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Welp. That would've been helpful. What is it?
^ I saw those and wanted to grab them, but my size (36) was already sold out.
I'm between that and the straight green. Or both. Damn't.
X-Post from NMWA Thread  
I saw Greg posted the F/W '16 green Formosa, which after loving the S/S Formosa the most this last season, I am debating about grabbing. Today sans tie since this weather is killing me. Probably my favorite pair of Rotas from this last season, too.    [[SPOILER]]
I would be in that pre order!
I like this for its potential. Maybe a white pocket square and clean up the trousers (i.e. Less break, maybe a slight taker)
Thanks all for the input. It actually fits very similar to ring 184 - but size down (drakes 52 fits me similar to ring 184 54). The lapels have a very nice roll, and the shape/roll from lapel down to quarters is also nice when worn unbuttoned. It actually feels much looser than the picture indicates but may let it out a touch especially considering there may be a cardigan underneath if I can fit it.
This just in. I'm hard to fit OTR, and it's by no means perfect but I'm debating keeping.
I think that Arjak looks terrible on you guys. I'll take it off your hands. Please. Pretty please?
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