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Today on campus:    
What tumblr is that from? I'd like to know about the pants
3sixteen ST?
  That jacket looks great on you.   Glad you are safe, and thanks for suggesting we help those who are not.
I was in South Africa this summer at Kruger Park (born in Johannesburg, so visit reguarly). I saw a pack of wild dogs and hyhenas going at each other. AWESOME and so rare.   I hope you're enjoying yourself! I loved Botswana!
What size waist are you?
Doubt this will drop anymore since Hollister jeans are more than these prices   = Awesome quote
Damn Barrie. I really want these (and they are my size too). AND a great price. AND I have ravello and cigar... no whiskey.     Can I afford them is the question!?
I'm so happy for you!   I wear a lot of denim being a college student and I was weary of #8s.    You may have sold me on them. Damn you! (says my wallet)   Thanks for a great picture
Does anybody own any 34 or 36 raw work cuts?
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