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  No - you need lighter brown
  http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/saphir-cordovan-shoe-polish.html    Maybe in neutral 
  I looked through YOLO... Wow. I'm so jealous! Congrats on an amazing collection!
I wanted a good quality casual shoe (jeans or chinos)   What do you all think of these:   http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2019
Thanks, max! I am sending the 36s back and I placed an order for 35's from NeedSupply (w/ 10% discount)
  What about the suede balmorals?
  The legs are pretty good with the 36. I wouldn't be too happy with a 34. Context clothing says the measurements for everything are exactly the same for the 35 and 36...
Just wanted to say thanks for the shirt and quick shipping!
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