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Beautiful, but it is a bit too slim for me!   New, unhemmed, unwashed.   https://www.weargustin.com/store/590   Total is $57 shipped to CON US.   Paypal only please!
Wish these were my size!
Looking to buy The Natural in 35 or 36 -- I have size 34, so I could trade, they are just a bit too small for me
Apolis Chore Jacket New (just tried on ... But passed return date) Size: M
Just ordered it! Cannot wait
Willing to hear offers
Can anybody help me out :) ?
Can anybody help me out :) ?
Rag & Bone Phillips 2 Button Blazer Size: 40 Grey (Charcoal/Grey Mixture) Cotton/Linen Blend (Just over 60% Cotton)
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