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My olive chore coat is much warmer than the indigo. My guess is the Schott peacoat will be the warmest. I've been eyeing that.
I have them in navy. Soft, beautiful. I was so impressed. I'm now thinking about buying the grey.Excuse the terrible picture quality ... But here you go
Love the chore jacket. I have the indigo and olive! Thanks for the info
Details on jacket? Love it
Only 750 for the boots
Thanks! Damn I would be alllll over this if a) I lost weight or b) they were my size
What sizes are these generally? Don't see a size table
 Mike has a good post about this (and a great overall website) Check it out: http://aldenofsandiego.com/alden-faq/break-in-care-and-maintainence/ It's about halfway down the page
Wish I was skinnier haha
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