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Thanks, FC - you're too kind!
Thanks, Greg. That's been the one of the areas where I need the most growth, but my understanding has been getting better about how/what to pair.Btw, your advise to size up to 54 was extremely astute. It's made a world of difference for drape.
That's awesome Greg. Today: While it's not cold enough for flannel, I decided feeling like wearing a blanket on my legs anyway. A bit of seasonal incongruence, but oh well.    [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you so much, @Sal Paradise Have you tried Marios in Chestnut Hill? After searching through this, that's the most accessible tailor from the list above (while the Pru sounds great, it can be a hassle coming from Weston, where I live). 
Does anybody here want the Arjak before I list it in the BS?
How do you size on the FL outerwear? TTS? I'm a Formosa 40 (let out waist) inglese 41 or 42 depending on how slim or loose I want it
I got the Arjak from a fellow SF member. Sadly, I don't think it works for me :/. So beautiful, though!
 It's so FC. 
NMWA Galore (Formosa, Rota, Vass (not shown))  
Hi all,   I have a question that has been bothering me very much.   I bought a jacket - Formosa from NMWA. The vents closed properly and the waist was tight. In the Formosa jackets there is usually plenty of fabric in the center back seam to let out (which is why I can buy them).   My tailor let it out, and I went to see it today. All of a sudden, the vents are exploding out and the back vent doesn't fall over the side panel anymore. Is she doing something wrong or...
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