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 @TweedyProf Would it be possible to be on any communications regarding Cappelli GMTOs? Love some of your pics of the MTOs that I've seen in your IG. 
Damn. The pants came out lovely - excellent drape.
Thanks, FC! Definitely new territory for me.
Shoes, too ^ 
I am 50 Formosa (let out waist), new pattern FJ 52, FL I'm a L, and the HJ is 52. If I was skinnier/lost weight, id probably do 50 for HJ. For most people who are on the skinnier side, I'd say don't size up, IMO.
 Us? OCD? About clothes? 
 Thanks, FF! I probably agree it's the angle/my slanted posture in the pic. My Formosas tend to actually be on the narrower side (technically I should go with more structure in my SC since I'm quite boxy, but f* it. They're lovely SC, to say the least).
 Thanks, @metranger8694 Good insight.. yes the shoulders are a tad big, IMO. But I'd imagine the size down would be too tight (not necessarily in shoulders, but probably in chest and waist area).  
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