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 I think this is a solid point. A solid grey flannel is on the dressier side (it's still not Super 130s, though). However, if you don't have a grey flannel, maybe I'd do that since it's more of a staple. 
I have a feeling like he's going for a relatively monochromatic look (I guess, bichromatic to be exact), and I think he nailed it. 
 Different SC, but the blue donegal is on fire - great choice. Would've definitely got that, but I'm trying to diversify a little haha. So many blue SC
That terrycloth polo is insanely good - amongst all other things. Eidos makes me want to shed a few pounds haha 
 I just ordered one today - will give you a PM or text message when I find out how it fits. 
Hi all, I've read this thread and searched other places. I know it's old, but I was wondering if anybody had good tailor suggestions for menswear tailors (particularly for sport coats since I can use my local tailor for menial things like trouser hems). The reason why I'm asking is because I'm looking for something in the suburbs (close to Weston where I live). I work in the Belmont/Arlington area, so that is fine too. With my hours, getting into the city/Cambridge can...
Thanks for the pic. Looks amazing on you, and it suits your style perfectly.
I know I don't have to tell you, FC since you're great with getting us pics... But pics please
Where'd you get the jacket. Really like it
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