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Saw this on the Armoury website and it reminded me of your post. Not sure if its the same but thought I'd share in case it helps.
Came out fantastically and beautiful choice on the PS
I wonder if the tailor can take in back chest to help with bunching, but my fear is the chest will become too tight. I wouldn't keep this one if I were you. I wonder what the 40R would look like. It doesn't exactly hurt to try a 42 either, but I like the shoulders/waist here. I can see why you're conflicted!! Part of me wonders if sizing up for pants  and wearing them slightly higher on your waist could be helpful. It's hard to tell without a front pic of pants sans jacket. 
^ Thanks for posting pictures. This is what I see and others will certainly chime in   Pros: Vents close nicely/ Bottom of jacket drapes well Front of pants drape nicely Arms in the front look nice   Cons: Bunching at the rear of shoulders/back Jacket too short A lot of bunching on back of pants near thighs/knees   Can't really tell much from these pics about chest/bulging that you are referring to
 ... you said you didn't have many summer pieces...........
Haha, I thought it was a 52 because I remember you saying that a couple weeks/months back you take 52.  She's got a good eye! Make her happy and keep the blue. Side benefit: You get to keep it.
^ @mossrockss I love them both on you, but I prefer the blue one by far (unless it's a 52/42, then I'd return it ). I honestly think it would get more wears than a couple times per season.
I'm all about that tan (well all 3, but the tan is something I don't have in my closet at all)
 I e-mailed them and they requested that I pay return shipping back to Spain. I never even heard back from "info.usa@carminashoemaker.us". IIRC, my e-mail even got bounced back to me. 
They didn't send me a return shipping label either. I had to pay $50+ in shipping.
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