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 @NickPollica Worth sizing up if we're filling out a size pretty fully?
greg, that looks fantastic. thanks for the pic
^ that would be awesome
I do have trees but sadly am not selling them (hence why not in the pic)
Selling an almost brand new pair of EG Piccadilly loafers. I wore them once at the office for 2-3 hours (see minor wear on sole). These haven't been broken in yet.    Last: 184 Size: 9/9.5E Color: Dark Oak Leather: Calf   ConUS shipping free; paypal only.
These are the unlined alden snuff suede (I have them in brown as well). Very, very comfortable. 
 If you find pants to be too tight in hip (pocket bulging can be a symptom, another being that horizontal line across the bottom front rise), sizing up and taking in waist in general may be helpful for you. 
I drive w my SC hanging on a hanger every weekday. No banging (if the SC is on it). I throw the hanger on the seat on the weekends.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Casual dinner tonight at Cragie on Main (for any Boston folks here)
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