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Brand New Epaulet x Individualized Rhino Oxford! Believe it or not - it's super soft. It took me by surprise. Spread Collar, which is beautiful! .5" less than standard sleeves, stock collar size, and 1" shorter in length than EP Standard. Great casual shirt! Plain pocket and regular cuff. Paypal - $5 shipping. 
 Here's another picture - more close up. I'd describe it as a muted, light sage green.   And another - probably the most accurate: 
 I like it! Looks good!
This is the 42 and I'm a big fan. What trousers do you think would go well with it? Brown?In the picture I'm wearing a grey flannel and sinceIt's a light green, I find there isn't enough contrast.Thank you! I do like the color a lot.
 Thank you for that explanation!  The second sportcoat is actually the light green one online now -- it's just awful camera quality. 
This is a size up:
   Thank you! Just a quick question - what makes you think it's too tight in the chest? 
Excuse the sweatpants Thoughts on fit? Tad too tight? Sizing up would be too big in shoulders though.
Love it, man! ^
 Or a chocolate bar. Which I know very well.. too well.
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