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Thanks for the offer but that is a 9" front rise for 36" waist
On gap.com the raw denim looks almost black. What is it like in person? They don't carry it in the store near me.
Keeping in mind that I am wearing 36" jeans (often buy 34"s to account of stretch)
I appreciate it. I'm just leaning toward 11.5 and over. I get a weird feeling with the 11"s.   I'll take a look at those.
Anybody know of any longer rise jeans (roughly 12") (not Levi's) with a slightly tapered leg. (Similar to Nudie Hank Rey - fit was great, orange stitching wasn't)
  What size?
The gramercy's were a special make up from Urban Daddy
  Damn't. I should've bought.   Anyways, CONGRATS!! I think you picked up a beautiful pair of AEs. More beautiful than most other make-ups
Hey all,   On my pair of raw jeans, when I stand straight the knee bunches forward and touches my leg BUT right beneath my knee. It's really annoying. Is this common with raw denim or ....?   This is when I am standing straight. You can see the denim come to a peak toward the front of just beneath my knee             What would help with this? Time? Soaking?
    Thank you both! Very kind words.   I really like the caramels. The other one that heavily caught my eye was the taupe twill.  I thought that would be nice considering i'm in MA and the shoes I have.
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