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Awesome, @mossrockss Great photo of you two   @NickPollica will the Palmero coat from Marcus fit the same as the overcoat from NMWA from last year? (presumably yes, but I wanted to double check before pulling the trigger. Thanks in advance!   This one  
I size up one from Formosa so sounds like you nailed it.
Taking it in tomorrow. Almost perfect off the bat. Maybe undo the slimming and -1cm for sleeve.
It's so AAS, and I love it.
Incredible, Mitch. And thank you for the speedy shipping, too. Came today!
I'm 52 in suiting (NMWA and Ciro). I take 52 in new FJ, 50 in old FJ, and 50 in HJ
 12 OZ / 360 g is relatively heavy (not over the top tho) but NYC will have plenty of days in which you can wear them. I'm debating the 9oz so to wear them on more days
Me, too, man. Me too.
Not a problem, sorry if I came off harsh. Just thought since you had just replied to my post it was to me.And thanks for your feedback. I hadn't even thought of keeping it as is, but the more I look at it, the more I think I could do sans square.
Are you referring to me in the second part of your post? I wasn't complaining. I stated that I knew the sale was coming but still purchased full price anyway because I wanted the item...
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