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^i like that isolation. Simple but colors work well together
Hi all, Selling a size 50 100% linen canvas Sartoria Formosa sport coat from this last S/S 16 season. Non-functioning buttons are attached (no button holes). I've let out the fabric to increase the waist, so if you're a typical 50, you would want to reverse that alteration. PayPal only. ConUS shipping free. I will include the hanger/garment bag.
Are they pretty slim?
How do people size for the wool seersucker? Go up 1? Or stick TTS?
I'll definitely take the blame for not doing the measurements that were asked of me. I was pretty frustrated tho I couldn't just send it back to Aaron
I had done trial fitting in NYC. It was my 3 or 4th jacket from them
 Way too nit-picky. Enjoy the great outfit. (I'll let you know the day I start taking my own advice and becoming less nit-picky about my own stuff. I'm basically OCD.)
New Posts  All Forums: