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Epaulet x Gitman Epaulet Driggs Ziploc container
 made me laugh (in a good way)
For your consideration:   Epaulet NY Wool Moleskin Rivet in Camel (Close up pictures are more accurate of color) BNWT Size 35 (MTO) (36" waist, 30" inseam)   New style fit, button fly, no tape on outseam   Beautiful and soft hand, drapes very nicely. Sadly, I didn't change the fabric from the dropdown menu, so I meant to order a patterned wool and would like to use this money for that.   Free shipping to conUS
 Don't say this please. My wallet is upset with you :P
Wow huge fan of how much antique edge + color 8 Alden of Carmel is doing.... so so tempting
Should I grab it you think?
 I'd go antique over black anyday for myself :)
How slim is the redcast broken twill compared to your other shirts? I wear a L EPNY gitman comfortably but can't go much slimmer. Thoughts about sizing up? I like a slimmer fit because it stays tucked better but I have a slight belly
 I bought the Innsbruck Indy, and I'm extremely happy with it. I live in New England, and it's definitely going to be my go-to pair on many days coming up this year.
#8 is the most versatile color for shoes. Wear it w/ brown, grey, charcoal, navy, green, etc pants
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