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I wanted to post a follow up to my previous Bespoke Math post.  The tailor I initially consulted with is Michael Andrews Bespoke.  The price I was asked to pay was $3,000 and, even if I did not go with them because of the partial construction overseas, which was a deal breaker for me, I have to say that the experience was very pleasant.  The pattern, I was told, is paper and a lot of work is done on site.  In any case, given the overseas partial construction, I felt that...
Dormeuil Serial Number - 300002     A friend of mine has a nice gray suit for which he used Dormeuil cloth.  He does not remember the name of the fabric but he has the pattern serial number. It is: 300002 (this is what he gave me).   Where can I find the name of the cloth?  How much does it retail for?   Pippo
Hi   I am working on the details of my first bespoke suit.  The trousers will be cuffed (2” likely) and I thought it would be nice having working buttonholes instead of having the cuffs stitched to the pants.   What do you guys think?   Also, I friend had tiny weights inside the cuffs to hold the pants down all the time. Comments?   PiPPo
Hi everyone,   Although I have been following the forum for a while, this is my first post.  The question I have is the following.  I am having my first bespoke suite made here in NYC.  The cloth I selected is a Dormeuil Amadeus.  I am 6’ 2” and weight 175 lbs.  Assuming that I would need 3.5 meters of cloth, which probably retails for $150 per meter ($450) plus $50 for Bemberg lining, horn buttons & other materials, it would yield $500 in raw costs for the tailor....
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