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Please let me know if you have one in M or L
I wear a size 42 from Zara so probably a L
What season is this from? I've been looking for it but a different size sadly :(
Hey there, looking for this - please let me know if you have one to sell - L or XL
Taylor Stitch   Denim: Size 32 Brenham Slim Fit $70.00   Shipping USPS Priority Mail $10.00 to CON USA Paypal + 1.5% for fees
Navy Horween® suede. Hand-stitched moccasin construction. Red brick camp sole. Form-fitting inner. Waxed stitching. Rawhide laces. Handcrafted in the USA.   Beautiful pair of Oak Street Bookmakers Navy Suede shoes.   Size: 10.5 D   Worn: Roughly 5 times (never in rain, snow, etc.)   Shipping within con USA: free priority with tracking.
Want: Taylor Stitch Shirts Size 40   These are a great fit for me and would like a couple more.   Let me know if you have any - also looking for the denim utility shirt (just not sure if I need size 40 or 42)
Worn 2x http://needsupply.com/mens/tops/marble-shirt-mixed-indigos.html   Our Legacy Size L (50)   Shipping CON USA: Free USPS Priority
Hey all and TIA for your help!   I was wondering what color blazer would look best with some royal blue pants. Very casual work environment, so open to any and all suggestions!
NWOT. I took the tags off to wear it, but didn't end up wearing it because it was passed the 7 day return policy for Unionmade. MSRP: 360   Actual size (American): L (For instance, I wear a Gant Rugger Hugger fit L) Tag: XL   P2P: 20.5       Paypal, shipping is free CON USA (Priority USPS)
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