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I have the 42 but it's too large in the shoulders. I understand this 40 is too slim, but I will take a photo in the 42 for a comparison. Thanks for your suggestion.
This isn't a MTO - It's one of their OTR items. Haha is it that bad? Am I missing something...?
Hi Clag, love your pics and IG. Great inspiration.No, I do not, I'm sorry. I mostly just wear sports coats and jackets at the very most, so I purchased this instead of the trial suit.What are your thoughts? Do you think a couple minor alterations could fix the three things?
Poor camera quality - just received a 40R KW jacket -- I need to shorten sleeves (not shown), and let out.   3 Questions:   1. Is there enough fabric to let out? I think so, but would appreciate more thoughts.   2. My right shoulder - is there a fix the tailor could do for this so that it rests flat against my front shoulder?   3. Similar question about the back shoulder (it's the opposite shoulder, on the rear). Can I bring in the fabric near the back seam that is...
Merry Christmas all! The girlfriend bought me a trip to NY to visit Epaulet, some Alt Wiens, and juniper flannel Walts...   :). Do you think she knows I love Epaulet??   Excited to meet the team (Mike, Dylan, Sam) in NY.
For your consideration is a pair of Alden Dovers (size 10D) in Color 8. These are absolutely beautiful! I'm following the one in, one out rule, and I just purchased another pair of Aldens.   Please contact me with any questions. I've attached numerous photos to capture both the beauty and condition of these shoes.    Shipping $15, PayPal please.
Epaulet Navy Heirloom Cardigan Size 40 Barely worn, great condition! Horn buttons   Shipping $10-15 depending on location in USA.
Great fit! Nice selection
Good summary. The fit works w the sweater's style.
Just a few...
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