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What size waist are you?
Doubt this will drop anymore since Hollister jeans are more than these prices   = Awesome quote
Damn Barrie. I really want these (and they are my size too). AND a great price. AND I have ravello and cigar... no whiskey.     Can I afford them is the question!?
I'm so happy for you!   I wear a lot of denim being a college student and I was weary of #8s.    You may have sold me on them. Damn you! (says my wallet)   Thanks for a great picture
Does anybody own any 34 or 36 raw work cuts?
I don't think you need to
Wow I'm very impressed!
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Thanks for the offer but that is a 9" front rise for 36" waist
On gap.com the raw denim looks almost black. What is it like in person? They don't carry it in the store near me.
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