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  I have a pair of 3sixteens that might fit your description very well. The rise is the only different part but something about the jeans causes some of the rise to be tucked under the crotch causing it to appear to have a rise closer to what you're looking for. I bought a different pair of jeans because I prefer longer rise (we have very similar measurements except I like the longer rise and you like the shorter rise!)
What's your opinion regarding this http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/saphir-suede-spray.html#.UJQVjUKIKfQ , NOBD?   It seems my brown suede shoes may need some coloring but I've never done such a task before.
Great to hear :) I was going to ask you how long it takes for them to chainstitch them, but I think you'd get a much different turn around time than me since you live so close!
Awesome! I have a pair of Raleigh work cuts coming in the mail - can't wait!   Fantastic!
Today on campus:    
What tumblr is that from? I'd like to know about the pants
3sixteen ST?
  That jacket looks great on you.   Glad you are safe, and thanks for suggesting we help those who are not.
I was in South Africa this summer at Kruger Park (born in Johannesburg, so visit reguarly). I saw a pack of wild dogs and hyhenas going at each other. AWESOME and so rare.   I hope you're enjoying yourself! I loved Botswana!
What size waist are you?
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