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Happy Thanksgiving all! Enjoy family and friends and food!
Yes I do all the time. Sometimes w some trainers or just casual Alden's and a sweater. Also depends on the fabric.
These are sweet!
I never worry about this 😒... Uh oh
 I wear my Navy Donegals all the time (today as a matter of fact)! I hope that helps a bit. Grey is usually super versatile, but i agree they do seem on the darker side.
 No spoiler. Wow that's gorgeous. Nicely done!
I have both and I absolutely love and wear both. My indigo jacket is a few years old and my olive one is a month or two old. I took a L in both. The olive is a bit more fitted. The olive one feels thicker too. Not by much but definitely more substantial.
All would work. Personally prefer a more substantial collar myself, which would be the BD collar. The compact one is a shorter collar length, like J. crew. I don't prefer it at all.
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