy these shoes, that it comes with the shoes!?!?
I understand where you're coming from. But this is after all an ONLINE discussion about SHOES that cost nearly $1500. There's a couple people here that live near each other and are chatting. Relax, it'll get back to shoes.
Ha! We were probably there at the same time.I recommend it! Simple, quality, and tasty. No grand artisan style pizza, but excellently done simple pizzas with a thinner crust, slightly doughy still, with a crisper edge.
Wanted to share w my EG buds here. After all this pizza talks, went to Frank Pepes at Chestnut Hill Mall for the first time. Still a little line but not awful.
 I follow this thread consistently (in the background mostly observing), and I wanted to pop out and say, "Fantastic!" . I think this is one of my favorites from you. The fit is one of your most flattering.
@CaptainTohm I wonder if letting the lower back out a touch would help the drape?
 +1 for Max and Leos!! Their wings are also fantastic.
I heard the opposite that they shy away from the spalla camicia
Here's a pic of a roped KW jacket I got about a month or two ago FWIW
 I used to live next to BC (and a mile away from the Chestnut Hill Mall) and tried going there... the line was absolutely crazy! I'm sure it's died down since then. It was about the time the store opened. I have to check it out soon.
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