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My girlfriend got this commissioned for me for Valentines Day. Lucky guy.
I'm glad it came out closer to what you wanted. I remember last summer really struggling to pick a grey fresco for trousers (they all seemed to look the same on the Luxire website) I did this one - one of my more expensive experiments  
Okay, that's what I did. I sent in a Formosa suit and asked them to replicate in a cool Minnis flannel fabric.     Btw, now you just need a wider tie :)    Sorry I love my wide ties and wide lapels
^ absolutely stunning. I'm very glad they nailed the fit for you. Mind me asking what you requested for shoulders and lapels or did you ask to replicate something you sent in.
MR Porter already has that field jacket
 Yeah now I avoid Conrad Wu silk Macclesfields. Cappelli sounds like it'll be right up your alley
I think the one trap I try to avoid with squares and ties is being too matchy-matchy, so a green square would be nice if you wear ties that would NOT match but compliment the green in the square   Avoid this:       Check out @bluebrownandgrey on instagram / here on styleforum (@Claghorn) To me, he has mastered PS/tie combos. 
Thanks!   The only KW one is this:     It's a fantastic, versatile square. Highly recommended.   I think these two would pair nicely with a burgundy grenadine easily:    
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