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I was at NMWA today and saw these Drapers that would be great: (Thought the 2730 was better, so had a close up)         Also saw these 2 W. Bill Phoenix:           (Sorry was taking so many pictures, didn't realize these weren't great until now)
Stopped by NMWA today to check out some fabrics for a MTO order for SS. Wanted to sincerely say thank you to Greg and Kyle for being so accommodating. I spent an excessive amount of time there, which I realize, so a special thank you for not kicking me out the door, too.    ^ We've all seen this middle one before, but the other two are interesting as well     ^ Awesome brown linen - sad to see I didn't capture the color that great          (Threw one...
Hahaha that's awesome
For sale is a NWT G.abo Napoli suit. Size 52/42, but will likely fit 50/40    Half lined Neapolitan details such as a spalla camicia and teardrop patch pockets  Rolling Three-button closure Side vents Made from 100% wool     Measurements (inches) Shoulder: 18.5 Chest: 21.75 Sleeves: 25.5 BOC: 29.5 ~ 29.75   Pants Waist:  18.25
Buy Vass
 Great knot and tie/square combo
Any recommendation for Saphir polish or wax for antique cognac?
thank you
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