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Formosa, Farnese, and Rota from NMWA
Not sure about the pocket square, but otherwise I like it
^ love that
 These are fantastic, Mr. V. I have a pair of single monks coming in brown suede - I agree - I shouldn't have waited!!! Enjoy them!
Not a great picture but in the suburbs of Boston today it's around 90 and beautiful. Thought I'd give a shout out to Greg and crew carrying this sweet Document popover. Awesome unique summer piece even with pockets!
Andy, been going through that process w reverse pleated pants. It's been long and arduous, haha.
Really like it sprezzatrash. Isolation - looks wonderful, too. Picking up my green SC from the tailor today and I'll use your post as inspiration.
Thank you! Love brown suede and monks - have been wanting to add a pair of single monks to my rotation. 
^ lovely. Mind sharing which shows those are?
 That's what I like to call "opposite action to shame" :)  While I agree on the tightness (I see snagging), I would personally be happy with the length.
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