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I bought a pair of ravello chukkas secondhand -- there is some darkening (almost black) around the creasing and also some discoloration on the shell. What is the best way to get rid of the darkening on the creases? (I'm not sure there is anything I can do about the discoloration/darkening on spots of the shell)
+1My neck of the woods too
How do you manage this? Geesh I must be a novice
 Those ravellos.... with those pants, too! 
For your consideration is a pair of gently worn (12-15 times at most) pair of brown CXL chukkas from Alden. Size: 10D See pictures for condition.   PP only please, and we can discuss shipping costs (will likely be approximately $15). 
 Awesome purchase. And I'll be the first to wish your wallet/checking account goodbye.
Ah! I truly love the color 8 with antique edge... so this is sad news!! LS just came out with the wingtip; however, I love the plain toe as I'm just starting a collection (and at too fast a pace I may add)
Wow they are beautiful
Ah damn! Thanks for the input. I may be in the minority... but I love the anitque edge w/ color 8
Anybody know where to find a Color 8 PTB w/ antique sole ?
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