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Hey all,   If I wanted to order a pair of trousers unfinished, should I just leave "Pant Length" and "Inseam" blank? I'm messing around with the rise (which presumably would change my inseam, right? I could be wrong haha!), so I thought it may be safer to leave it unfinished and get it hemmed at my tailors.   Best, Richard
A great day..   First pair (well, actually 2) of Edward Green's First pair of monk straps - went atypical on the first hahaha   Wanted to share :)    
Flexibility of Java Walts:    
Moon Mocha Tweed
beautiful!!!  @ericgereghty   I'm a huge fan of the soft roma cutaway without collar stays. Can rock that in a chambray casually or in an oxford with a tie. Now I will have to try Milano II. I've had my eye on it for ages -- looks right up my alley. Thank you for sharing!
Flexible with price ...theyre just sitting in my closet
Olive. I tried them on in the store. Supple and soft. Beautiful color. Goes with whites, blues, and Browns wonderfully.
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