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^ I think those look very well executed. Id be on that if I didn't already have something very similar.
Wonderful haul Kali. How long did the grandi and rubenelli take to make?
Thank you! Me too. Never owned a 100% hemp and it seems so far to be sort of linen-like. We'll find out.
Here's my newest arrival. Quite different from anything in my closet - 100% hemp herringbone, first peak lapel and jetted pockets and ticket pocket that I have. Details also including roped shoulders, wide peak lapel, 3-roll-2, brown MOP buttons, light blue lining with white piping, functional button holes.
http://christiankimber.com/collections/our-footwear/products/colab-monk-strap-dusty-olive Could anybody help me with sizing please? Maybe in comparison to a Carmina last (rain, Simpson, uetam, etc). TIA
Lovely, Mr. Six. Question. Do the Farnese suede belts stretch? Should I account for that in my sizing? I wear 52 rotas. You think 95 cm would be best? Or 100? Sorry for 18,000 questions in a row.
Kent Wang grenadine tie and jacket
Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic, but love this jacket. Will try to get some pics up when I wear it out.
 I have Troons in tobacco suede and love them! Wear in good health!
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