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Haha, love the Mad Men reference. Priceless!Thank you for the advise. I think you've contributed in convincing me to keep them and rock them!!
Thank you! Yeah, it can be tough. When I wear Walts and a flannel button down, which is not dressed up AT ALL, I even feel like I'm pushing it. But, as you probably do as well, I dress because I love clothes. Thanks for your support! You also know I'm a huge fan of your outfits. Sometimes I have to refrain from PMing you to find out what you're wearing.Thank you!Appreciate how supportive this thread it. One of the few I follow because of that reason.
Hahahaha!! Should I say out of the norm for me . Usually do single colored trousers!
   Thank you both -- very kind of you! Probably wouldn't hurt to have something out of the ordinary in the closest. 
  Thanks, Don. I didn't get tape this these because I agree re: no tape on wool rivets. It was more questioning whether I think I can pull them off, haha.
Here's another pic of the fabric (crappy iPhone pic)
 Nailed it!
Just got my EFF Wool Rivets in. I love them; however, I'm just not sure they fit my style/I can pull them off. Usually, I'm more reassured regarding what I like/what I can pull of. I, also, don't usually do this, but you all are a nice bunch ;)... Thoughts?  Debating between taking these to the tailor (getting them hemmed) or hitting B&S. Color was really hard to capture.   
They look fantastic! Nice denim too
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