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Can you post a picture of your Luxire "sals", please? I think I missed it.
The Hopsack will maybe breathe better, while it also has more visual interest. I'd go with the Hopsack anyday unless your business culture is EXTREMELY anal. If it's a little more forgiving, then Hopsack again wins over.
The fabric swatches on their website have a letter associated with them, which is then associated w a price. See this page http://www.kentwang.com/about/suits
Really crappy bathroom and bathroom picture but I just received my charcoal brown Moon tweed in time to put away for the next couple of seasons haha Will make some minor adjustments (I.e., length, etc) but overall happy
Really sharp man. Wore mine today. Although I went for the pleats to help w pocket bulge and my big hips
Maybe a chambray?
Wonderful. Just wonderful.
How much room is there to let out the waist of an Eidos SC
Are the southwick suits fully canvassed?
 Well, its MTM - pretty similar fit TBH but you can make adjustments to the fit to your liking.
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