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This is awesome, man! No spoiler.
Thanks for the nice words guys. I don't want to ignore you - so when I'm home I'll post order number for it if you'd like.
I actually have 5-6 of these without button (hidden button down). I sort of agree with you; however, I wanted a unique button down collar so I added the button to spice up the wardrobe.Edit: also, it was a pretty casual fabric so wanted to match that vibe.
Two orders in one week. Whose a lucky guy!    I won't be so lazy this time... (Ironic disclaimer: I forgot to take pictures with them neatly folded by Luxire so excuse my awesome folding "ability". Blame my excitement.)   And, once again, please excuse camera phone pictures.   Shirt #1: White Linen  http://custom.luxire.com/products/fine-white-linen   Thoughts:  Very impressive. Nice opacity for a white linen and fantastic feel. Not itchy at all. Best part? The...
Do people size down an extra .5 from their regular UK size for the Barbanera tassel loafer?
I mean.... Thanks but didn't want to make a $300 error when all it would take to avoid is a simple question....
Footwear sale - not final sale, correct? TIA!
HAHAHAHHAHA perfectly epitomized my reaction
[[SPOILER]] Jealous. Love this
Could somebody please recommend me a mid-weight (+/- 250, 8g) khaki chino? Looking for something that won't wrinkle too much!
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