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Thank you Greg and Kyle for the fast shipping of the Rotas and FJ. Quick pic before bedtime:  
Greg did you end up doing the linen blue PoW for OTR?
Just picked up mine!
Damn, that's very similar. The chest on the Despos is a little better, but otherwise, fantastic fit. Congrats on a great purchase. I love my Minnis 0656. 
 Is it something cool - hope it's coming to me 
 For RTW/OTR I'm very impressed - back shoulders seem to be good, maybe slight rippling (but that will add some comfort in your ability to move your arms). Keep it! 
I'm wondering if the pants are being worn too low
what a great make up. Thanks, Tom!
Beautiful Tom ! Shoe envy! And speaking of which, Tom @Notch just sent me a pic of my newest makeup. He photographed these and they should be inbound soon but I was too excited to wait to share. Plus his pictures are better than mine. Thank you Tom!
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