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Love how simple, yet elegant that looks.
They came out lovely JR
 I see you went one-button on the cuff. Looks fantastic. Hope it was a fun time.
Carmina is much higher quality. I have the string Carmina loafers from The Armoury, and I love them. 
For those of you interested in the color of the silk knit square... Here in comparison to white linen square. (Look at that texture...)
Yes, I absolutely love it.
I know this all too wel haha
 Isolation, I really like it. Part of me wonders if you'd benefit from a slightly longer jacket and possibly letting out the waist a bit on the jacket (since the pants are a more relaxed fit).
Hard to gather how the colors look but the fit is nice!
Haha I was thinking about you when I got it considering your comment over in the vanda thread. Yes, it is slightly creamy. Greg pointed these out a while back in the thread. Worth every penny at full price - and it's on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: