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Details on jacket? Love it
Only 750 for the boots
Thanks! Damn I would be alllll over this if a) I lost weight or b) they were my size
What sizes are these generally? Don't see a size table
 Mike has a good post about this (and a great overall website) Check it out: http://aldenofsandiego.com/alden-faq/break-in-care-and-maintainence/ It's about halfway down the page
Wish I was skinnier haha
I'm looking at grabbing a pair of Walts for both casual (sneakers, untucked shirt) and dressier occasions (nothing too dressy -- just tucked in shirt, some Aldens or similar shoe (it's a casual workplace)).    What would people suggest that would fit the bill? Sanded canvas? Military Twill? English Drill?   Something that will hold a crease fairly well, doesn't crease like crazy on the back of the legs...   TIA!
To continue w the Indy trend. Apple picking on a beautiful New England autumn Sunday.
Epaulet Blue/Navy with Oxblood Windowpane These are absolutely gorgeous! I ordered the wrong fit, and want the same exact pants in a different fit. However, I cannot justify re-ordering the same exact fabric until I can recoup some of the money I lost.   Just got these in the mail today, so would like to place the order ASAP.   Driggs Fit 35" waist (which is consistent with Epaulet Driggs size 34).  Tagged 35 Wool Flannel BNWT 30.5" Inseam w/ typical 2+ inches to...
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