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Yes so collars will tick under lapels and it's quite a speed, but not cutaway territory.
Oh man!! That's so irritating on USPS's part! No problem, Dylan, at all.
Thanks! Mine are USPS and still say "shipping label created". No movement.
Has anybody received their recent EFF trousers? Got a shipping notification 1/15, but no movement since then. Just wondering if this was the norm.
These are the uetam, and I find them narrow! Maybe, with bamgrinus' advise, forest would be more suitable for you.
I've loved them too - I would definitely be a fan of something affordable and obtainable.
Trying on first Carminas and deciding whether to keep
Flexible about price
Teknique... What collar is that on the PC shirt? 1) maybe try pleats if you're not opposed?
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