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I love mine, go for it
So beautiful. Love the outfit too
Sorry if this has been asked, but is there a guesstimate for when the buffalo check will be back in stock?
Those do look amazing, Frank!
+1 And the poster before New Sheos1 mentioned the price of AE Shoes. Buy on sale or factory seconds with minimal defects and you're looking at $220
  Great combos. When I had navy neumoks, I wore them with blue/indigo or grey jeans.   I love the dark green + navy neumok combo you have there - not out there at all - perfect, actually.
Fades look great!
Depends on measurements.   My waist measures about 36", but for some jeans that means I would have to be a 33 (very rare). Most often I would buy a 34. However, with smaller waists, sometimes you just have to go down to 32 from 33 (most often there is not a 35 option for me so I have to go down to 34 - that's why I make the bigger jump with most brands)   APCs stretch a lot more than most other brands. So if it is APC, then go 31. If it is another brand, check measurements
And you also have to account for stretch with measurements. I always buy raw denim with at least an inch less than my natural waist size
I PM'ed him the exact question: Howard Yount Navy Flannels http://www.howardyount.com/collections/wool-pants/products/vbc-super-100s-winter-flannel-navy They're very versatile for cold weather.
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