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Now THATS what's up!!!
They're exactly the same. The pics on the website are actually pretty accurate and there are a ton in this thread if you search.
Thank you! Would you mind sharing order number of button down collar and point length/back collar height?Thanks again!
I'm thinking 9.5 Simpson 9 rain
Thank you both! Any difference to waist? Don't want that belly popping out
Once people wash their polos, do you mind reporting on shrinkage? The 41 is very fitted - any more than a TINY bit of shrinkage will render it too small. But out of the box - perfect, so I'd be worried if it shrinks. Wonder if 42 would be better...?
Also have a wide peak lapel with roped shoulders and jetted side and ticket pockets coming .. But that's a few weeks out
Coming Monday will post pictures
Goodyear welted on the classic HIRO last & finished with a single sturdy full rubber sole. I can still return these but trying to avoid paying return shipping to Spain.   Price: 160 PayPal
Thank you... Very well styled
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