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Will these be final sale or if it doesn't work out - returnable?
What an absolutely fantastic selection. Wear it in good health!
 No - I never really even thought of it, tbh. Probably would be good to compare, but I am happy with darts!
I get all my PC shirts w/ darts and measured the midsection on a well fitting dress shirt. There was no problem. 
Light brown maybe could be the sand - although the wheat would still be perfect, IMO.
Correct - but slightly longer rise, I believe, right?
Really appreciate you showing me! Absolutely perfect fit there as usual!
I don't have it, but fresco is one of my FAVORITE warmer weather pants. Wool with a looser weave.
The Driggs are my go to casual pants. I take same size as rivet.
Anybody have experience with the Minnis fresco in wheat?   http://luxire.com/products/minnis-fresco-wheat-plainfresco_0519
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