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Formosa, Sozzi, Rota, Vass (Suede Wingtip (not seen))    
    Doing that thing Andy did
Thank you! Do you have any Inglese for size comparison with me?
Thanks, mcfox. Did you mean 4? I see they are listed as 2, 3, 4, 5 for sizes. If you took 4, I'd presume I'd be 5
Anybody have sizing advise for me on tss quilted jacket/sc, please? I'm about a 50/52 Formosa, 52 Eidos SC TIA!
I do Formosa MTM
At the end of the day, you got something different than what you paid for. I'd also be upset.
Took out the Martin corduroy bomber today (again)  
Could it be this?       Top pic is closer to color IRL
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