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This is fantastic, of course. But what I TRULY appreciate is the small touches (i.e., the gold in the watch, the shirt buttons).
Thanks for the sizing guidance, @bry2000Took your advise, and it came today. Really happy with it, especially since I was concerned since it is final sale. 
 I live near Boston, but this weekend I went out to dinner and it was 60s. The jacket is very lightweight, too.   They're fantastic - I bought it final sale having never worn espadrilles, but they've quickly become one of my favorite purchases this year. More versatile that I thought and EXTREMELY comfortable. 
thanks just a cardigan tho. Nope they're la portegna from NMWA
Sorry for the crappy pic - will try to get a better one up of this fit w the FJ.
Selling Eidos Lupo (Size L) NWT   Free shipping within CONUS   Approx 17.5" shoulder, 22" chest
How do people size for the Gray knit Blazers? I'm a 40 Formosa (let out waist), 41/42 inglese. Usually a size L in slimmer knitwear, M if it's really boxy.
I think the boots are available at meyvn for those of you in the US
Great publicity for Eidos today in the WSJ. Congrats!
@ComfortablyDumb You integrated those ties extremely well. 
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