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That's scary...
I both attached some online imaged of the exact fabrics and some of my own.    Grey English Tweed Walt Image Tag 34, 18" Waist (alteration) 28" inseam with approximately .75" to let out (alteration) 8.3" roughly LO Approximately 13" thigh $80   Navy English Tweed Walt Image Tag 34, 18" Waist (alteration) 27" inseam with aproximately .75" to let out (at most) (alteration) Just over 8" LO Approximately 13" thigh $80   Abraham Moon Toasty Tweed...
I'm also yet to find out
Thank you! Still got some work to do to get to "Cleav status" though
There was discussion a few pages back about tobacco v snuff and which trousers to wear with tobacco shoes. I paired my tobacco u wings with light grey trousers today.
 Great to hear!
 I just got this made up Sky Blue Summer Chambray - wore it with a tie today, and really love it. Slight texture that looks solid from afar - which makes it really wearable in multiple seasons.
Thank you!
Agree with this - and also whichever last fits you best.
Hahahahaha!!!!!Sorry roger 😏 ... But I meeeaaannnn they are tobacco AND monks :P
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