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@SYCSYC Agreed! Love that collar
Thanks! I'll PM you.
Brought some NMWA pieces to Cape Town with me. Crappy shot of a casual outfit for dinner. Really happy that the SC made it in good shape after several very long flights in a suitcase. Included some photos from today.Edit: after the heat in Boston, it felt really nice to wear a cardigan! [[SPOILER]]
Wearing the same jacket as Justin today. I'm in good company.
I purchased a pair from there about 1-2 weeks after the site started up. When I wanted to return something, they requested I send it back to Spain on my dime ($50-60, took about 6 weeks to get a refund after it being delivered approximately 5 weeks later). I didn't push back - maybe if I had they would've sent me the FedEx label. YMMV or things may have changed since it's inception. 
Thanks for posting, Cody. Wonderful read. Congrats @Andy57 - well deserved.
Love how simple, yet elegant that looks.
They came out lovely JR
 I see you went one-button on the cuff. Looks fantastic. Hope it was a fun time.
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