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Do people size down an extra .5 from their regular UK size for the Barbanera tassel loafer?
I mean.... Thanks but didn't want to make a $300 error when all it would take to avoid is a simple question....
Footwear sale - not final sale, correct? TIA!
HAHAHAHHAHA perfectly epitomized my reaction
[[SPOILER]] Jealous. Love this
Could somebody please recommend me a mid-weight (+/- 250, 8g) khaki chino? Looking for something that won't wrinkle too much!
I like it
Alright - excuse my amateur photography. Very amateur. And extremely crappy iPhone pic. I think mines dysfunctional - can never capture color correctly.     1. Brown Twill Chino (http://custom.luxire.com/products/brown_twill_chino)   Rich, chocolate brown. Exactly what I was looking for. The little swatch online had me scared, but for 89.99, I am extremely happy with these. Thicker fabric too. May not be your best lightweight summer chino at all, but solid for the...
Hahha I was being lazy. Gimme a sec I'll do it now
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