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^ oh, WOW! That's incredible. Love it, @heldentenor    Who made that up for you?
 I had this issue. A jacket came in way under spec. Looked like I was wearing a sport coat from my middle school years. They asked for about 10-20 measurements that I never provided so now it's being donated. I was also pretty frustrated that I couldn't just send it back to NY/Aaron. Sorry I couldn't me more helpful.
(this is what the thread is for... you're not usurping it)   ^I like the body, but I agree the sleeves look a bit wide and shoulders a touch big. Would you mind throwing on a SC and putting the jacket over it (if you're planning on wearing it that way)?   Edit: The fit definitely improves in the body with the liner. Looks like shoulders, too.
That's awesome
^ I feel like that would be from a horror movie.
I'm so excited to see yours!
I think NMWA might've before I started using SF (@gdl203 could answer that). I just got it a week or two ago via Formosa MTO. It's a porter and Harding fabric from their glen royal book
 Agreed, love @Caustic Man new coat... and yours too!
  Thank you both!
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