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Here's my newest arrival. Quite different from anything in my closet - 100% hemp herringbone, first peak lapel and jetted pockets and ticket pocket that I have. Details also including roped shoulders, wide peak lapel, 3-roll-2, brown MOP buttons, light blue lining with white piping, functional button holes.
http://christiankimber.com/collections/our-footwear/products/colab-monk-strap-dusty-olive Could anybody help me with sizing please? Maybe in comparison to a Carmina last (rain, Simpson, uetam, etc). TIA
Lovely, Mr. Six. Question. Do the Farnese suede belts stretch? Should I account for that in my sizing? I wear 52 rotas. You think 95 cm would be best? Or 100? Sorry for 18,000 questions in a row.
Kent Wang grenadine tie and jacket
Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic, but love this jacket. Will try to get some pics up when I wear it out.
 I have Troons in tobacco suede and love them! Wear in good health!
Grey is stereotypically one of the hardest to wear sport coat colors. The typical rule is to have the sport coat darker than pants, which may be why this problem is arising.
 Ah shit haha. I got the wrong size, so I guess return shipping/exchanging for correct size will be inconvenient to say the least. Thank you for your experience - mine have also taken a while.
Has anybody purchased shoes from the new US carmina website? If so, how long did it take them to ship them?
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