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  There is no online checkout - you send an e-mail to them and you get a paypal invoice.
First grain shoes that I've ever enjoyed. Nice!
I love mine, go for it
So beautiful. Love the outfit too
Sorry if this has been asked, but is there a guesstimate for when the buffalo check will be back in stock?
Those do look amazing, Frank!
+1 And the poster before New Sheos1 mentioned the price of AE Shoes. Buy on sale or factory seconds with minimal defects and you're looking at $220
  Great combos. When I had navy neumoks, I wore them with blue/indigo or grey jeans.   I love the dark green + navy neumok combo you have there - not out there at all - perfect, actually.
Fades look great!
Depends on measurements.   My waist measures about 36", but for some jeans that means I would have to be a 33 (very rare). Most often I would buy a 34. However, with smaller waists, sometimes you just have to go down to 32 from 33 (most often there is not a 35 option for me so I have to go down to 34 - that's why I make the bigger jump with most brands)   APCs stretch a lot more than most other brands. So if it is APC, then go 31. If it is another brand, check measurements
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