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 Mid brown
If whoever bought the fuzzy navy Eidos overcoat in 50 is unhappy with fit, let me know . I'll take it off your hands!
Thanks, FC! It's actually a Frank Leder one from this season. I've been getting a ton of wear from it.
 I believe it has been. Great prices nevertheless.... Somebody needs to take away all electronic devices/CC. I need an environmental intervention when personal will fails.
 I love Casentino - I couldn't pass up on the green casentino that was part of the recent Eidos FJ MTO. 
Eidos, correct. It's from FW 15 NMWA
 I take a L, and I'm 52 EIdos, 40 Formosa. Id' say you'd take L
Sorry for a lot of cross posting. Eidos suit and overcoat      
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