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I'm looking at getting a 40R sportscoat (Southwick). I wear a size L EP shirt, which fits me well, and usually around an 18" shoulder fits me well on blazers. I have a little bit of a belly :). Would the recommendation be go for the 40R, and if necessary letting out around the waist? Or sizing up to 42?
Exactly! I bought these from the bureau Belfast a couple of months ago instead of buying with the black edge. I love antique edging with color 8. You could also probably send a pair with a black edge to Mack Sublime or other cobblers.
 Thanks! Actually what sold me on these was looking back at some of your pics. Love your style.
Cross Post from Epaulet thread:    King LWB w/ antique edge  
Walt Wide Wale Cords (Debating putting a cuff on them)  
Awesome combo!
I wear a calfskin belt and works perfectly.
I have a rancourt burgundy calfskin LHS with antique edge, and I love it more than the black edge of my shell #8s. Therefore, I've been debating buying the color 8 LHS and sending them to Mack Sublime or a cobbler (quite a few do this) to have them lighten the edges. Mack Sublime is cheap, too.
Haha, love the Mad Men reference. Priceless!Thank you for the advise. I think you've contributed in convincing me to keep them and rock them!!
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