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Came out fantastically and beautiful choice on the PS
I wonder if the tailor can take in back chest to help with bunching, but my fear is the chest will become too tight. I wouldn't keep this one if I were you. I wonder what the 40R would look like. It doesn't exactly hurt to try a 42 either, but I like the shoulders/waist here. I can see why you're conflicted!! Part of me wonders if sizing up for pants  and wearing them slightly higher on your waist could be helpful. It's hard to tell without a front pic of pants sans jacket. 
^ Thanks for posting pictures. This is what I see and others will certainly chime in   Pros: Vents close nicely/ Bottom of jacket drapes well Front of pants drape nicely Arms in the front look nice   Cons: Bunching at the rear of shoulders/back Jacket too short A lot of bunching on back of pants near thighs/knees   Can't really tell much from these pics about chest/bulging that you are referring to
 ... you said you didn't have many summer pieces...........
Haha, I thought it was a 52 because I remember you saying that a couple weeks/months back you take 52.  She's got a good eye! Make her happy and keep the blue. Side benefit: You get to keep it.
^ @mossrockss I love them both on you, but I prefer the blue one by far (unless it's a 52/42, then I'd return it ). I honestly think it would get more wears than a couple times per season.
I'm all about that tan (well all 3, but the tan is something I don't have in my closet at all)
 I e-mailed them and they requested that I pay return shipping back to Spain. I never even heard back from "info.usa@carminashoemaker.us". IIRC, my e-mail even got bounced back to me. 
They didn't send me a return shipping label either. I had to pay $50+ in shipping.
I returned a pair of shoes to Carmina. I stupidly thought by buying through the US website (which states the shoes are shipped from the US, which wasn't true at the time I purchased), I would be returning to a US location.   Instead, I shipped them back to Spain. They've been in customs since JUNE 4th. Is this rare?
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