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Thank you both! It's the brown. Auto edited on iPhone. Here is another pic that's not touched up. Didn't like it as much - shows less of the cardigan / SC
I love the one he used there but it was definitely dependent upon the chambray/denim shirt
Visiting NYC with the better half this weekend. Eidos overcoat and light grey pleated rotas from NMWA
Where did you get the coat you just ordered
Jesus that's beautiful
Also it sits very flat everywhere. I.e., no evidence of wrinkling because of poor fit I don't see why you think it's terrible.... At all. What would you want different?
Ugh you caught me there!
This is boring me. Please stop
 Dress Shirt Turner V3 - I had them replicate that. Full credit to him! I do recommend the fabric - http://luxire.com/products/blue_dress_stripes_gtz49536 The shirt isn't too thick or isn't too thin (oxford (?)), so I can use it both casually and with a tie no problem.  Eidos imitation (imitation of both collar, placket, and cuff for long-sleeve). Edit: Oh, and I also got a slightly rounded hem, which I like!  I suppose you could use my order number for both - but I don't...
Let me know if you want my order number to copy my detailing.
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