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NMWA Galore (Formosa, Rota, Vass (not shown))  
Hi all,   I have a question that has been bothering me very much.   I bought a jacket - Formosa from NMWA. The vents closed properly and the waist was tight. In the Formosa jackets there is usually plenty of fabric in the center back seam to let out (which is why I can buy them).   My tailor let it out, and I went to see it today. All of a sudden, the vents are exploding out and the back vent doesn't fall over the side panel anymore. Is she doing something wrong or...
Updated with sizing
^ wow both great boots and a wonderful pic
Thanks @tricky The cotton-linens were great for this hot summer.
For sale are all size 52 Rota pants. All were purchased from No Man Walks Alone (NMWA). I am selling these because, in this long process of expensive learning, I am sizing up to 54 to accommodate my large ass. $125 each. Tobacco linen $150. Willing to accept offers/deals if multiple pairs are purchased. Free conUS shipping. Paypal only. Only alterations have been to inseam. *Please allow me a little time to get measurements / own pictures.* 1. Beige mid-weight cotton Rota...
@jc ^ I actually think that jacket looks pretty freaking fantastic on you. Especially a fan of the quarters on the jacket and your physique in relation to each other.
Is that a four in hand, I see!?! 
This is fantastic, of course. But what I TRULY appreciate is the small touches (i.e., the gold in the watch, the shirt buttons).
Thanks for the sizing guidance, @bry2000Took your advise, and it came today. Really happy with it, especially since I was concerned since it is final sale. 
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