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Has anybody purchased shoes from the new US carmina website? If so, how long did it take them to ship them?
^ lovely
 Great start! .. increasing hip measurement of pants decreasing pocket flares. Otherwise, I think they're a fantastic fit. Sorry - can't speak much to the shirt. I like it, but I don't know how to properly address your issues. They are good questions. 
That also has to do with hip and thigh measurement. Again, I do suggest increasing hip.
Ah interesting cause the rise looks very long
 Initial thoughts: Have you e-mailed Luxire with these images and concerns? (mail@luxire.com) They would likely suggest a sloped shoulder adjustment. The wrinkles around the shoulder area are very prominent.  Second thoughts:Shirt: Maybe decrease waist measurement of shirt? Maybe increase hip measurement of shirt? I would definitely decrease waist if you feel like there's too much fabric at waist! Pants: Back and front rise measurements seem excessively big. Especially for...
I am thinking 11 UK, too
Haha +1 they are beautiful
Place the order without measurements. Email luxire with order number and say put it on hold. Then email measurements when ready.
+1 i like it
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