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Congrats! Very excited for you. Really have been missing you and your humor around here. Hate being second.
Yes you can
Take him up on Yvonne's :)
This is a stunning 3 season piece, and the fabric is fantastic. It holds up well to wrinkles, isn't too warm or cool, and due to it's quarter lining can be worn in the summer. Throw it on in the winter with a cardigan. Free USPS priority shipping to conUS.   Jacket has non-functioning buttons (and no button holes). Approx 24.75" sleeve length. Jacket has been let out at waist through side and back seam. If you're a regular Formosa 50, my recommendation is to bring waist...
I believe this jacket is made by Belvest, but I can be mistaken. Otherwise, it's a fantastic casual jacket. Free USPS priority shipping to conUS. No alteration to sleeve length and jacket has been let out a touch at waist. Can be reversed.      See details below from Drake's:   A stunning brown glen plaid jacket, woven in a rich blend of lambswool, mohair and cashmere and featuring subtle hints of olive, navy and wine in the design. Our jackets require over ten hours...
Calling @Newcomer :). 
I was at NMWA today and saw these Drapers that would be great: (Thought the 2730 was better, so had a close up)         Also saw these 2 W. Bill Phoenix:           (Sorry was taking so many pictures, didn't realize these weren't great until now)
Stopped by NMWA today to check out some fabrics for a MTO order for SS. Wanted to sincerely say thank you to Greg and Kyle for being so accommodating. I spent an excessive amount of time there, which I realize, so a special thank you for not kicking me out the door, too.    ^ We've all seen this middle one before, but the other two are interesting as well     ^ Awesome brown linen - sad to see I didn't capture the color that great          (Threw one...
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